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The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage

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Ashly just wants a normal relationship with her brother, but he seems to forget about importaint stuff. And she also finds herself falling for her best friend. What will happen? man i suck at summa...

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Chapter 2

~!~One Year Later~!~

"Ashly! Get out of bed! Your brother and the guys will be here any minute!" My mother yelled through the door of my room. I sighed and decided to get up, for I knew that she would not give up until I was up. "Get up!"

"Okay! Just go away!" I yelled.

"Well I'm glad you're up." She said sweetly through the door. I heard her foot steps going down the hall. I rolled my eyes and threw the blankets off myself. I slowly stood up letting the tiredness fall off. I hate to say it (because when I do people often hate me for it) but I am a morning person. I got dressed in green short sleeved shirt and tight black pants. I applied my usual thick black eyeliner and decided I was to lazy to comb my dark brown (with green streaks in it)hair so I just put it up in a pony tail with my bangs hanging over my right eye. I sighed as I looked at my self in the mirror. Nothing special. I have never been anything special, not once in my 17 years.

I walked out of my room leaving behind the bright green (and retched mirror), entering a somewhat more inviting soft blue. I walked down the stairs to the living room. The sound of mom singing could be heard in the kitchen. I walked toward the open door way to get some breakfast, while there was still food in the house. (My brother and his friends like to eat. A lot.) I shuffled to the counter and opened the cabinet. I found my person (green) bowl and picked off the shelf. (If you haven't realized already I really really like green.) I closed the door and opened another pulling out some Apple Jacks. I like the green ones the best (don't tell me they taste the same THEY DON'T!). I poured some into my bowl. I don't ever add milk to my cereal so I skipped over that part. I sat down at the island listening to mom sing as she made toast. The pleasantness of it all was interrupted by the front door flying open and loudly hitting the wall behind it. I saw mom cringe at the sound.

"SORRY!" I heard my brother Brendon call. I laughed silently popping a few Apple Jacks into my mouth.

"Hey, I wouldn't laugh if I were you. If something is broken or if there is a hole in that wall you're fixing it." Mom said pointing a finger at me. I immediately stopped laughing. Brendon and the guys walked into the kitchen. I jumped up upon seeing my best friend (Ryan) and hugged him tightly.

"What your brother doesn't get the first hug?" Brendon asked in mock seriousness.

"No, remember? The lover gets hugged first." Spencer said. I pulled away from Ryan and smacked Spencer on the head. "Oww! Bitch you have rings on!" (f.y.i. I always have rings on. Only three though. Two thumb rinds and one on my right middle finger, so when I flip people off it looks pretty.) I smiled contently at Spencer's pain.

"We are not together." I say simply. "Now give me a hug." I opened my arms wide inviting him in. He steps closer hesitantly. Spencer finally wraps his arms around me.

"Still waiting for my hug here!" Brendon said all irritated and whatnot. I pulled away from Spencer and smiled sweetly at Brendon.

"I have to hug Jon first." I say walking the three steps to Jon and giving him a big prolonged hug. Finally we let go and I walked slowly to Brendon who was getting quite mad. "Can I have a hug?"

"No." He says crossing his arms. I shrug my shoulders and turn away from him.

"I'll just go hug Ryan again then." I say starting to walk over, but was stopped by an arm pulling me back to the owner. Brendon hugged me quickly then let go, still pretending to be mad.

"Go hug your boyfriend again now." He said pushing me forward.

"Stop Brendon" Ryan said laughing "It's not funny and really annoying."

"If it's not funny then why are you laughing?" Brendon asked.

"Because of what Spencer said he was going to do to get back at Ashly for slapping him in the head." Ryan smiled. Spencer smiled bigger. I stared at Spencer for a moment waiting for him to make a move, 'cause as soon as he did I was out of here. He suddenly lunged forward and I took off running out the back door that was attached to the kitchen. The hot Nevada sun hit my skin as soon as I left the air conditioned house. Spencer was still running after me and I couldn't afford to stop. We ran around the house a few times then I took off down the sidewalk. I get about three houses down when I tripped on the hot cement. I landed with a thud on the ground. Of course Spencer wasn't to far behind. He looked down at me with a smirk on his face. I made to get up but he caught me. He picked me up and put me over his shoulder (damn strong drummer arms!). He walked slowly making me suffer. We got back to my yard and I knew payback was going to be a bitch. He stopped suddenly and I was immersed in cold water. The pool. The bitch threw me in the frickin' pool. I surfaced to find the guys standing around the pool.

"Paybacks a bitch isn't it?" Spencer asked with that damn smirk on his face. I nodded. "Here take my hand." He offered. I smiled and took his hand. Ryan knew what was going through my head right now. Spencer went to pull me out but I pulled and Ryan pushed Spencer in the pool.

"What the hell?" Jon asked canon balling into the pool. Ryan jumped in after. Brendon stayed on land.

"Come on in Bren! The waters fine!" Ryan yelled. Brendon rolled his eyes and shook his head. "LOOSER!" Brendon sighed and plugged his nose. He jumped in. We all swam for abit before mom came out and told us to get out.

"What a lovely welcome home." Brendon said drying off with a towel mom had given him. We all laughed and nodded in agreement.
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