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I Cant Replace You

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who really believes in fate anyways?

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This chapter's going to be a little short. The next one will be longer. promise.

"Wish me luck big guy."

Jazie turned the doorknob and it slowly creeked open. She looked around the barely lit house. She didn't see anyone. She let out the breath she didnt even realize she was holding in. She steped into the house and heard the tv blasting. She rolled her eyes and walked over to the tv to turn it off.

Then she made her way over to the couch and expected her mom to be completelly trashed, probably drooling all over herself. Jazie laughed at this thought but then she turned toward the couch. To her surprise, it is empty.

That's weird...where's mom?

She felt a little worried at the thought but pushed it to the back of her mind and then just worried about making it to her room in one piece.

She tip-toed through the living room and past the kitchen towards the stairs. She stoped and looked around ...the coast seemed clear, for now. She started up the stairs quietly. The floor creeked.

"Damn it," she whispered.

Please dont wake up, please.

She maked it up to the top of the stairs and went around the corner. She worked her way down the long hall and into her bedroom. She shut the door behind her and locked it.

She let out a long sigh. Dropping her purse by the door, she turned around.

All of a sudden she yelped loudly.

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