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He's Just A Stranger I Met On The Street

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is it all coming together or is it all falling apart?

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Who's it gonna be????

"Holy Shit."

"Excuse me?" He says, his head tipped slightly to the side, confused by her comment.

"Oh, I'm just realized who you were." She says blushing, embarrassed by how rude she was to him earlier.

The sides of his mouth turn up, just slightly.

"It's alright. Um, how about we start over? Hi, I'm Patrick Stump, and your name is....." He says extending his hand for her to shake.

"Jazie, but some just call me Jaze." She says, taking his hand in hers and smiling like crazy.

Oh my fucking god!! It's Patrick effing Stump,god in a trucker hat! And i was just being a total dick to him. Oh my gosh..

She doesnt know what to say after that. What DO you say to a celebrity without sounding like a total teeny?

After a few moments, Jazie realizes she hasnt let go of his hand. He hasnt let go either. He notices as well.

"Oh, sorry." He says, blushing. He lets go slowly, their finger tips brushing against each other.

It sends shivers through Jazies whole body.

"Are you alright?" He asked her.

She just realived that her whole body actually shivered at his touch.

She blushes again and nervously smiles.

"I'm just a little cold."

Total bullshit. Dumb excuse Jazie. Nice one.

Wow, she has a beautiful smile. Patrick thinks as he watches her get all embarressed.

He smiles back at her.

"You have amazing dimples." He says.

She laughs.

Wow, he's more charming than I expected him to ever be. Shut up! Jazie, get it together! Dont act like another little teeny. Sheesh.

"Thanks, i get that alot. And you, sir have amazing sideburns." She says lightly laughing, still trying to keep her composure.

His smile gets bigger.

"Thanks, I get that alot too."

They stood there, just looking at each other for a few seconds.

Jazie snapped out of it, looking down at her watch, than around the store. A few more costomers were trickling in.

"Oh wow, I need to get back to work. Um, were you looking for anything before i totally trampled you?" She asks while walking over to the stereo, turning it on to Panic! At the Disco playing.

She smiles at hearing the music and turned around to face him.

"Um, no. Not really. I was just browsing." He said smiling a big cheesy smile.

She giggles.
He laughs to.

I love her laugh. Its so contageous.

They both snap out of their little giggle fest and Patrick looks down at his watch.

"Aw shit. I really should be going, but, before I go, could I uh...could I get your number or something?" He asks nervously, looking down at his feet, than looking back up at her slightly at an extremely sexy angle, his huge puppy dog eyes burning holes through her.

Oh my god. He's to cute for words. What woman in her right mind would EVER say no to him?

She chuckles. "How could I say no to that face?" She says pulling a pen out of a drawer in the desk. She grabs his hand and writes it down.

"Dont wash your hand until you put that somewhere a bit more permenant." She says, smiling, showing off her huge dimples.

Wow, this girls amazing.

"Ok, well, i cant keep the guys waiting, so I should probobly head," Patrick says sadly.

Just than she hears a guy screaming through the glass entrance door.

"Patrick!! Hurry the fuck up. Just get a cd so we can goooooo!" He says planting his face up against the glass.

She assumed he was Joe. It wasnt that hard to figure out, with that curly hair and all.

She laughs, looking around at the customers staring at him like he just made a bomb threat.

"Oh my god... Im so sorry. I'll call you soon though. Promise." Patrick says.

He winks as he leaves the store.

She sighs.

After she's sure he's gone, she goes in the back room and screams into her jacket.

"Oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh!! I just gave Patrick Stumph my number!!!"She squeals in excitement.

wait, what if it was just a joke, like he was messing with me or something. I feel so stupid! He's not gonna call me! What was I thinking?

She fights silently through her jumbled thoughts as she walks out of the back room and back to the front desk.

I'll call Sarah and tell her about what happened later, since she's soooo busy and all. Jazie smiles to herself.

Jazie starts driving home from work.

But as she gets closer to her house, she's more tempted to just go to Sarah's and stay there.

Oh gosh, I'm really not in the mood for mom and dad tonight.

As she gets out of the car, she takes in a deep breath of the semi-fresh air.

She trys bracing herself for whatever lay waiting in that place she is suposed to call Home.

"Wish me luck again big guy," she says to the sky as she makes her way around the house.

She's going through the back this time, hoping no one will see her come in that way.

She unlocks the back door and tip toes through the kitchen. She didnt hear anybody fighting or screaming, so she thought that maybe one of them was out or asleep. So she felt a little relieved, only a little bit though and decided to go throught the living room instead of the long hall toward the stairs. big mistake.

