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I'm only human with my cross to bare.

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Is ANYTHING gonna go right for Jazie?

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a few days later...

"I think I want to get a job. Yah know, so i can support myself at least a little bit. I dont want to have to rely on my parents forever. I was just thinking like at Borders or something." Sarah says, with Jazie on the other side of a bowl of chips on Sarahs couch watching Fuse.

"Thats an amazing idea darling!" Jazie says sporting a large grin.

"We should apply at the same place yah know, so we can work together! That be awsome man." Sarah declares.

"I dont know the odds on that one Sarah. But we can try. Maybe luck can be on my side for once. Mabeh."

Sarah laughs at her and they get up off the couch. Than they lock arms and leave Sarah's house.

They skip down the sidewalk toward the book store together and Sarah breaks into song.

"Like the oldest movie I ever saw was the one we wrote together!!" She sings as she points to Jazie, than herself.

"Oh my gosh, Sarah. You're SO embarrassing sometimes." She laughs, covering her face to hide from the annoyed looks people were throwing at them.

"Oh pleassseeee Jazie. Live life! I think you need a little crazy time. Yah know, to let loose."

Jazie looks at her skeptically.

"Seriously! I think you need to do something out there, abnormal and.... freakin spontanious!"

"Ok, I got an idea than! How about I go buy some crack and find a handsome stranger to make hot hot sex with. Than i can just go get tested at the free clinic for my newly aquired herpes. That sounds new and intereting, hmm?"

"Sounds like a plan Jazie." Sarah stated matter-of-factly, patting her back.

Jazie's mouth was agape.

"I was kidding silly!" Sarah says shoving her.

They both laugh.

"Thank god."

"We're here!!!" Sarah sings as they get to the entrance of Borders.

They walk in and asked an employee if there were any job openings available and he said a few.

So they got applications and started filling them out.

"Our new jobs are just 2 applications away!" Jazie said, sounding sincerely happy for the first time in a while.

Sarah smiled and watched her friend fill out the forms.

I just wish something in you're life can go right for once.

"Can anybody say employed!?" Sarah yelled as she ran toward Jazie's hand me down old chevy.

"Thank god its Friday night! And I justtt.."

"NO! please NOOOO Nsync. I'm begging you Sarah." Jazie puts her hands up to her ears.

Sarah scrunches her eye brows together and huffs into the passenger seat.

Jazie laughs, turning down the radio as they pull out of Sarahs driveway.

"So, you got the job Sarah?" She asks nonchalantly.

"Yah, isnt this great!?"

"Sure is."

"Did you get the job too?" Sarah asks, now a little nervous for her friend.

Jazie takes a dramatic pause looking down at her lap, sniffling for that extra effect.

This might potentially be the thing to turn Jazies life around. PLEASE, god. Just let things work out for her for once. Sara thinks and is broken out of her thoughts when Jazie sighs.

"Oh my gosh, you didnt. Did you?" She's almost crying now.

"Duh I did! We are officially working buddies!" Jazie yells.

"Woot! Ok. So this is close to amazing. What do you want to do now?"

"Get a pay check."

She smiles and turns up the music. "I love this song."

"Maneater, make you work hard, Make you spend hard, Make you want all of her love"
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