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Joke Me Something Awful.

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If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

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*text message w/ patty in italics*

Jazie continued walking down the dark street toward Sarah's house.

She made it to the house and walked to the side and looked around on the ground for something.

When she found what she was looking for, she chucked it at Sarahs window.

"Dink." (it was a rock, silly)

A few seconds later, the window opened and Sarah looked down at the lawn.

"Jazie! What are you doing here? Its 3 in the morning?" She whispers down at her.

Jazie sniffles and looks up at her.

"I left Sarah, I need a place to stay for a little while."

Sarah looked down at her with a sad smile.

"Of course you can stay here silly! Wait, why didnt you drive here?" Sarah askes, looking around for her car.

"I didnt want him to hear me leave. If he found out i was here right now, i wouldnt be, if you get my drift."

"Alright, ok. Um... I'm coming down. Just a second. Walk to the back, ok?" Sarah says but before Jazie can respond, she disappears into the darkness of her room.

Jazie sighs and walks around the side of the house, opens the fence and walks into the back yard toward the sliding glass door.

"Hey babes. You ok?" Sarah asks after she opens the door for her, letting out the heat from the house.

"Yah, we'll see I guess."Jazie says looking down at her feet, trying to hide the growing bruise on her face.

Sarah walks with jazie back upstairs into her bedroom, being careful not to wake her parents up.

As soon as Sarah closes and locks the door behind them, Jazie sinks down to the floor, letting the tears run freely down her cheeks.

"Honey!" Sarah says sadly sighing. She runs over and sits down next to her on the floor, hugging her tightly.

"I'm so sorry. You dont have to talk about it tonight. I know it hurts. But eventually, you're going to have to." Sarah says rubbing her back for comfort.

Jazie just cries, nodding into Sarah's shoulders.

The sun gleams through the curtians, shinning down on the bedroom.

Jazie sadly sighs in her sleep.

Sarah looks up toward her. A single tear drops down onto her knees.

Who would do this to someone so damn sweet? Life isnt fucking fair sometimes.

Sarah has been awake since Jazie came over last night. Its about 10 in the morning right now.

She sits at her desk with her head in her hands, trying to plan out how she's going to explain to her mom why exactly Jazie has to stay with them.

Jazie mumbles something in her sleep, than her hands fly up to her head, covering it for protection.

"No, please just stop. Please daddy," She moans.

Sarah wipes the tears from her cheeks and walks over to the bed.

She sits next to her friend and touches her shoulder lightly.

"Jazie, babe. Wake up."

Jazie's eyes flutter open.

"Hey." She says sleepily.

"How long have you been asleep?" She asks, now sitting up on her elbows.

"Oh, I just woke up," Sarah lies. "I'm kinda hungry though. You want me to bring you up something?"

"Um, sure. Maybe like a bagel or something." Jazie rubs her eyes, trying to wipe away the sleepyness.

"Sure thing toots." Sarah says in her manliest voice, winking at her.

Jazie laughs, shoving her off the bed. Sarah lands with a big thud.

"Ouch! My ass!" Sarah pouts, rubbing her butt. She gets up and starts walking out to go get their breakfasts.

"What ass?" Jazie calls from the bed laughing.

Sarah looks back and flips her off. Jazie just laughs harder.

I made her laugh. Hmm. Maybe I can help her after all.

Jazie walks over to her purse when she hears it vibrating.

She pulls it out, seeing a text from an unknown number.

"Hey Jaze, miss me?"

She texted back.

"Who is this? I dont recognize this number."

She sends it and places it on Sarahs desk, walking toward the bathroom. She didnt even get halfway across the room when the phone was vibrating across the desk and fell off the edge.

She walked over to it.

Damn, stranger texts fast.

She read the message.

"Sorry, its Patrick. :) Remember me? Silly kid with side burns you trampled in Borders?"

Her heart skips a beat.

This cant be happening, Patrick Stump did not just text me. Did he.....

She looks down at her cell phone for clerification.

Yup, he did.

She squeals and jumps onto Sarahs bed while she replies.

"Oh sorry. Hey, whats goin on?"

"Whats so exciting?" Sarah asks, leaning on the doorframe holding 2 cups of oj and a plate with bagels on them.

Jaze blushes and waves her over with both her hands.

She doesnt speak cause she's afraid she might involuntarily scream.

Sarah puts the food on her desk. She sits next to Jazie with a curious/confused look on her face.

Jazie just giggles and takes a deep breath.

She drops her phone on the bed so she has both hands to talk with. (She does alot of hand waving and such. She's a very animated speaker.)

"Ok, well....when you ditched me for some guy at Applebees," Sarah blushes, "I was really bored and went to look at cds. I saw dad walking by through the window and freaked. I hid behind one of the cd shelves. So anyways, when i got up, guess who the fuck I ran into?!" jazie asked with complete excitement in her voice, just waiting for Sarah to say that one word.

"Who!?" Sarahs bouncing up and down on the bed.

"Patrick Stumph! I swear to god!" She says, crossing her heart.

Sarah just sat there, mouth gaping.

Jazie laughed and pushed her chin back up to the rest of her face.

"You'll catch flies, hun."

"Why hadn't you told me until now!?" Sarah asked, completely in the mood to gossip.

"You were busy, i assumed. And i had a few problems of my own. Sue me." She huffs, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Aw, don't be mad Jaze! I'm just excited for you! Have you met the rest of the band yet?"

"Not exactly. I saw Joe at the book store, but he was scaring the customers, and they were already leaving, so I never really was introduced. But Patrick asked for my number and i gave it to him. ANNNDDD he text me last night, apparently. I hadnt gotten to it till now. I think he text me back again." She says looking down at her cell phone, reading the new messege.

"Nothing really. I'm in town for a few more days. Wanna go get some coffee or something?"

She screamed and jumped off of the bed, dancing around.

"What the hell Jazie! What did the effing text say?"

"He just asked me out, i think.." She says, smiling. Than her face turned to horrified.

"Oh my gosh, he asked me out. What do i do!?" She went over to Sarah and shook her shoulders violently.

"hun.....stop." Sarah says, her head bobbing around.

"Oh, sorry."

"You say yes, dumbass."

She laughs. Jazie smiles a huge smile and looks down at her phone.

She sits down at the desk and writes a reply.

"Sounds great, when and where?"

She takes a deep breath.

"This cant be happening...." she whispers to herself.

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