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Chapter 4

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Jane sees who's in her class that year and knows something is up.

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Maddie and Ann cornered me. "Why Jane? Why did you have to take Mark away from me? I was this close to becoming his girlfriend," Maddie said and showed me with her finger. I looked around. The playground. I was in the playground at school. The day after Mark told me he loved me. "Maddie, Mark and I are very good friends. Like me and Aaron." Maddie looked away and saw Aaron and Mark walking around the playground. "I'll see you later, Jane." Maddie says. She walks away and then I'm moving. Far away.

My alarm goes off. I look at the time. 8 o'clock. I got up and walked to the kitchen. It's Sunday, the 29th of August. School starts on Wednesday. I look on the kitchen table and see the post that arrived yesterday. The top one was a letter addressed to me and Nick.

I open the letter and see that it was mine and Nick's class lists. I look at my class. The names seem familiar, like they had all been in my class once.

I walk back into my room and try to figure out why the names seem familiar. Then it hits me. My scrapbook.

I pull my scrapbook out of my self and turn to the pages that had my old class lists. Finally I find the class list that has all 21 names.

Mrs. McKenzie's class Grade 5MK

Aaron Hughes
Alana Pent
Alex Cob
Ann Harolds
Ashley Rose
Blake Black
Britney Daniels
Chloe Clock
Chris Henderson
Jack Ray
Jane Smith
Jason Springer
Jessica Garner
Jon Capricorn
Julie Jackson
Kara Small
Madelyn Madison
Mark Jones
Meygan Miller
Tiffany Forest
Tina Taylor

All my friends; Tina, Tiffany, Kara, Alana, Julie, Meygan, Chloe and Britney are in my class. But, isn't it a bit weird that this is exactly the same class I had the last year I went to school here? I'm in Miss Kenny's class, which is the only different thing on both class lists. And the fact that I'm in 9th grade, not 5th.

Then my cell phone starts ringing. I pick up my phone and answer.

"Hey Jane, I see we're in the same class." My heart drops. Mark.

"Hi Mark! Yeah, I know that we are in the same class. Did you know it is the same classmates we had in grade 5?"

"No, I didn't know that. Anyway, I'll chat to you later." Mark said and hung up.

I walked around my room. I tired to remember all my friends.

Britney is tall with blond hair and green eyes. She was the ultimate drama queen, but I mean the acting. Britney is probably going to be an actress or is going to do stage performances.

Chloe has short strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. She is the most athletic person I've ever met. She does running, swimming, basketball, hockey and athletics. She and I are on the basketball team (I was on a team with her in my old school and mom and dad said that I've already made the team here because of my old team.).

Julie is a brunette and has brown eyes. She is Britney's best friend and likes to direct plays. She has a video camera and is always filming stuff.

Tiffany was Maddie's best friend and now she is one of my very good friends. She is a brunette and has bright blue eyes. Tiffany (Kara told me this) is now a baby sitter and is doing very well.

Meygan is the hyper one in our group. She has long summer blond hair and bright green eyes. She's sporty and she likes making jokes and she is the one who can turn a sad face into a happy face. She is also an expert on fashion.

Tina has black frizzy hair and brown eyes. She loves parties and if she isn't there, then you don't have a party. When I had my 11th birthday party, Tina was the one who got the party started.

Then my mind drifted to my other friends: Aaron, Mark, Chris and Jack.

Aaron has brown hair and brown eyes. He and I are kind of like twins. We both are on the basketball team, the soccer team and we have some things in common just that I like shopping and that he likes other things. That's why I liked him, but not anymore. I think.

Mark has blond hair and really bright blue eyes. He is the same as Aaron, on all the sports team but he has never had a girlfriend. Most of the girls say they would be his girlfriend, if he every got around to asking them out.

Chris has blond hair and blue eyes. He used to be Chloe's boyfriend but then he broke up with her and told me he liked Ashley more. I don't know if they ever did get together.

Jack has brown hair and green eyes. He was one of my best friends and he went out with Britney. When I left, he never wrote to me and Kara told me that he had broken up with Britney.

I walked up and down my room and thought. I kept on having flash backs to past, when I was in 5th grade and now I'm in the same class as them now too.

"Jane! Do you have my class list?" Nick said and poked his head around the door.

"Yes, here," I said and gave him his class list. None of his old friends were in his class. I quickly got dressed and ran out the door.

I jumped onto my bike and rode to Tina's house. By now, most of my friends knew I was back but Tina had been away and she only got back yesterday.

As I rode to Tina's house (she is only two blocks away from my house.) I ran into another person who I had known 4 years ago.
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