She makes her way past the couch in the living room.

"Jazie! Jazie! Get me another fucking beer." Her mom screams at her from the couch.

Jazie sighs and walks back into the kitchen and opens the fridge. She takes out a beer and closes the door.

"Oh my god!" She jumps, seeing her dad standing by the fridge.

"Hey baby. Where you been all day?" he asks with a creapy grin on his face.

"No where pop." She says and turns and walks into the living room and places the beer on the coffee table next to her mother on the couch.

"Here yah go mom."

She takes her eyes off the tv for a minute and looks up at Jazie with pure disgust, slaping her clear across the face.

Jazie gasps from the pain. Her hand flies up to cup her cheek.

"Took you long enough. Dumb bitch." She mumbles under her breath as she opens up the beer, looking toward the tv again.

Her breath gets cought in her throat as she trys to hold back tears.

Dont let them ever see you cry. That shows weakness and thats just what they want. Just suck it up Jazie. She's done worse.

She backs away from the couch only to bump into her dad.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry dad." She says, scared for her life.

he's gonna fucking kill me

His eyes are glazed over and the only color she sees is black. It's a look she's seen many times, right before a beating.

She runs toward the stairs and trys making it to her room.

"Come back here you peice of shit!" He yells behind her as he catches up.

He grabs the back of her shirt and throws her up against the wall.

Her head smacks up against it and she bites her lip, trying not to cry. Blood drips down from her lips as she bites down harder.


He laughs at her as she squeezes her eyes shut, waiting for the next blow.

Instead, she feels her shirt released from his fists and she opens her eyes slowly, thinking it's a trick.

He spits right in her face.

She gasps and lifts up a hand and wipes it off. Her breath hitches in her throat. She's trying so hard not to break down right there in front of him.

"You're so fucking worthless. You're lucky you're mother and I have even kept you. We could have gotten ride of you. No one cares about you. Not any of you're teachers, you're so called "friend" sarah, not even that boy you were talking to at Borders."

Her eyes widen as she processes the last thing he just said.

"Yah, you stupid shit. I saw you working today! You think i didnt know you had a job? You are fucking stupid. Dont hold you're breath though, hun. He's not gonna call you. And if he does, it's only cause he knows that you're a slut. You're an easy fucking lay." He speaks only slightly above a whisper with his nose almost touching hers.

She feels the heat of his breath on her. She smells the alcohol.

She's trying to block out the things he says, but it's so hard not to take all the stuff her says to heart.

He starts laughing and she jumps out of his grasp and runs toward her room.

He grabs her pony tail and holds her in front of him.

"Daddy, please stop." She's begging him now. She hates begging, but it sometimes gets him to stop.

He presses her closer, with an evil smile. Than, out of nowhere, smashes his lips up against hers, forcing them to part. She's gaging and trying to pull away. She pushes against his shoulders as he runs his tounge against her bottom lip. He smirks into the kiss and than pulls away.

"No man is ever going to want you. You're trash. I'm just doing you a favor."

He's done this many times, but everytime he does it, it makes her feel more and more dirty. He makes her hate hereslf.

He lets go of her. She falls to the ground and curls into a ball up against her bedroom door. He turns around and slowly walks down the stairs.

She was just inches from freedom.

If i was only a little bit faster...

She crawls into her bedroom and runs into the bathroom. She falls against the toilet and pukes. She's sobbing now. She wipes the tears and smeared eye liner away from her puffy red eyes.

She stands up and sucks in a deep breath.

This is fucking IT

She walks out of her bathroom and over to the closet, taking out a duffle bag. She grabs as many clothes and othe essentials as she can and stuffs them into it. She takes the cash she's been saving up and puts it in as well. She grabs paper and a pen.

I probobly shouldnt even bother writing to them. It's to much like a goodbye. They dont deserve that much. Fuck it. I need to vent.

She sighs, looking around her bedroom one last time. Though she doesnt want to admit it to herself just yet, she knows she'll be back.

She goes to the window, opens it, and shimmys down the drain pipe.

She lands on the grass in front of her house. She looks back at it as she walks down the street toward Sarah's house. Tears silently stream down her face. She wipes them off and chuckles to herself.

Dad, I'm glad to inform you that I've left. I know, it sucks. No more punching bag. Cry me a fucking river. I hope you and that alchy bitch have a long happy life together. And dad, you're the fucking trash. I'm not real big on the whole incest thing. Thanks anyway. p.s. R.I.H.
Sincerely, Jazie/]
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