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She was sitting in the plane next to Brendon not talking to him. Brendon was staring out of the window and Ryzen was listening to her ipod. This was just like the beginning, when she just started tour with the boys and her life was somewhat normal. But now she knew that her life wouldn't be normal anymore. Her deep dark secret was revealed and the person she felt a bond too probably hated her. Her life just went from hard to impossible. Maybe it was possible but with a lot of work. She probably needed to leave again, run away. This time she was going to run away so that she would never return to Vegas again. But first she needed to get to Vegas to finish some not completely finished business.
Brendon looked at Ryzen and smiled to himself. That girl was a complete mystery to him but that was why he loved her. He thought she hated him. She not once looked over at him. Now he was in complete debt of her for saving his life. He opened his mouth to speak but then closed it for not knowing what to say. He was sad for the fact he wanted something he could never have. Or maybe he could have it, but how?

The plane flew swiftly and finally landed in Vegas. Ryzen was wearing a pair of white pants with brown knee high riding boots, a brown turtle neck and a brown trench coat. Her auburn hair was now cropped, so it was short, with bangs that covered most of her face. Her hair was cut off in the attempt to save her life. Ryzen walked on her crutches as Brendon walked beside her carrying her things. Ryzen looked up in front of them. She looked over at Brendon and took his hand in hers. He tensed up for a second then relaxed. He looked over at Ryzen and smiled. They walked to the meeting area in the airport and there stood everyone: Jinx, Liu, Jade, Ryan, Spencer, Jon, Pete and her Uncle Charles. What Uncle Charles was doing there she didn't know but he didn't look mad, upset, worried, or anything else like that. He just looked relieved.
"RHYEN!!!!!" yelled Jinx across the hall. They were in Ryzen's uncle's mansion in the outskirts of Las Vegas. Ryzen was lying in bed attempting to sleep. This was the room that she had lived in for most of her life. She heard the door open and attempted to hide in her massive pile of pillows and under her goose -feather filled blanket. Jinx ran across Ryzen's room and jumped onto her king sized bed. Ryzen tried to hide as much possible but it didn't really work. "don't hide from me. You are not running away from talking to this about me. What's your excuse now?" said Jinx. Ryzen thought for a while and finally decided that she didn't have one. Her answer was a low grumble. "Ok so im going to start. I KNOW you like Brendon. Come on its not that hard to see. You didn't jump in front of a bullet for him if it wasn't that you at least had a tiny bit of affection for him. Come on girl, you are like a sister to me." Ryzen sat up in her bed and looked at Jinx. "fine I admit to liking him damnit!!!" yelled Ryzen a little to loudly. Her temper still flared at odd moments from the medication she was on. Jinx just smiled and patted Ryzen's knee. "that's all I wanted" she said and left the room. Ryzen fell back on her bed and groaned. She hated all of this. Assassinations were easier than boys.
Ryzen rolled off of her bed and dressed in a black dress that was draped on her armchair. It was one of those short sleeved dresses. She put on the red pumps that were standing near. She took a comb and combed her hair so it looked nice and rounded where it needed to be.
She grabbed her crutches and made her way out of her room and into the elevator to go downstairs into the kitchen. When she entered the kitchen the room grew silent. "keep talking" she ordered and with an angry face dropped her crutches and walked the rest of the way. She sat on the couch against the wall, next to Pete. "so hows the leg doing?" he asked. She knew he was referring to the leg that was shot. "yes im fine" she stated grimly not thinking. Only later did she realize she answered the question wrong. Brendon stared at her from the other side of the room. A million of thoughts were running through her mind. He looked really delicious from her perspective on the other side of the room. Pete giggled quietly and got up. "while your up make me cinnamon dolce latte" said Ryzen. Pete looked at her like she was crazy "am I supposed to run to starbucks?" he asked her sarcastingly. "no go to the coffee machine and type in what I just said and put my cup under it. My cup is the black one with the name 'Rhyen' on it" said Ryzen. Pete made a mocking face and went to make Ryzen's coffee. When it was done he brought it to her and she sipped it carefully. "So. Pete, Ryan, Jon, Spence we are going to the movies right?" said Jinx with a weird face. "we are?" asked Jon. Jinx rolled her eyes and said "YES NOW LETS GO!" and grabbed him and the rest followed. Now Ryzen was left alone with Brendon. In one room. No, in the whole damn mansion in the middle of nowhere.
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