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London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines

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Ashly just wants a normal relationship with her brother, but he seems to forget about importaint stuff. And she also finds herself falling for her best friend. What will happen? man i suck at summa...

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Chapter 3

~!~Two years ago~!~
I can't believe he forgot. I told him this morning. Today was my track meet (yes I run track). Brendon had promised he would be there, but he never showed. Ryan was there. Ryan is always there. That's why he is my best friend. Brent was there too but he was only there because Ryan was there. I won the meet by the way. I got a shiny trophy. Ryan was driving me and Brent back to my place to celebrate and Brent was bitching because I got to sit in the front seat with Ryan and he was in the back. We were meeting up with Spencer at my house because he couldn't make the meet (he had a dentist appointment).

"Why so down Ash?" Ryan asked pulling into our street.

"He wasn't there." I answered quietly.

"I know kid, but I'm sure he had a good reason." He said reassuringly. I didn't believe that.

"Does screwing his girlfriend count as a good excuse?" Brent asked.

"Brent, man shut up! You're not at all helpful." Ryan snapped.

"No, no, Brent's right. Brendon probably was." I said slouching abit in the seat.

"Come Ash, don't listen to him, he doesn't know anything." Ryan said pulling into the driveway. "Brendon cares. He really does but you know how....forgetful he is." I nodded. I really didn't want to continue this conversation. I just wanted to get out of this damn car. We got out of the car and walked into the house. Sure enough Brendon and his girlfriend Rachael were snogging on the couch. I rolled my eyes and made my way down to the basement where Spencer was already playing a video game. The rest of the night was spent faking smiles and laughs and pretending everything was okay.

I stared at the trophy shelf for a long time. Brendon's accomplishments mocking me. The thought of my parents disappointment in me pissed me off. I stood making my way to the shelf. I examined all the first place trophies and blue ribbons up close before taking my arm and emptying the shelf. The tears pricked the corners of my eyes. I picked up my only trophy and smashed it into the wall leaving at small hole and breaking the head off the person. With all my anger spent I placed the headless trophy on the shelf and walked up stairs to my room.
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