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Morning Glory Apartments

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Monica visits with Brian and tells him about Elena. Bert calls with a message for Gee.

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After leaving Jamia's place Monica had gone home to shower and change. She wanted to see Brian before he left his office. He was just preparing to leave for the day when she walked in.
"Monica, good to see you." He put the papers down on the desk and gave her a hug. "Sorry you had to leave the tour early."
"Yea, me too. I miss Gee so bad." They walked back into Brian's office and she took a seat. Brain sat behind his desk and smiled, "First off congrats on the engagement. You have made Gerard a very happy man. He was so fucking excited when he called me. You know he wasn't all that sure you would marry him."
Monica thought back to the night Gee had purposed. That silly grin he had on his face when he told her to hurry and say yes before he had a stroke. "I love him" she said honestly "and I can't imagine living the rest of my life without him."
Brian nodded, "Yea, you two just clicked. When I saw the strength you had when this shit with Liv came up I just knew you were so right for him."
"So has anything else come up where Liv is concerned?" This was not a subject she liked to talk about but it would have to be dealt with.
"She didn't list Gerard as the father on the birth certificate. Didn't he tell you?" Brian looked surprised.
"When did you tell him?"
Brian looked uncomfortable. He wondered why Gerard hasn't told her. "I called him about it when you were in Vegas. Of course that is when you had to fly home so he probably didn't have time."
Monica nodded. Of course that didn't explain why he hadn't told her all the other times they had talked since then. "So what exactly does that mean?"
"Well if she would claim that Gerard is the father then she would have to submit to a paternity test and so would he. I'm just hoping this whole thing fucking blows over. Liv always liked to cause shit then sit back and watch. Who knows who the father of the kid is? Fuck she probably doesn't know."
Monica took a deep breath, "Brian, Liv took the little girl to meet Donna"
"Holy Hell, when did this happen?"
"A few days ago" Monica shifted in the chair," Donna is convinced the little girl belongs to Gee."
Brian looked shocked, "Did anyone think to let me in on all this?"
She decided to tell him all of it, "Bert has also seen the little girl and says she looks like a miniature Gerard. Donna didn't tell you because she has been struggling trying to figure out how to handle this. She had no idea the child existed because Gee hadn't told her anything." She looked out the window; "I'm not sure why Gerard didn't tell you about Bert seeing Elena."
"Elena?" Brian's voice raised a notch, "The fucking bitch named the kid after Gerard's grandma?"
"The private investigator didn't tell you her name?"
Brian lit a cigarette and exhaled before answering, "Shit we only asked him to check the fathers name on the birth certificate. Well shit"
Monica nodded sadly "Yea, well shit"
Brian took another drag off the cigarette, "Monica how are you taking all this? How do you really feel about it?"
She thought a moment, "You know I have no problem accepting that Gerard more than likely has a child. But the way it's effecting him is what's bothering me." She looked out the window once more "and the fact that he just can't get Liv out of his head."
Brian snuffed out the cigarette with more force than necessary, "Fuck, don't tell me he is spending time thinking about her again? She messed him up before so bad we didn't think we would ever get him back. Does anyone tell me anything? How bad is he, Monica?"
She met his eyes," He is very confused. One minute he says he never wants to deal with her or the child again and then the next he is thinking about her again. I'm trying to hard to understand him. I know he loves me and I know I love him more than I ever thought possible. But Liv still stands between us." She shook her head "I really don't know what to do."
Brian hated that this was happening. He truly liked Monica and believed that she and Gerard should he together. "Don't give up on him, Monica. I know he loves you."
Monica smiled sadly, "Yea, I know that too. I just don't know how to make him realize he needs to let go of the past."
Brian cleared his throat and decided it was best to change the subject, "So Gerard told me about your sister-in-law. You are sure she wrote the note?"
Monica sat up in her chair, "Yea, I'm sure it was her. Just between us, Brian, she also showed up at the high school and has left another note. I don't want Gerard to know any of this. He was so upset by the first note this would just add to his stress."
Brian nodded, "I understand where you are coming from but shit Monica it isn't fair you have to deal with this on your own. What can I do? Have you told the police any of this?"
"I talked to them but they don't seem to think it's all that serious. I told the principal of the school so that they understand the situation. I'm just sick of all of this."
Brian's phone rang and he began speaking to someone. It seemed like an important call and Monica signaled she was leaving. Brian spoke into the phone "Hold on just a minute."
"I'll talk to you later. I really just wanted to come by and tell you I want to come back to work. I need to keep my mind occupied."
"Are you sure? I mean I totally understand if you want to wait and come back to work after they guys leave for the second leg of the tour." Brain told her.
Monica rubbed her forehead trying to ease the tension headache she was getting, "I don't know, I'm having trouble deciding what to do. Is it alright if I give you a call later?"
"Oh course and you let me know if you get anymore letters. I won't tell Gerard but I want to know, OK?"
"Promise" she answered. As she walked out of the office she heard Brain say into the phone "A baby?"
She had just reached her car when she got a call. Unlocking the door she got in before answering, She hadn't bothered to look at who was calling. Her headache was getting worse and she just wanted to get back to Donna's and lay down.
"Hello" she put her head back on the headrest and closed her eyes.
"Hey Monica" It was Bert. "I'm just about to board a plane for London. We are doing some PR there and I couldn't reach Gerard."
Monica tried to concentrate, "He may have his phone turned off."
"OK well I just need you to tell him something since I will be pretty busy and won't be able to talk to him."
"Okay Bert"
"Tell him I can't get a hold of Liv. Her number has been disconnected "
Monica raised her head not caring about the pain, "OK I'll tell him." She said slowly. Bert thought she knew Gerard was planning on visiting Liv. He still thought she was on the tour with Gee. They had talked for hours and Gerard had not even thought to tell Bert she had returned to Jersey.
Bert continued, "You guys might just have to go by her apartment to talk to her when you get home."
"What is the address?" Monica asked.
She could hear him flipping through a book; "It's The Morning Glory Apartments on the corner of 10th and Jones. That's in Queens. Her apartment is 10 A "
Monica took a deep breath and tried to sound normal, "Thanks Bert I'll tell him."
She closed her eyes a moment and made a decision. She started the car and headed for Queens.
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