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Chapter 5

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Jane runs in with someone she knew from her past. First day at high school.

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I was on my bike, riding to Jessica's house. Aaron had asked me to get Jessica's new number and e-mail. Jessica and I are friends until I found out that she liked Aaron. Jess meets me at her door and we go up to her room. We sit down and start to talk. "Jane, you are so lucky you are best friends with Aaron. I wish I knew if he liked." Jess said. I said something to her and then her mom knocks on the door. She said someone was at the front door who wanted to talk to Jess. She and I go down to the front door and see Aaron standing there. My heart jumps. He sees me and Jess and suddenly he seems shy. He said he knew I was here and that he wanted to talk to me. I go out and we are walking down when Aaron says "Go home." Then I'm moving away from him. Far away.

"Hi Jane! I didn't know you were back!" Jess says to me. Jessica used to be my best friend.

She had a major crush on Aaron and I didn't like it. Then she found out that I also liked Aaron and had been stopping him from asking her out and that was when she started hating me.

She would hang out with Ann and Maddie and she made it her mission to steal Aaron from me.

"Hey Jess. I moved back a month ago." I said and tried to ride away from her but she stopped me.

"Jane, I know when you left we weren't the best of friends because of Aaron but after a year of being together I realized that he and I didn't belong together and I missed you terribly. I tried to talk to your friends and I asked them for your e-mail but they wouldn't give it to me."

Of course they wouldn't give it to you, I thought, I told them not to!

"Yeah, well I have no idea why they didn't but I've gotta go now Jess. I'll see you on Wednesday," I said and continued riding towards Tina's house.

When I got there I hid my bike in a bush. We always hid our bikes there when we were in grade 5 and so then Tina put a bike stand there. I was happy to see that it was still there but there was another bike there too. It was Britney's.

I went to the front door and knocked. I heard Tina shout, "I'll get it! It might be Chloe," and swung open the door to see me.

It wasn't the kind of welcome I would have hoped for. I thought that maybe Britney had told Tina about me, but oh no.

"Oh my gosh! Jane! Is that you? I didn't know you had come back! Why am I always the last one to know these things?" Tina said.

I smiled. Tina is always the last one to know stuff. Except that one time when I was the last one to know something.

"Yeah, I'm back. Didn't you check the class list and see my name?"

"No. Brit told me all my friends were going to be in my class so I didn't know that you were back! When did you get here?"

"Two months ago."

"Hey Chloe," Tina said to Chloe who had just arrived. "Come in you guys."


"Bye Jane! I'll see you after school!" mom said as Nick and I drove off towards our school. I was way excited. High school was going to be the best years of my life.

When we got there I saw my friends, Brit, Chloe, Tina Tiffany, Kara, Alana and Julie. I jumped out of the car and headed towards them.

"Hey guys! Are you ready for high school?"

"Are you kidding Jane? These are going to be the hardest years of our lives! Just think of all the work we are going to get! Junior high was like preschool compared to this! But other than that, yeah we're excited!" Julie said.

I looked at my friends and saw that Chloe was staring at someone. I looked in the direction that she was looking at and saw who she was looking at, her ex-boyfriend Jack who also happens to be one of my friend's as well.

"Hey Chloe!" someone said behind me. I turned around to see Jon. He had a major crush on Chloe since grade one and it looks like he still has.

Chloe tore her gaze away from Jack and looked at Jon. Chloe likes Jon as a friend but she hates it when he keeps on trying to ask her out, especially since she and Jack broke up before my 11th birthday party.

"Hi Jon. I see that we are in the same class, so I'll see you later," she said and walked off.

"Yeah, sure Chloe. I guess I'll see you later." Jon said and walked off towards his friends.

There is nothing wrong with Jon, just Chloe has always been head over heels for guys who never show they like a girl as much as Jon does.

All of us were about follow Chloe into the school when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to face Aaron.

"Hey Jane. Are you going in?" he asked me. I looked behind him and saw Jack and Chris. I said hey to them.

"Yeah," I said the then I saw Mark. He walked up to us and said hi to everyone. Then he took my hand and he started to walk towards the school.

I was in complete shock. Mark just took my hand. No guy before has just walked up to me and taken my hand. No guy who I have known since grade one and who has a crush on me.

I looked behind me and I thought I saw Aaron look as shocked as me but followed us in. As we passed a group of girls, I saw Maddie and she saw whose hand I was holding and then she glared at me. Looks like we will still be enemies.

We turned a corner and I pulled my hand away from Mark's.

"What are you doing Mark?" I asked him and looked at my watch. I had no idea where to go when the bell went and I had lost my friends which meant I had to tag along with Mark.

"I was walking you to class," he said and took hold of my hand and pulled me into a class that said 9 Kenny on it. As Mark opened the door, I pulled my hand away from him and walked into the class and sat next to Alana.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Alana asked me.

"Nothing." I said and that is what I thought. Well, then anyway
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