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Chapter 3

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Jane arrives in Texas and her parents have a few surprises for her and she meets someone she really doesn't want to see.

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When we entered our old house I ran straight to my room. When we left for Denver, dad then said that he was going to rent the house out to people. The people who then lived in the house had to move and the house has been empty for 2 months. Dad was going to sell until he found out about the move. All our stuff was here and unpacked.

Mom called Robbie and I to the kitchen. She said to us that she had a surprise for us and gave us each a cell phone. My old one was broken and this phone was Nick's old one until he bought his new one and Robbie's was dad's old one.

I thanked mom and I phoned Kara and Alana and told them to meet me at the mall in an hour. Mom then called me and Nick to come outside. She blinded folded Nick and showed us outside.

She took off Nick's blind fold and he gasped because in front of the house was a Mercedes. Ok, it was a second hand car and it was a new type of Mercedes, not one of those old fashioned ones, so it wasn't that expensive. Mom asked me to come outside because in two years time I will be able to drive that car.

Nick then said he was going to meet some friends at the mall and that he was going to leave so I caught a lift with him.
When I got to the mall, I met Kara and Alana. We said hi, and gave each other presents. Kara gave me a charm bracelet with a charm with her name on it and Alana gave me a charm to put on the bracelet with her name on it.

I asked them if we could pop in at the Internet Café and they said sure.

I didn't know if Aaron had been or if he had already left. When we got there I saw that Aaron was there. "Can you two wait here while I go say hi to Aaron?" I asked my friends. They said sure and I walked in.

He didn't see me walk in and stand behind him. Then he noticed that someone was standing behind him and he said, "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, you could come and say hello!" Aaron jumped up and turned around. "Jane! When did you get back from Denver? Is that what you meant by see ya tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Listen, I got something for you when I was in the airport waiting for my plane," I said and pulled a necklace from my pocket. It was a necklace with Aaron's name on it in silver, like the friendship charms Kara and Alana had given me.

When we had holidays before we started 5th grade, Aaron and I had met at the mall and I had given him a present. It was a necklace with his name on it but it was in gold. After being away for a year, I had gotten an e-mail from him saying he had lost his necklace.

"Thanks Jane. It looks just like the one I lost. Sorry about that."

"No problem. Aaron, I should have told you yesterday that I was coming back but I didn't know how to tell you."

"That's ok Jane. Anyway, I'll se you around then. Kara and Alana are tired of waiting." Aaron said and I turned to see Kara and Alana standing at the entrance to the café telling me to come.

"Um, bye Aaron. Catch you at school," I said and walked out to join my friends.
"Can we please sit down? My feet are killing me." I said and sat down on a bench. Kara and Alana sat next to me. I looked at my two best friends.

Kara has long silky black hair and she wears it lose most of the time. Kara is the fashion queen out of all my friends and is always wearing the latest clothes.

Alana has short blond hair. She is the sporty one. She loves surfing and every two weeks she and her family drive down to the beach and stay in their holiday home while Alana surfs. Alana isn't crazy about fashion but she does wear trendy clothes.

Out of my two best friends, I'm the tallest.

While we were sitting and talking, Kara says, "And did you know that Aaron and Jess broke up a year after you left. Aaron told us not to tell you by e-mail and that he wanted to tell you but we thought that you would want to know Jane."

I didn't say anything because someone had caught my attention. Someone who I didn't want to see right now. Why did you have to be at the mall today? Why couldn't I see you at school in a month's time?

"Hey Jane! I didn't know you were visiting," Mark said to me. I stood up and said, "I'm not visiting. We've moved back to Texas."

I looked behind Mark and could see Maddie and Ann stalking him. Typical them. Then they saw me and ran off. They knew I was back for good and that Mark liked me.

"We should go out sometime Jane. We've got a lot of catching up to do." Mark said and walked away. I sat down again. I looked at my friends who were staring at me with raised eyebrows. "Looks like he still likes you," Kara said and then my mobile rang. It was Nick. It was time to go home.
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