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hospital wings

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Ryzen groaned in pain. Her whole body hurt. She felt like getting pliers and tearing herself apart. "its ok kiddo" she heard someone say. She turned her head and opened her eyes. She looked around the room. It was white and she heard an annoying beeping noise. She closed her eyes again "no no no no no keep your eyes open" she heard the voice say again. She opened one eye and tried to sit up "stay still" she heard the now annoying voice say. Right now everything annoyed her. She pushed a few strands of hair from her face and looked around the room. Then she saw where the voice was coming from. It was from Brendon who was sitting in a chair next to her bed. She could see that he was crying before she woke up "how long was I out?" she asked through pain "you were in a coma for 3 months" he choked through tears that were streaming down his face "you saved my life" he said putting his head on her stomach. "oww. Pain" she said. Most of her wounds had heeled but she was still in much pain from where they were. "how is everyone, Jinx, the other boys?" she asked "they are all home, in vegas." He said wiping his face with his sleeve. "and where are we?" she said "London... this was the only place that had the physician to save your life. You died twice during the operation but you survived somehow" he said again about to start tearing. "was it that bad?" she asked "three bullets, and a huge gash in the stomach. You lost too much blood to imagine" he said. Ryzen groaned and turned over in her bed. She heard the door open and a doctor and 2 nurses came in. They made Brendon leave the room and sit in the waiting room as they worked on Ryzen.
After a few hours Ryzen was finally allowed more privileges.
She was allowed to get out of bed and walk around. The first thing she did was get out of bed and look for her things. She couldn't find them so she decided to go get herself some coffee.
Brendon was sitting in the cafeteria when Ryzen walked in.
"what are you doing!" he said "getting coffee" she said and got her self some coffee as if it was the most normal thing to be out of a coma and be walking around drinking coffee.
"you re cooperate fast. And go back to your normal self fast aswell" grumbled Brendon
Ryzen was getting mad. Her mind was still a little off from being normal and the littlest things would piss her off
"ok seriously what is your problem!" she yelled at him and stormed off back to her hospital room to lie down in bed. She sipped at her coffee and thought for a while
"did I really love Brendon? That's not possible" she thought in her mind
Brendon came back to her room and sat down on the couch that was in the corner of the room "the doctors said that you would be here for 2 more days and then we can leave home" said Brendon
Ryzen just nodded her head and thought in her mind. Where was home now?

*its kinda short again.i know. i promise, chapter 9 will be longer *
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