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*i noe its short again, but im studying for my theology test and i promised to post 11 tonight. heheh **

Louie tapped her daughters on their shoulders and said "girls I'll be outside. I need some air" when the break started. She got up and walked outside. She trusted the girls to be good enough and stay there. She walked out into the busy streets of Times Square and took out a cigarette. She lit it and started to smoke. She passed and quietly yelled in herself. She saw the door open and out came Brendon. She rolled her eyes and walked down the street "would you fucking stop running away!" he yelled at her "yea I ran away. I LEFT because YOU left and I needed to make a career. SORRY that you didn't like that! I called you around a million times but NOO YOU DIDN'T ANSWER" yelled Louisa. "well! Atleast I DIDN'T RUN AWAY FOR 14 YEARS DAMMIT!!!" Louisa took another breath of her cigarette "I returned after 3 months! I lived with my uncle for 6 years, and worked in the Vegas newspaper. And guess what. I raised 2 healthy daughters on my own. Do you know HOW hard it is knowing that the person you love and the person who fathered your children doesn't even speak to you!" Brendon just stared. "I. have. Children?" Louisa groaned. And then came out Eden and Leone. Louisa closed her eyes and hopped that they weren't there. But there they stood in between Brendon and Louisa just looking. "ughm moma. Why are you and Brendon Urie yelling at each other?" asked Leo. "just go back inside" said Louisa "No, how about they stay. Do they even KNOW who I am? Or did you not tell them?" glared Brendon "Eden, Leone INSIDE" yelled Louisa. The girls quickly ran into the building. "Don't you ruin my poor girls. They will find out sooner or later. But please Brendon. Just please. Im sorry I ran away. You know I have a tendency to do that. But PLEASE forgive me. Its been too long, I would be happy if you moved on. I didn't, its my fault, but please. Just please" then Louisa started to cry. Brendon walked to her and took her in his arms holding her close. He traced his finger across her scar that went from her lip all the way to the top of her forehead. "I remember everything like it was yesterday. How you saved my life, how you fell infront of me to save me. Then I remember the torture I went though those 3 long months when you were in a coma. Then I remember those few months we lived together happily. Then I left. Its my fault I never tried to reach you. But when I came home I thought that you died. Your uncle didn't tell me anything so I assumed that you had been in another battle and died. So I stopped looking, changed my phone number, moved to live with Ryan. I was in rehab for half a year because I fell into depression. Then I got over it. I was going to ask you something once I came back. I still think of that question. For 14 years carried this around with me as a necklace." And he took out from under his collar a beautiful white gold ring. It had a dark blue jewel on it and tiny diamonds that encircled it. That just made Louisa cry even more.
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