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Smiling Eyes and Wildflowers

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As the Band does a signing Gerard is unaware that Monica has gone to Liv's apartment.

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As Monica was driving to Queens, Gerard was just sitting down getting ready to start the signing. The rest of the guys were all laughing and still teasing Frank about diapers. Gerard smiled at them wishing he could be as happy as they were. The interview had gone well and for that he was grateful. It had been great hearing from some of the fans that had called into the radio station. Most of the questions had been about tonight concert in Anaheim. It always lifted his spirits to hear the excitement in their voices, as they looked foreword to the show.
He was still mulling over his decision to see Liv when Ray broke into his thoughts, "Gee, did you see the line outside for this? It was all the way down the street."
Gerard nodded, "Yea, I can't believe so many kids are willing to wait for this. I hope we can get to all of them."
"We should have time. I mean we won't get any time off before the sound check but hell, I didn't really think we would."
"Man, these kids are more important than time off anyway. I just wish I had called Monica before. Now I probably won't be able to talk to her until after the concert." Gerard sighed and picked up his silver sharpie.
"You might fit in a quick call," Ray said trying to cheer him.
Gerard pulled the cap off the pen then replaced it. He was restless and wondered why they didn't let the kid's in. "I really want to talk to her longer than just a few minutes. I really miss her, Ray."
"I know man. I know how it is to miss someone." He turned away when Gerard looked over at him.
"So are we ever gonna meet the mystery woman?"
Ray didn't meet his gaze, "What?" he pretended not to understand the question.
Gerard laughed, "Come on Ray. Do you really think we don't know you have someone? I just don't know why you are keeping her from us. It's not like we are gonna embarrass you or anything. I promise to be on my best behavior if you let me meet her."
The store manager came by and told them they would be letting the fans start to move thought the line. They all nodded that they were ready. Ray looked over at Gerard. "I just wanted to keep her all to myself, you know."
"Yea, man I understand. But sooner or later we get to meet her OK?" The first fan, a young girl walked up shyly to Gerard. "Hi" Gerard greeted her "What's your name?"
The young girl was the first of about 725 fans who walked through getting photos, autographs and hugs. They were about 20 minutes later than their scheduled departure time when they finished up. All the band members were pleased that no one was turned away without getting a chance to meet them.
As the band reached the Anaheim Convention Center for their sound check Monica was parking in front of The Morning Glory Apartments. She was glad she had called Donna and told her she wouldn't be there for supper. The drive had taken longer than she thought and not knowing the area she had gotten lost.
She looked out the windshield at the apartment building. It was run down and quite old. The peeling paint and cracked walls made the older building look tired. Monica got out and locked the doors. As she walked up the cement stairs she realized this would be a very sad place for a little girl to live. Inside the front doors the smell of dinners being prepared in various apartments mingled together. Checking he numbers on the doors she found 10 A quickly.
Her heart was beating faster as she raised her hand to knock. "You don't need to knock" a voice behind her said causing Monica to jump. She turned to see an elderly woman peering out at her from behind a door across the hall.
"She ain't there," the woman told her while opening the door a bit wider. "She took off a few days ago."
Monica took a few steps towards the woman, "Do you know when she will be back?"
The woman cackled, "She ain't coming back. The landlord told her he was coming back to get the rent she owed so she took off. Her and the little girl"
"When was this?"
The woman thought a minute "Day before yesterday. Yep, that's right. I heard some noise and looked out to see. Not that I'm nosy or anything mind you. I just liked to keep an eye on her cause her kid was so cute and I was kinda worried about her." She opened the door a bit more. "Anyway she had a couple of suitcases and the little girl was clutching a doll. They took off and I ain't seen them since."
"Do you have any idea where they went?" Monica asked her.
The woman's eyes narrowed, "Why? She owes you money too?"
Monica shook her head, "No, I'm just a friend who was worried about her cause her phone was disconnected." She lied.
The door opened and the woman stepped out. She straightened her housecoat and smiled. "Well in that case maybe I can help. You know it's nice to know she has a friend. I never seen anyone visit her but one guy. He was pretty straggly looking. Long hair and a beard."
Monica realized that was probably Bert she was describing. "Liv liked to keep to herself" she couldn't believe how easy the lies were pouring out of her mouth. "I really wanted to see Elena, I haven't seen her since she was a baby".
"Cute kid and smart as a whip" The woman crossed the hall to Liv's door. "Shit Head landlord hasn't changed the locks on these door ever. I can open her apartment for you and you can have a look around. Maybe you can get a clue as to where she went."
Monica was amazed as she took out a hairpin from her graying hair and began messing with the lock. In just a few minutes she had the door open and stood back so Monica could enter. "I gotta get back to my meatloaf. Take a look around and just pull the door shut when you're done."
When she was sure the woman was back in her own apartment Monica began to search the small rooms. There was only one bedroom, one bath, small kitchen and a very small living room. Most of the items that were left were old and shabby but it looked as if Liv had tried to make them look better by using covers and brightly colored paint. In front of the old TV were several toys and kids books. In the bedroom she found a few clothes still hanging in the closet. She pulled open the dresser drawers but found nothing. She was about to leave the bedroom when she saw the nightstand has a drawer. Inside was a piece of paper, which Monica removed and carefully unfolded. It was a drawing that she recognized as Gerard's work. A beautiful picture of a girl with long hair. Monica knew it was a portrait of Liv. He had captured laugher in her eyes, the wind in her hair. Around her head was a wreath of wild flowers.
Monica sat on the bed and studied the picture. She was so beautiful that Monica wanted to hate her but instead she only felt sadness. She folded the picture carefully and slipped it in her hoodie pocket. With one final look around she let herself out of the apartment. Where was Liv and how would Gerard take it when he found out she was gone once more?
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