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Chapter 2

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Jane is heading home the next day, but first she has to speak to Aaron.

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I was sitting next to Mark and Aaron was sitting opposite me. I smiled at him. He was my best friend and didn't know about my secret. I had a major crush on him. The bell goes and we all go out for recess. I'm at school. 5th grade. Aaron walks over to Jess. My heart is pounding. "Please don't ask her out," I say to myself over and over again. "Jess, do you want to go out with me?" Aaron asks her. Jess looks at me with a wicked grin on her face. "Sure Aaron." Jess says and walks away. Suddenly I'm moving away from Aaron. Far away.

My alarm goes off. The dream. The dream. No, it wasn't a dream; it was my memory of the day before my birthday party. The day my whole life came crashing down. The day I found out I was moving far away from Aaron and Jess.

I got out of bed and put my comfy slippers on. The next day we were going to catch a plane for Dallas. I looked around the hotel room that we were staying in. My brothers and I had to share a room and our parents had a room that was attached to our room by a door.

I sat down on my bed. I haven't told Aaron yet that we are moving back to Texas. He thought we were still best friends.

I stood up and went to go and shower. I quickly got dressed and wrote a note for mom and dad that I had gone to the computer room in the hotel. I raced out the door and to the lift.

When I got to the computer room, I logged on. Kara and Britney were also logged on but I wasn't looking for them. Then I got a message.

MJfan: Hey Jane!

It was Aaron. He was a Michael Jordan fan, like me.

Texasgirl: Hi Aaron! What are you doing tomorrow?

MJfan: I'm going to the Internet Café in the mall. Remember when we went there?

Sure I do. The last time I went there you told me you had a major crush on Jess and that you wanted to ask her out and a week later it happened. I didn't write that though.

Texasgirl: Yeah I remember the Internet Café. See ya tomorrow Aaron.

And I logged off leaving a totally confused Aaron online.
"Please fasten your seatbelts," the airhostess said to everyone on the plane. I rolled my eyes. We were on the plane heading for Texas. I knew I was going to be completely bored. I looked at Nick. He was looking out the window. He really missed his girlfriend.

Even though it was a 2 hour flight, I was completely bored. There were no screens in front of us because it was such a short flight. Soon I fell asleep.

I'm in the Internet Café. I'm meeting Aaron and Mark there. Kara had just phoned me to say that she wants to go shopping at Target and that I would meet her there at 2. I look at the clock. It's 11. Aaron sees me and waves me to the computer that he and Mark are sitting at. "Did you get Jessie's e-mail?" he asks me. I look in to his sea blue eyes. "Yes. Here," I said and gave him the piece of paper. "I've gotta go Aaron." I said and ran out the Café. I hear someone call my name. I turn around. Mark. "Jane, I know you like Aaron but he isn't good enough for you. He only wants to be friends with you." Mark has told me this my whole life since he found out what my secret was. Mark takes my hand and looks into my eyes. I look into his and then it hits me. Mark is in love with me. I tear my gaze away from his. "I've gotta go Mark," I said and ran. I ran and ran away from him. Far away.

And now I was going back to him.
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