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The End Of The Begining?

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Shop till you drop.

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One Week Later.....

"Paycheck!!!!!!!!" Sarah screamed as they left Borders.

"I know!! I'm so effin excited! I think I have to pee. Oh my gosh." Jazie was talking really fast now.

Sarah laughed as Jazie hopped up and down with her legs crossed.

"I cant help it! I have a weak blatter and when i get excited, I have to pee!!" Jazie whines.

"Ok, ok. Just go behind that bush over there." Sarah pointed behind Jazie.

"EW! no, sick. I'm not droppin my trousers in public. You're dumb." Jaaie made a "gross" face.

"Than hold it until we get to the mall."
Jaze pouted but than looked over at Sarah with a confused look as they walked towards the car.

"We're going to the mall? Since when?"

"Well, since we got our first pay checks silly! We have to celebrate."

Jazie smiled.

Maybe treating myself for once isnt such a bad idea.

"And when you save enough, you're buying a new car. This peice of shit Ryan gave you before he left just isnt cuttin it for me."

Jazie glared at the side of Sarahs head.
"Dont fucking talk about him, ok Sarah? You promised we wouldn't have to talk about it. I just want to forget about the whole thing. Okay?"

"Sorry Jazie, I forgot that was a sore issue for you. But you cant just ignore the fact that he left you to fend for yourself with those fucking demonds you call parents."

Jazie signed.

"I dont know why he left. But at least he gave me something to get out of the house with. And they really arent that bad when their sober! I'm telling you its the alcohol that does it to em."

"He was your own brother Jazie! And do you remember when we watched that episode of Oprah a while back and you got all pissed at the girl that was making excuses for her boyfriend that tried to kill her?"

"Yah, i see where this is going..."

"Yah, it's the same damn thing Jazie. Quite making excuses for people that dont deserve them. Alcohol is not a good excuse to me. So just throw that one out the window."

"Whatever Sarah."

"I'm sorry Jaze.Lets just forget about it. Just cheer up! We're here. Lets buy some shit."

She smiled at her and put her head on her shoulder, and started singing "Don't worry, be happy."

Jazie started laughing and shrugged her off.

"Fine, lets just change the subject, indefinitely."

"Okay. Subject change. So, what store do you wanna hit first?" Sarah asked as they entered the mall.

"I feel like Old Navy, only because their having a zillion sales right now. What are you thinking?"

"I loooove sales. Lets get er dun!" Sarah replied in her best Larry the Cable Guy voice.

"Oh dear, please never say that again in public." Jazie shook her head violently. They both started laughing.

After they grabbed a few things, they made their way to the cash register and put the things they were holding on the counter.

Something caught Sarah's eye on the counter.

"Hey! Look at that! A contest. Hmmmmm,"

"It says you can win a trip for two to Cancoon during spring break. Fall Out Boy is performing there and staying at this resort. You get to hang up with them during you're stay!"

Sarah hops up and down excitedly.

"Oh my gosh! I'm doing it! You to! That will give us one more chance at winning!"

Jazie gave her a look like "what the hell are you doing".

"Come on Jaze, this is a like the chance of an effing lifetime! It'll be fun. What if one of us wins!"

"I highly doubt that would happen. I'm sure you have a much better chance at being struck by lightning or being eaten by a shark, or...I don't know... being pummeled by a stampede of wild bores. Why even bother?

"What the fuck. Did you just say stampede of wild bores? You really need to lay off the animal planet woman."

She shakes her head and turns back to the pamphlet, pointing at it.

"Seriously though, thats why it's fun! The anticipation alone would be crazy. You have nothing to lose. Come on. Dont be a drama queen."

Jazie sighs and takes one of the forms and they fill them out and stick them in the little box.

"So, if any of you guys win, you should get something in the mail or a phone call, or possibly an e-mail if you wrote your's down in about 2 to 3 weeks. So keep an eye out for something from them." Said the employee behind the counter pointing to the pamphlet thing.

"Thanks. Bye." Sarah waved and Jazie smiled politely and they turned and walked out of the store.

"How amazing would it be to hang out with the guys from Fall Out Boy ALL spring break!?" Sarah sighed dreamilly.

Jazie sighs, and rolls her eyes.

"I saw that! And you know it would be cool. Don't even deny it. You're practically obsessed with the bass player!"

"I never said it wouldnt be cool. And it's Pete, and no I'm not!" Jazie said defensively.

"Riiiiight." Sarah winked at her friend.

"If that helps you sleep at night. Or, well fantasize at night."

Jazie gasped. "I do NOT fantasize about him. You're such a perv sometimes." She said poking her side.

"Or maybe I'm just more outspoken about those things," Sarah winked.

Jazie just looks at her and laughs. She blushes a little.

"I knew it! You little pervert. You would so make little bass players with him if you had the chance!" Sarah smiles laughing.

"Just drop it, ok? You're being immature."

"You know, a girl trying to bury her sexual feelings like this can get her into trouble!"

Jazie rolls her eyes and they make their way into the main mall.
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