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Whats the Worst That Can Happen?

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Maybe giving up isn't so bad after all.

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so this is my first little story so tell me what I do wrong. :)
I kinda had a dream that i'm basing this story off of. Nothing is word for word, but i got the main idea from the dream. Tell me what you think but dont be too brutal.


Jazie stuck the keys into the ignition as she pulled out of the high school parking lot. She sighed to herself, forgetting momentarily that there was someone else in the car with her. Sarah looked at her friend sympathetically.

"Jaze, you're going to be ok. If you're really quiet, they won't even hear you coming in." She looked down at her cell phone.

"Its 2:30, so you're dad should be at work and by now you're moms probably passed out on the couch."

Jaze tried to keep her gaze straight ahead as she drove to keep her mind on something a bit more pleseant then what was waiting for her when she got home. It doesnt work for long though. She could feel her friend's gaze on her and frankly, it was just starting to bug her.

She sighed again, this time turning her head for a moment to meet her friends eyes. A single tear slid down Jazie's cheek and she looked back towards the road.

"I shouldn't have to sneak into my own house when I come home from school, yah know? This isnt right...."

She paused.

"He hit me again last night.......And usually I say something to set him off, but not yesterday. I hadnt talked to him all day and he just barged into my room and yanked me out of bed."

The tears came more frequently now, staining her t-shirt.

"Jazie, I keep saying every time you tell me this stuff, you need to get out of that house. You're mom and dad cant just hurt you like this! And you cant just let them do it!" She realized her voice was raised and coughed to change her tone.

Jazie stiffened in her seat. She started to feel increasingly angry. She got cought up in her thoughts as she drove.

She has no fucking clue! Who does she think she is!? She's acting like she's been in my position. You can't run you're mouth about my situation when you have two parents that love you.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heared Sarah speak again. She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Stay at my house for a while. Just get out of there. You're 16, and you need to make a decision. I know it's hard, but you need to try and get help or something. You need to leave them. There's nothing at that house worth dying for." Jazie shook her head, dissagreeing.

"No. I dont think you really understand Sarah! You dont understand what it's like to love someone so much, even though they hit you constantly and say how worthless and ugly you are! You don't try to give affection to you're parents only to have it be returned as a lamp flying at you're head! You dont know how helpless it feels to be backed into a corner with you're mom spitting vodka in your face. I dont think you have the right to say you know, when you really dont."

She was tightly clenching the steering wheel now, looking straight ahead. Her knuckles were turning white from the tight grip she had on the wheel. The car went silent. Sarah didnt know what to say to that. She didnt know how it felt.

Jazie felt worthless until she met Sarah. Sarah was the only one on her side....Jazie didn't want to start another fight with her over this. She couldn't risk losing her as a friend (and allie).

Sarah broke the painful silence.

"Jazie, I'm sorry. ok? I just hate to see you get hurt by those horrible people. It sucks because I dont feel like I can help you."

Jazie shook her head. "They arent horrible people Sarah. They're alcoholics. They're different people when they just dont understand." She paused as she stopped at a stop sign, then continued.

"I'm sorry too, I...I just dont want them to hate me anymore. I want to be able to prove to them that I'm not worthless. I cant just abandon them. I love them. And even if they say they dont love me, I know they do. They have to."

They pulled into the driveway and Jazie killed the engine.

"You dont have to prove anything to them. They dont deserve a daughter as amazing as you, Jazie. Just remember that. You know you dont deserve how they treat you." Sarah smiled and rubbed Jazie's shoulder for comfort.

"If you need me tonight, you have my cell and I'm just down the street. So call me, ok?"

Jazie put on a reassuring smile. "Ok, I'll call if I need you. But don't worry about me. I can handle it."

There was a pause. Sarah wanted to say something but couldnt really peice the words together. Jazie beat her to it anyway.


"Yah, what's up?" Sarah turned toward her.

"Thanks for everything. You're really the only person I got on my side. Thanks."

She reached toward her and hugged her tightly. Sarah pulled away slowely and looked at her friend and smiled. The smile didnt reach her eyes. Slowly she turned and got out of the car.

"I love yah girl, dont forget that." Sarah called behind her as she walked down the sidewalk.

Jazie took a deep breath and pulled they keys out of the ignition. She unbuckled her seat belt and stepped outside. There was a slight wind, but it was normal this time of year. She took a few slow steps toward her house. The walk up to the door went by way too quickly. She took another deep breath and looked up at the semi-cloudy sky.

"Wish me luck big guy."
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