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Chapter 6

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When she was gone something came over me. What happened just now with Maddie felt like it had happened before. I searched my memorises and then I remembered the dream I had. It wasn't really a drea...

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I walked into the class on the day of my birthday party. "Hey Jane! Happy Birthday!" Aaron said as I sat next to him. Then in walked my ex-best friend, Jess. The day before Aaron had asked her out and we had a fight the day before that and so we weren't friends anymore. "Hey Jess, come sit next to me!" Aaron said and made me move up to make space for Jess. She gave me a wicked grin because she knew I didn't like the fact that Aaron was going out with her. Then the teacher asks me to go and get something for her. Then I'm moving away from them. Far away.

"I hate high school." Brit said as the whole group put our trays of lunch on the lunch table.

"I'm not surprised Brit. You're wearing high heels." Kara said.

We all burst out laughing. Brit always wanted to wear high heels to school but her parents said only when she reached high school and it looked like she would stick to flat shoes.

"Hey girls, any space for us?" Aaron asked us. Behind him were Mark, Chris and Jack.

"Sure guys," Chloe said and moved up. Jack sat next to her, Chris sat next to Brit, Mark sat next to me and Aaron sat on my other side.

"So girls, enjoying high school?" Aaron asked us. We all looked at each other and started laughing again.

"Hey, what's the joke? Come on, tell us!" Jack said.

"It's a girl thing." I said and looked at Mark. He was starring at me. I started to blush and looked away. I looked at Aaron but he was too busy eating to realise what was happening.

When I had finished my lunch, I started to walk towards my friends who had run off to go see a poster and try and get away from Mark, but that didn't work.

"Hey Jane, where are you going?"

"Oh, hey Mark. I'm, uh, going to class."

"But class only starts in 30 minutes. Why are you trying to avoid me?"

"Avoid you? No way Mark!"

"Well you've been acting strange today, but
whatever. Do you want to go out with me on Friday?"

I wanted to say, 'No Mark, I can't go out with you on Friday because I don't like you and you are stalking me, so stop it!' but instead I said, "Um, yeah sure Mark, I'll go out with you."

As soon as I said this I put my hand in front of my mouth. What had I done? Had I just agreed to a date with Mark? That was impossible! I turned around and walked over to my friends.

"Jane what is wrong?" Tiffany asked me.

"I just said I would go out with Mark."

"What?!" said someone behind me. I turned around to see Aaron.

"Mark asked me out and I said yes. I have no idea what came over me, but I said yes so can't join in on any plans on Friday." I said. That last part was directed at my friends. I looked into Aaron's eyes and it looked like he was upset that I was going on a date with Mark. For some reason, my heart did a flip flop in my chest. Was it possible that Aaron liked me more than a friend?

My happiness was short lived when Jess appeared next to Aaron and took hold of his hand. My heart dropped.

"Hey Aaron, just wanted to know if we were still going to the movies with Mark on Friday."

"Yeah, Jess, we are." Aaron said and walked off.

He knew! He knew Mark was going to ask me out and he didn't even tell me in advance! I ran after him.

"Hey Aaron! Wait up!"

"What do you want Jane."

"Why didn't you tell me Mark was going to ask me out?"

"I didn't know he was going to ask you out. He told me he was going to ask a girl out to go to the movies with Jess and me. I had no idea that that girl was going to be you. If I had known I would've warned you but it looks like you like Mark."

"But I thought you and Jess had broken up!"

"We are going as friends. A year after you left we broke up but I missed you a lot so I became friends with Jess. But I will admit I still have a crush on her. Oh, I have to tell you, it's my party on Saturday, at my house. I really want you to come."

"Sure, I'll be there." I said and walked off.
Just then Maddie and Ann appeared and cornered me into a corner.

"Why Jane? Why did you have to take Mark away from me? I was this close to becoming his girlfriend," Maddie said and showed me with her fingers.

"Maddie, where did you hear that Mark asked me out?"

Just then, Maddie saw Mark walking around the cafeteria with Aaron.

"I'll see you later, Jane." Maddie said and walked away.

When she was gone something came over me. What happened just now with Maddie felt like it had happened before. I searched my memorises and then I remembered the dream I had. It wasn't really a dream but a memory. It happened the day after Mark told me he liked me.

I was severely weired out. It felt like the past was repeating it self. If so, then I'd better be careful. I thought what else could happen and then I remembered Aaron's party and the date. The day before my party, which was in November, Aaron asked Jess out and now a day before his party, he and Jess are going out. Which means if his party is a disco, then what happened at my birthday party, is going to happen at Aaron's?


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