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Stupid Ankles

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Another short chapter, I know. Sorry. It'll be longer next time. Promise :)

p.s. the phone convo is in italics.

Jazie sighs sitting behind the counter at Borders.

Sarah is out getting lunch for the two and buisness was slower than usual.

She's flipping through a magazine when she starts to get restless and jumps off the counter and goes over to her purse and takes out her cell phone.

"Sarah, where the hell are you? Our lunch break ended 15 minutes ago and i havent even eaten anything yet!"

"Well, um...about that. Ha. Your gonna think this is halarious. Um...when I went to Applebees to get the food, there was this really cute guy working there and we're hangin out. Do you think you could cover my shift for a little bit? PLEASSSSEEEE jaze. I'd love you forever and a week!"

"Oh my gosh Sarah, fine. Just dont pull this shit ever again. I need someone here to keep me company!" Jazie pouted.

"I'm sorry! Never again, promise! Bye hun!"


Jazie sighs.

I knew this would happen eventually. Sarah's life revolves around music, boys, taking care of me, and boys.

Now that she didnt have lunch to look forward to, she needed something to take her mind off of the overwhelming boredom.

She decides to go through the music section to see the new releases.

When she's done listening to a few of the ones she liked, she brought her head up, looking out the window a few isles off.

She gasps.

"Oh my god. Dad! What the hell is he doing over here!?"
She ducks behind the shelf she was standing in front of and sinks to the floor.

She looks down at her watch.

"What the hell, it's 1:00 on a Satarday. He should be at work!"

She leans against the shelf and slowly peeks around it toward the window to see if the coast was clear.

"Phew. Thank GOD he didnt see me." She says to herself as she gets up and walks backward toward the front of the store to get back to where she needed to be.

"Umph!" Jazie drops the armful of cd's she had all over the floor and falls right on her ass.

She stumbles up off the floor and turns toward the stranger she pummeled.

"Oh my gosh! I'm SO sorry sir! Here, let me help you up."

She reaches out her hand to help lift him up off the floor.

His hat covered his face and she couldnt make it out.

"I'm so sorry. My parents should have named me Grace."

He chuckles and dusts himself off.

"Its ok, no biggy. It happens to me all the time....SO, um who were you hiding from?"

Jazie blushes, embarrassed that anyone saw her hiding.

She turns away from the stranger to pick up all the cd's she scattered everywhere.

He laughs lightly.

Why do I recogize that voice..... It's probobly nothing. Forget it, Jazie.

"No one important." She says without even looking up, her back still facing him.

"Oh, so do you always leap behind isles in bookstores when you see "no one important?".

She ignored his question.

This dude is totally starting to tick me off. Where the hell does he come off asking personal questions like that?

"Fall Out Boy, huh? I hear they suck ass." The stranger says, picking up the new fob cd.

Oh my gosh, is this guy gonna ever leave me alone? I said sorry already. Sheesh.

Jazie huffs. "Are you kidding? You havent heard them before? What size bolder are you living under dude? Their pretty much the biggest punk band out right now, and in my opinion, their amazing musicians." She says as she gets the rest of the cd's in her hand, trying to get up but loses her footing and falls back down.


Curse you, weak ankles.

The stranger laughs.

"Are you ok?" He asks, offering his hand.

"I didnt see the joke but fine, thanks a bushel." Jazie says sarcasticly with a fake smile, brushing away his hand and getting up herself.

Just than, she recognizes the strangers voice and since she ran into him, her facial expression has changed from embarressed to angry, to confused, to embarressed again, and now to horrified and star-struck.

She slowly looks up at the man hovering over her, blushing like crazy.

"Holy shit."
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