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It's Mind Over You Don't Matter

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If this was a game, who would win...

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They made it up to their(4 those slooow people,pete n patricks) floor.

Pete pulled out a card and slid it through, and opened the door for Jazie and Patrick to walk in.

"Ladies first."

Patrick huffed and Jazie giggled.

oh my god. that wasnt even funny. Please dont tell me she's flirting with him. Shit. Maybe I'm too late. Pete and his god damned charm.

So they walked in and Pete announced their presence in the room.

"Fuckers! I'm back...with Patty Cakes and a cute lady."

Joe comes walking out of what seems to be a hallway to another room, and Andy looks up from his comic book.

"Hey Patrick. Where HAVE you been?" Joe asks very dramatically with hand gestures.

"Around." He says, smiling at Jazie.

She smiles back.

"This is Jazie. Jazie, this is Tromainia, and this," Patrick points from joe to andy on the couch, smiling up at her," Vegan boy, a.k.a Andy."

"Hey guys." She says nervously

Joe runs up and takes her hand nealing on the floor. He kisses it, than stands up and shakes it very busness-like.

She laughs.

"Hello, I'm Joseph Trohman. And you are beautiful.

She blushes and laughs a little.

"Right. Thanks." She turns toward Andy who was standing next to them now.

"Hi, I'm Jazie." She extends her hand to shake his.

"We hug here, hun."He reaches for her and pulls her into a big bear hug.

She accepts his invitation and hugs back.

"You give amazing hugs." She says.

He blushes.

"I've never heard that before. Thanks." He says, chuckling. He looks down, shuffling his feet.

"So when are you guys headed out?" Jazie asks, looking around the messy room.

"We're leaving tomorrow bright and early to head over to New York." Pete says as he heads toward the kitchen area.

"Oh." Jazie says looking at Patrick with sad eyes.

Why did i think this would last?

Patrick notices her sudden mood change.

He took her in a side hug.

"Don't worry, when we come back around here, I'll be sure to hit you up." He says, and winks at her.

She giggles, but inside, shes still sad.

"Yah, dude. I'm stoked for our long ass break comin up!" Joe says, than does one of those still pose jump things from High School Musical.

Jazie starts cracking up, making patrick laugh, and than Andy joined in.

Joe frowns.
"What? Why does everyone always laugh at me?"

That makes Patrick laugh more.

"Dude, you just make it so easy."

Joe pouts and jazie walks over to him and gives him a huge hug.

"Aw, I'm sorry Joe. We were just kidding." She says

His frown turns to a smile. He embrasses the hug just a little to much for Patricks comfort. He squeezes her (almost to death). His hand starts moving slowly down her back and Patrick notices where he's going.

"SO! Guys, wanna go get some grub or something?" He says, trying to stop Joe before he did something stupid.

It worked. He let go of her and she kneels over, holding her chest like she's been suffocating.

Andy and Pete laugh as he walks back into the living room area.

He takes a sit on the couch, Andy following suit.
"Sounds good, where too?"

"I know this great vegan place a couple blocks from here, if you guys are interested.Well, I dont think Andy would care. But what about the rest of you guys?" Jazie asks, tilting her head to the side and messing up her hair.

Patrick smiles.

She's so fucking cute.

"Sounds great." He says.

"Yah, works for me. I've been living off of Pepsi and cliff bars for a week." Joe says, stretching his arms over his head.

"Yippy! Lets get goin than!" Jazie says smiling like a 2 year old.

Pete chuckles and walks over to her, embrassing her in a huge hug.

After he lets go, Jazie looks up at him, confused.

"What was that for?" She lightly laughs.

"No clue....Lets go ladies and gents!...And patrick."

She laughs but tha looks over at Patrick. He's looking down at the floor, shaking his head as he walks over to the couch to get his jacket.

She walks over to him and smiles, taking his hand in hers.

He looks up at her and smiles, tightening his grip around hers.

Why is Pete so mean to him? He's amazing, in every sense of the word.

She leads him out of the hotel room with Joe and Andy in tow. Pete watches as they walk out, holding hands. He glares at Patricks back as they exit the room. He goes and gets his sidekick from the kitchen.

What is it with Patrick? Why does she like him so much. What does she see in him that she cant get from me?'s probobly not even serious. They just met a couple days ago. Right?

They make it to the restaurant and find a table.

