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Dreams are only dreams

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oh gosh, the suspense.

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"Where the fuck have you been!?"

"Dad, I...I..I was at school. It's only 3:00."

Before she even has time to move out of the way, a hand swiftly slaps across her face.

Her hand flies up to her cheak and she cries out, but than realizes her mistake and tries covering her head, prepared for the worst.

"I'm sorry daddy! I'm sorry."

"Why the hell didnt you take the trash out last night? This is the fourth time this month!"

He slams her up against the wall, creating a huge thud and a cracking noise.

Jazies eyes widen, thinking he broke something. But she moves to the side to see only a whole in the wall from her elbow.

"I did daddy! I swear I did!"

All of a sudden theres a massive pain in her side and she curls forward grabbing her stomache. His hand flies up again but she moves out of the way and his hand punches the wall behind her instead.

"You bitch!"

She runs toward the bathroom door but isnt fast enough and feels her being pulled backward by her hair.

She knows better than to scream.

"You're mother told me that she saw you going through her shit again!"

Another slap.

"No daddy! She's lying!!! I didnt, i swear to god!! Dont listen to her! She's making things up. Please stop!"

Than he pulls her into her room by her hair and she's laying on the floor, curled up into a ball.

She looks up at him,tears sliding down her face.
"Daddy, please stop. It hurts."

An evil smirk comes across his face.

Everything goes black.

Jazie wakes up in the morning on the floor of her bedroom. The rays of light slipping through the shades are hitting the room just right, so she can see the bruises left by her dad all over her arms and torso.

she gets herself up off the floor and works her way into her bathroom.

She's afraid to look in the mirror, to see what they see.

But she looks anyway.

She's to skinny. They dont really give her food.

The only time she gets food is when she's at Sarahs house. Her mom has no idea; she thinks she play Rugby.

Her skin has a yellowish tint to it.

She gasps when she sees the finger marks all around her collar bone.

How the hell am i going to cover that up?

She sighs to herself as she takes out her make-up and applies foundation around her neck and collarbone. She than works up toward her face, where a hand print is clearly marked.

After she finds herself mildly presentable, she walks over to her closet and picks out a David Bowie t-shirt and a pair of dark skinny jeans to wear with her plaid chucks.

She goes over to get her purse and walks through her house, not afraid of anything happening because she is confident her mom is asleep and will stay that way until at least 1:30. Her dad's been at work since 4 and the coast is clear.

She walks out to her car and starts the engine. She buckles up and makes her way over to Sarahs.

"Hey girl! Was everything ok last night?" Sarah was now in the car facing Jazie.

She gasps when she sees the little finger printed bruses on her neck.

"He didnt."

"Yah, he did. It's no big deal though. It was way worse last time. They arent that noticable, are they?" Jazie asks nervously, bringing her hand up to the marks.

"Ow," She winces.

"Only if you know what you're looking for. If anyone asks, their just hickeys."

Jazie smiles, looking at her friend like she's crazy and they both start laughing.

"haha, yah right. Sarah, look at me. Like ANYONE woudld ever want to kiss me."

Sarahs smile fades and her face turns serious.

"Stop saying stuff like that Jazie. You're beautiful. Dont let the shit they say get to you, ok? If i was a dude, I probobly would have pounced on you by now."

Sarah laughs and nudges Jazie.

Jazie trys not to laugh but fails miserably. She starts cracking up.

"You're an amazing friend Sarah, you know that? You always make me feel better. You know, people should be so jealous of our amazing friendship!"

Jazie smiles toward her.

"Yup, We're made for each other!" Sarah sings, dramatically wiping an imaginary tear from her eye.

"Shut up sarah! I was being serious." Jazie pouts like a five year old, slapping her arm.

"You're always serious, hun."

"Oh yah." Jazie does one of those dumb blonde looks. Sarah cracks up and Jazie turns on the radio and they start singing along.

"Light that smoke, Yah! One for giving up on me..."
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