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*ok i noe shortest chapter of life. bear with me =]*

Ryzen sat on the window sill and stared out into the busy street beneath them.
"so..." said someone behind her. She reacted on impulse and pulled her stiletto dagger from her shoe slowly and hid it in her sleeve. She turned around and relaxed when she saw it was only Brendon.
"hi..." she said in return looking back at the window
"Ok look. I know that we started by hating each other. And its partially my fault" said Brendon
Ryzen gave him a skeptical look
"Ok it was my whole fault. But I really want to start over..." he continued
Now Ryzen turned around completely
"I hope u know that this is really hard for me. I think your really pretty and I would really like to get to know you well..."
"yea. Lets start from the very beginning. I'm Rhyen Louisa Wenz, nice to meet you Brendon Urie" said Ryzen laughing. Brendon made a funny face and Ryzen continued to laugh
"well that's better. Tonight after the show I want you to come with me to party" he said
"im going anyways. Don't forget im your manager" she said smiling
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