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The show was amazing. Ryzen realized that every time they did a show it was better and better. But during the show Ryzen couldn't concentrate. She only had 17 hours left to remove the Razor twins. After the show ended when the boys ran backstage, Ryzen walked to a hidden room behind. Brendon tried to find her but he couldn't. He asked around everywhere but there was no Ryzen.

Ryzen stood in the room searching for a bag that one of her "friends" were supposed to drop off. She finally found it under a stack of books. She grabbed the duffel bag and set it on the table.

Meanwhile Brendon was looking for Ryzen. He asked everyone he could see, Ryan, Jon, even Jinx, and she didn't even know. He knew that Jinx knew what was going on with Ryzen, and why she was always on edge and "bitchy". Brendon finally opened the last door that was in the venue and silently walked in.

Ryzen didn't hear the door open, but she did feel a presence of someone else. She continued what she was doing. She was assembling her sniper gun. She let out all the parts and quitly but efficiently started putting the parts together.
Brendon stood near the doorway watching Ryzen assemble a sniper gun. He was afraid to make a noise, he didn't want to provoke Ryzen in doing anything rash. He was just terrified of what he was seeing.

After Ryzen finished assembling the sniper gun, out of the duffel bag she took out a long samurai sword. She placed it next to the sniper gun and took the sword out. She took a cloth that was drapped on her shoulder and began to clean her sword.

Brendon continued to stare as Ryzen cleaned her samurai sword. She finished cleaning it and put it back in its sheath. She then took out 5 or 6 "stars" and placed them near the samurai sword.

Ryzen finally realized who was standing behind her watching. It was dear Brendon. She turned around and stared into the eyes of a terrified Brendon.

"I wont hurt you or do anything like that. You have found out part of my secret anyways..." she said looking down at the ground
Brendon gulped and looked at Ryzen "you're an assassin?" he questioned
"technically..." she said taking her sword and wiping it again "tell me everything" said Brendon sitting down on the dusty floor. Ryzen put her sword down and went and sat down next to Brendon. "here goes..." and she began her story

"I was born in Miami, Florida. My parents were both from Germany and were big people in jewel trading. When I was 7 years old, we moved to Los Angeles because of my dad's business. My dad imported and exported various diamonds, rubies etc. Then it became bad. My parents were assassinated when I was 10 years old in our mansion in Los Angeles. They were killed because a bomb was placed in our apartment. The reason I survived was because I was sitting outside in the orchard when the explosion happened. I was then sent to live in an orphanage in Las Vegas. From there I started hanging with the wrong crowd, because in my eyes at the moment it was the only way I could survive. From their I became part of the local mob and was taught to use shotguns, guns, sword, stiletto knife and "stars". I was also taught to use self defense. From there I was taught to be a professional hitman. When I turned 18 I ran away to Chicago where I was taken into De Paul University on scholarship because I was always very educated. My family of the mafia was always kind to me but it was the type of kindness you should be terrified of. But they were the protection I seeked. Here is a secret. There are 2 main families of the Mob, the Greenfields and the Whites. I belong to the Whites, who constantly fight with the Greenfields and vice versa. My parents were part of the White family secretly because my dad was the brother of the Godfather. That was why my parents were killed. When I went to college and started to work at the bookshop and had my own apartment I thought I ran away from my life forever. But now im here with you. My uncle, who is the Godfather, found me here, because he has people everywhere, and called me in. The Razor twins, who are part of the Greenfields, are the most dangerous hitmen in the United States. One thing about the Whites is that the government approves of us because we have never provoked any fighting. Anyways so now my uncle found me and wants me to kill the Razor twins because he believes that I am the only one that can kill them because they destroyed my family. So there it was. My story." She finished finally
Brendon just stared. After staring for a few minutes he started laughing. Ryzen gave him a weird look and said "Whats so funny?"
"its just the fact that you're an assassin is funny..." he said in between hiccups que cute brendo has hiccups
"yea hilarious" mumbled Ryzen. She got up from where Brendon was and was going to start to work on her weapons. She then turned around and faced Brendon
"I always wanted to be your friend. From the first time I saw you I thought you were beautiful. Then I heard you sing and heard your talent, and that attracted me to you even more. What I saw that you and Ryan had, as best friends, as brothers, I really wanted that, but with you I hoped that we could have something more. But every time I approached you, you pushed me away. Sorry babe, I wasn't the one that was the bitch, it was you. I even talked to Ryan about it. He told me that that wasn't the real you, that you were actually real nice and loving. But you know, right now here you are laughing at me. Im sorry that I am who I am. I know ive only known you for a few months, but I really hoped you would be my friend. You know what, I don't have to tell you anything. Leave Brendon, Just go. Before I get angry." Said Ryzen, and walked back to the table. She took out clothes and turned to look back at Brendon. He was still sitting on the floor looking at her "leave" she said and he quickly got up and left. Ryzen felt a small tear slide down her cheek. She quickly changed from her jeans and tshirt into a pair of tight black pants, a black tank top, a tight black jacket, and put on a pair of knee high black boots. She pulled her auburn hair into a ponytail. Ryzen attached the sword to her waist, put the "stars" into her pocket, put the shot gun into her sleeve and help the shotgun in hand. She put her hands in her arms and shook her head. "last time. It's the last time. They killed your parents. It is time for revenge" she told herself.
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