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It happened fast. First he moved to her, then she moved to him. Then they moved from the kitchen to her room. Then their clothes went flying. Their kisses getting hotter, their words shorter.
The night came and so did the morning. Ryzen was lying in the bed covered in comforters and pillows. Brendon was sitting on the armchair in the corner reading the morning paper and sipping coffee. Ryzen opened one eye and opened the night table drawer and took out the pack of cigarettes she kept their, and the lighter. She took a cigarette out, lit it, and took a nice deep breath.
"you know you will get lung cancer and die, if you smoke" said Brendon from his seat in the armchair. He had put the paper down and began to read Ryzen. Ryzen took another drag of the cigarette and said "then I shall die" and continued to smoke on the bed, once in a while dropping ashes on the floor. "this is why I adore you" said Brendon sitting on the bed. Ryzen looked at him "because you are impossible" continued Brendon and kissed Ryzen passionately. Ryzen kissed him back and took another drag of the cigarette. "yup" she said and got out of the bed. Stark naked she walked across the room and put on a robe that was draped on her arm chair. She continued out of the door and down the hall with the cigarette. "No smoking in the house RHYEN!" she heard her uncle yell from upstairs loft. She showed her middle finger up into the air and she could hear her uncle roll his eyes.

That had been 14 years ago. 14 years had passed since Ryzen had last seen Brendon. Things happened and after that night Brendon had to leave with his band to travel. With that Ryzen took the advantage to run away again. She just couldn't to live in the same place. She dropped her first name Rhyen and now was just Louisa Wenz. She lived in Tokyo for a couple of months until she realized she was pregnant with Brendon Urie's baby. Ryzen, or now Louie, got a job in London, England as the one of the journalists in Rock Sound magazine. After 9 months Louie gave birth to twin girls. Louie was heartbroken and hurt because Brendon completely ignored her and didn't even look for her. She had been in love, like you only fall in love ones. When her daughters were born she moved back to Vegas to live with her Uncle for a while, working in Vegas in their local newspaper. So this brings us to present time. Louie now lives in New York, New York working for Vogue as their editor in chief of music. Louie was sitting on the floor in her vast loft on 5th avenue. She was on her laptop reading the articles that her journalists presented when she heard the door open and slam. "Eden, Leone! How many times do I have to tell you to NOT slam the door!" she yelled out. "sorry mom" said the girls in unison and ran to their room. They were now 14 years old, while Louie was 34. Louie knew that this was not normal for her girls to hide like that so she went to their room. She walked into their room and said "ok what is going on" "nothing" they said. She sat on one of their beds and looked at the two identical girls. It sometimes hurt her to look at her daughters because they looked like exact copies of Brendon. They had wavy black hair and green eyes with pale skin like she did. "mommy who is our daddy?" asked Leo. Louie looked at the floor and said "no one. I mean someone, but that doesn't concern you two" she said "why" asked Eddie. "quick hustle finish your homework I have a surprise for you two!" she said and hurried the girls. She looked at the clock. It said 2:00 PM. Their school started at 7 in the morning and ended at 2. She was going to bring them to TRL today. She left to her room and changed into a pair of dark blue striped tight jeans and put on a dark blue tshirt and her white trench jacket. She put on a pair of white pumps as well. She still had her hair cropped in a short dark red bob. She put on some makeup and took her black bag. "you have 3 seconds to get here!" she said and she saw here two daughters running from their upstairs room and running downstairs and ended up infront of their mother. "good lets go"
They walked up the hallway to TRL. The guard in the front looked them up and down and let them pass through the door after Louie showed her pass to the guard. They took their seats in the front row. The room finally became packed with people. The girls were super exited. They were practically jumping in their seats. "hey everyone!" yelled the host and a round of cheers ran through the room "yea we are all on live television on Time Square and this is TRL!" said the other host "today our guest stars are Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco and his friend Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy!!!" and the room erupted in cheering. Louie just sat in her seat dumbstruck. All she wished right now was that she never even showed up here. First HE came in, then Pete. Then Brendon dropped his microphone as he stared at Louie and the two identical girls next to her who looked exactly like him. One single tear streamed down her cheek when their eyes met.

*haha yea baby my story is twisted...ok its short deal with my i have writers block lol....hehe smiles evily***
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