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Chapter Eighteen.

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Gerard: a wise wise man Mikey: not so wise

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Chapter Eighteen

"Only drink your own drinks!" I muttered as I finished watching the doors swing shut behind Gerard and lowered my head to stair at my incredible interesting shoes, excuse the sarcasm.

"Sorry?" my head snapped up as I was made aware of someone else in the corridor.

The voice was unusual yet somehow familiar. It was a British accent although it was different to all the ones I'd heard from the locals at the police station and in the hotel and it came from a girl, well, a woman of about her late twenties. She was standing in front of me smiling friendlily and curiously. She must have heard me muttering and thought that I was talking to her as she passed.

I smiled nervously, slightly embarrassed, "oh, eh, sorry, I was just talking to myself."
I dropped my head again expecting her to just walk away but, as I returned to the close inspection of my footwear, I felt the bench of purple seats move a little as she sat down beside me and I heard the soft jingling noises as she laid her purse on her lap.

"Hospitals are depressing places...." She started; she was one of those people that would talk to anyone. I, on the other hand, am not one of those people so I knew automatically that it would be awkward. Subconsciously, I looked hopefully at the doors, willing Gee to walk back through them and give me an explanation of where he had been.

But still, I nodded and then added, "yeah, you're right." I realised, with a sigh, that even if Gerard came back soon, I wouldn't get an explanation.

"Oh god!" the girl said suddenly, clasping a hand to her mouth, "someone you know has just died and then I've come along and been so unhelpful just by making you feel worse about the whole damn situation, 'hospitals are depressing places'" she mocked, confusing me yet more.

Frowning, I asked her, "what are you talking about?"

She frowned also, "you just sighed really sadly when I tried to start a conversation, so I...." She trailed off looking embarrassed, "I thought that you'd just lost someone."

"No no!" I laughed slightly, mentally adding 'I hope not anyway', relief flashed across her face.

"Oh good! So, then why are you here?" she asked, unzipping her bag and taking out a half empty bottle of water.

"A friend got burned pretty badly, I'm not sure how he's doing. We only just got him here and then the doctors took him away to fuck-knows-where" I explained, surprised at how easy I was finding it to talk to her, as she took a small sip out of her water bottle. I felt the dryness of my tongue swelling it a little and began swallowing quickly as I watched her drink, suddenly realising how thirsty the coffee from earlier had left me and how much I really wanted to be the one drinking that clear, refreshing liquid. Why the hell was she taking such small, meaningless sips when I would be gulping it down.

"You want some?" she asked, tilting it toward me a little.

"Would you mind? I just got really thirsty all of a sudden." I asked, not sure if it was very 'proper' to take a stranger's water.

"No not at all." She smiled and shook her head, handing me the fairly generous remains of the bottle, which I took gratefully and immediately gulped the liquid down making it disappear quickly.

We fell into a silence, which lasted for a painfully long time. I still had the bottle, now void of it prior contents, but I didn't know how to give it back; the silence was dreadfully uncomfortable, maybe just to me as she seemed to be gazing off into the distance smiling softly almost untraceably. If I gave her back the bottle I'd have to break the quiet.

"So why are you here?" I finally made myself ask, handing her back the empty bottle, once again thinking about how rude I was being.

She looked at me for a moment, as if she didn't know what to say, "I was visiting a friend."

"At this time in the morning?" I looked at my watch and then to her sceptically, it was very early morning.

Again she looked at me for some time before answering, "well, no, I fell asleep." I was about to nod in understanding when I realised that her accent had changed at the end of the sentence.

"Why did you just put on an American accent?" I asked, momentarily feeling drowsy. I shook my head a little to try and wake myself up, she watched on with the same faint smile.

"I didn't." she replied in a British accent although it was different to the last one.

"Yes you did." I argued, suddenly feeling uneasy about being in her company.

"No, I didn't!" she argued back and I noticed yet again that her accent slipped. I shot up from my seat feeling my chest tighten with the promise of an anxiety attack.

"Who are you?" I asked shakily, backing away from her. The lights were extremely harsh to my eyes all of a sudden and I found that I had to blink repeatedly, only ever finding solace from the darkness.

"That doesn't matter." She said, standing up and taking a step forward each time I took a step back.

"Yes it does! Tell me!" I was having difficulty breathing properly now and there was sweat dripping from my forehead. The feeling of nausea was unbelievably strong and I felt like falling down and vomiting furiously, "What have you done to me?" I asked holding my aching rib cage and watching as my surroundings because hazier and hazier, a dizzy feeling washing over me.

"Nothing." Her voice felt a million miles away and dream-like, and somehow it relaxed me, making my breathing normal and the sweat stop pouring uncomfortable from every oozing pore. I felt tranquil and I could hear my unusually loud heart beat pounding slowly.

She was inches away from me when my knees gave out and I fell onto her, her arms snaking around me, "Mikey honey, just go with it." Her voice purred in my ear as I felt her move us. I could barely keep my eyes open and it felt as if I was floating. My face turned to a smile; I could feel it deeply, before I was briefly startled by a loud clattering noise and I looked to the floor, which seemed to be spinning. Concentrating really hard, I made out the only slightly blurred edges of an empty bottle before my eyes closed once again.

DAMN this was short!
I've never been drugged (touch wood, I never will be) so I don't know what it's like...I just read the affects of date rape drugs and then improvised-lol :) Poor Mikey but he was a bit of an eejit in this...he should have listened to Gerard!

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