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I Said I Loved You But I Lied

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I only know one trick. dissapearing is easy.

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2 days later.

"Jazie, its 2 in the morning. Stop giggling like a little prep and go to sleep. Patrick can wait till at least 10 tomorrow. SLEEP." Sarah say; her voice muffled by a pillow.

"Sorry, I'll go sleep in a second. I'm just waiting for him to text back so i can say goodbye."

"Isn't that what you said around midnight? Ch-yah, right Jazie. Just quiet down. Even if you're not getting any sleep tonight, I would still like some."

"Yah, yah. ok....whatever." Jazie says, curled up on the floor next to Sarah's bed with her cell phone in one hand, waving of Sarah's comment with the other.

"Ok, so I'll see you at Cafe Barbette arouuuuund noonish?? I'm sorry I can't pick you up, but the guys are gonna take the rental and it's within walking distance of the hotel and you're house, so I thought it would be conveniant for both of us. You can still say no. But if you decide to come, I'll be waiting. xo Patrick"

She giggles again.

"SHUT UPPP Jazie!!!"

"Sorry." She whispers.

She starts texting him back.

"Dont worry, I'll be there. I'm going to sleep now. Need some rest. I'm going to meet this really amazing musician at this coffee shop. No one you'd know. :) xxoo"


Jazie walks down the street with her arms crossed, trying to keep warm in her hoodie as she nears the coffee shop. She's early, so she walks in and finds a little table and sits down.

She look around the coffee shop, just kind of people watching.

She sees a cute little couple in the back corner of the shop, giggling and holding hands. She sees at a different table, an older woman with reading glasses and 3 piles of papers she's working through and a labtop sitting on another chair next to her she switches to every 2 or 3 minutes.

Not many people in here....thats alright with me.

Just than, the she hears a little bell and looks toward the entrance and see's Patrick walking in. He doesnt see her right away, so he's looking around for her.

His mouth turns down at the corners slightly; he thinks she stud him up.

She waves at him to get his attention and he turns toward her. A huge smile grows on his face. He walks over to the table and grabs a seat.

"I didnt think you would come." He admits, adjusting his trucker hat.

"Why wouldnt I come?" She asks, like thats the stupidest thing she'd ever heard.

He blushes. "I dont's just...nothing." He says, looking down at his lap, fiddling with his hands.

Why would anyone as beautiful as her ever have an interest in me? If she even does. She could just be wanting to be a groupie, or worse, friends.

She giggles. He's surprised by this, and looks up and smirks slightly.


"Nothing. You're just adorable." She says flirtatiously.

What happened to the smooth, charming guy I met at Borders? This guy seems shy and self concious. It's totally the Patrick I expected the first time I met him. It's like he has 2 sides. I kinda like em both. He's to cute for words.

No one talked for a while. They just sat there in a comfortable silence.

"So, where are you headed after this?" Jazie trys to make coversation out of a not-so-awkward silence.

"Um, we're actually just going up to Albany, than Boston. Than we get a few weeks off till the next tour. This is the end of our big arena tour, actually."

"Oh thats really cool. To bad tomorrows you're last day here. We didnt get to really hang out much." She says, blushing slightly.

"Yah I know, its not to often I meet a beautiful woman thats not just trying to get into my pants....," he looks up, embaressed that that slipped out.

"Not that that ever really happens!" He added to try and make a recovery.

She giggled.

"I totally get it. You're a big rock star. It's hard to tell the real people from the fake ones. Sometimes people are just trying to use you."


She totally gets me...

They smile at each other. They just sit like that for a few minutes.

Later, they both ordered coffee and talked about everything. Books, musical tastes, movies, friends, past relasionships, you name it. They learned so much about each other. They talked alot through texting the last few days and got pretty close but it just was different in person.

Jazie was careful not to talk about her family though. Patrick brought his up, but Jazie made it clear that that was not her favorite subject.

"So when do you have to leave? Its.."Jazie looks down at her watch, "2:30. You need to be anywhere?" She asks with a hint of nervousness.

She doesnt ever want to stop talking to him. He's amazing. They have so much in common. He understands her like no one else.

Well, maybe Sarah knows more about her, therefore she understands more. But thats only because Jazie wont let him know about her problems just yet. She doesnt want to let him into her screwed up world until she's sure that he even wants to be in it.

"Well, I might need to check in with the boys and see whats up, but um....would you like to come back with me and meet em? They don't bite. Well, maybe Pete does.." He says.

She laughs at his last comment.

"You sure I wouldnt be intruding? I dont want to get in the way."

"No, no. You'll be fine."

You're VERY fine. You're more than that. Your beautiful.

"We can head over now, if you want."

"Sure, I'd love to." She says, sporting a big toothy grin.

As they leave the coffee shop, Jazie grabs Patricks hand and their fingers intertwine. He doesnt object. (/Obviously./)

They make their way down the sidewalk about two and a half blocks toward the Beverly Hilton where the band was staying for the few nights they were in town.

As they walk into the lobey, Patrick spots Pete at the front desk.

Jazie and Patricks hands are still intertwined as Patrick walks closer and waves his free hand at his friend.

"Hey dude, whatcha doin?"

Pete looked at Jazie, than at Patrick, than back at Jazie.

He looked her up and down, than smiled brightly as he approaches them.

He offered his hand out to shake Jazies, completely ignoring Patricks question.

She let go of Patricks hand to shake his and smiles at him, showing off her dimples.

"Hey Patty Cakes, whos the beautiful lady?" his question directed toward Patrick, but his gaze was still on Jazie.

"This is Jazie. Jazie, this is Pete," Patrick points from Jazie to Pete sighing slightly annoyed not finishing before Jazie buts in.

"Wentz, I know." She finished for him, smiling.

Petes already huge smile grew larger.

"So, you've heard of me?" he says with a hint of cockyness and more like a statement than a question.

"No." She says sarcastically, but Pete doesnt pick up on it.

"No?" He asks surprised.

"Um...oh. How do you know patrick than?" He asked, pointing at his friend standing next to her.

Patricks trying to stifle his laughter.

"Oh! That. Well, he picked me up on my corner last night. He's payed for 2 nights up front. I couldnt object. A girls gotta eat, right?" She says with a serious face.

His mouth was hanging down almost to the floor.

Jazie looks at Patrick and they both start laughing hysterically.

They tried to pull themselves together because Pete was still looking at them with a confused look.

"What the heck...are you just messin with me?"

"Dude, she ran into me at Borders a couple days ago. Literally, now that i think about it." Patrick says, patting his shoulder. He looks over at Jazie and winks.

She smiles sweetly at Pete, but blushes when she sees Patrick winking at her.

Pete sees her reaction.

"Well, arent you guys just cute." He says with a hint of sarcasm and jealousy.

"Jazie, why dont you come up to the room and meet the rest of the gang." Pete says taking her hand and pulling her toward the elivator.

"Sounds good.....I guess," She says.

She looks back at Patrick with a concerned look.

"Its fine." he says to her, smiling.

On the inside though, he's scared as fuck.

Pete leads Jazie up to the room with Patrick trailing behind.

/I hope she doesnt fall for Pete. Everyone always does. I want to get the girl for once. Especially this/ girl...fuck.

I know, this chapter wass a tid-bit shorter than the last ones. But they'll get longer. I just need shweep.

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