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Ashly just wants a normal relationship with her brother, but he seems to forget about importaint stuff. And she also finds herself falling for her best friend. What will happen? man i suck at summa...

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Chapter 1

The music was loud. Too loud. The high shrill of the guitar was hurting my ears. My head pounded to the beat of the drum. I had to get out. I worked my way through the maze of people. I saw the door and made a run for it. The cold wind of the outside wrapped its self around me. I shivered. The air was thick with cigarette smoke and I found it hard to breath. My trip to Chicago wasn't going the way I had planned. I started to walk toward my hotel. The freezing air made my legs ache and made me walk slower. The wind picked up and blew my hair in my face making it hard for me to see. My hands were in my warm pockets and I didn't want to risk the warmth of them just to move my hair. I trudged on trying to make it to the hotel without my knees collapsing. My teeth were pressing together, hard, which didn't help my throbbing head any. I had only about a block left to walk when I was stopped. The man who had stopped me smirked at me as I shook.

"You look lost little girl." He said. His voice was soft and smooth. "And cold. Here let me get you out of the cold." I felt my self shake harder out of fear. I tried to make a run for it but my legs wouldn't let me. "Why are you trying to go? I'm not going to hurt you." He took my arm and dragged me away. I was to stiff to do anything. That night was the worst night of my life.

***3 hours later***

I sat on the street corner rocking on the edge of the sidewalk. I clutched my self shaking harder than I ever had before in my life. I sobbed silently in the neon glow of the city. The pain that covered me was almost unbearable. I couldn't move for fear I might have an attack. I sat there for almost another hour before I worked up enough courage to move. I slipped my hand slowly (and painfully) into my pants front pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I quickly dialed the number I knew so well. The ringing seemed to go on forever until he finally picked up.

"Hello?" His voice was groggy and I in no doubt had just woke him up.

"Brendon?" I asked my voice was shaky and crackly.

"Ashly? Where are you? What happened? What's wrong?" His voice was panicked.

"I'm out side of some store. Can you come get me?" I asked starting to cry harder.

"Yeah, what store?" He asked. I looked behind me to get a good look at the store.

"It's called Anna's Superstore."

"Okay Ash hold on I'm coming to get you."
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