A waitress comes up to the table. She sees the guys and recognizes them.

"What'll it be fellas?" She says, smiling flirtatiously toward Patrick who was sitting next to Jazie in the booth.

Jazie looks at the waitress and than back at Patrick. She watches the looks she's giving him, and his reactions to them, which seemed to be polite, but not interested.The waitress sees Jazie and glares at her. Jazie smiles sarcastically at her. The waitress huffs and looks back at the guys, waiting for the orders.

Patrick sees them looking at each other and the waitress glaring.

Why are girls so weird?

Pete, Andy and Joe order, and she turns toward Patrick, waiting for him to say what he wants.

"I'd suggest the Tomato and Olive Pasta. It's amazing." The waitress says sweetly to him. He smiles at her and Jazie smirks smugly.

Jazie leans on Patricks shoulder and grabs his hand, holding it with hers. She lets their arms intertwine as she scoots closer to him. She smiles up at him sweetly.

"Hun, didnt you tell me you hated tomatoes?"

"Yah," He says suspiciously.

Jazie looks up at the waitress and smiles one of those great big "Fuck Off" smiles.

The waitress makes a look of disgust. "Alright guys, you're meals will be ready shortly."

As she walks off, Jazie lets go of Patricks hand and sits normally, but closer to him than before. She starts laughing like crazy.

"What the hell was that Jazie?" Pete asks at the other side of the table, utterly confused by what just happened.

"It's a girl thing. Dont even try to understand it. It's far to complex for you're male craniums." She says nonchalantly.

She pauses and looks down at her table.

"....She didnt even ask for my order." Jazie pouts. They all start to laugh.

"Well, be a little nicer to the waitress next time." Andy says through laughs.

Jazie looks up. "Hey! She was hitting on my newly aquired man-friends. What was i supposed to do?" She asks defensively.

Patrick smiles at her, giving her a side hug. She giggles. Pete just looks down at his lap, uncomfortable with how affectionate they're being.

"Oh! I see what you were doing! She was all up on Patty here and you wanted it to look like you guys were together so she'd leave. Hahaha. You girls are so conniving." Joe says, piecing it all together finnally.

She just smiles angelically.

"I Dont know what you guys are talking about."She says innocently.

Jazie was jealous?....Of the waitress? Maybe she does like me...maybe...Just don't fuck this up Patrick.

Jazie looks down at her watch. "Aw shit, I need to get home. I have work in an hour and I need to pick up my shirt and shit at the appartment. Just a sec guys, I need to call Sarah."

"Who's Sarah?" Asked Joe curiously.

Jazie laughed. "She's my roommate and partner in crime."

Joe smiles. "She sounds hot."

Jazie laughs. "What the fuck, i didnt even say anything about what she looked like."

"Well, if she's runnin with you, she cant be ugly." Joe says, doin that weird thing with his eyebrows. She giigles and winks at him as she gets out of the booth and takes out her phone.

"So dude, whats up with you and jazie? Are you an "Item" or what?" Joe asks, leaning into the table like a 13 year old gossiping at a slumber party.

Patrick laughs when Andy does it to. Petes still looking upset. Patrick ignores it though. His depression doesnt faze him anymore.

"Dude, I've only been talking with her for about 3 days. We arent an "item"....yet." He says doing the air quotes, than pausing to look down at his lap.

"But you like her." Joe says more as a statement than a question.

Patrick sighs. "Yah, i do. She's amazing."

"Than dont screw it up." Says Joe

"And you dont screw it up for me either." Patrick says pointing to all the guys around the table.

"Hey Sarah."
"Hey girl, hows the date going?"
"It's been over for a while. Now I'm at this vegan place. We're all just hanging out."
"Who is "We" jazie?"
"Oh, the rest of the guys. Patrick introduced us earlier. They're all great. Joes a huge dork and Andys really down to earth. He looks like Jesus. Pete, I dont know..."
"What about him? Didn't you always have a thing for him?"
"I dont know. Ever since I met Patrick, it's like I dont even realize anyone else is there. Pete's just a guy, like the rest of em. I don't know. I guess I dont like him so much anymore. He's totally cute and everything, but I really like patrick."
"Thats good. So that means you can introduce me to pete."
Jazie could hear her smile through the phone.
"Sure thing. I have to go to work soon so I'll see you than. And when I'm done, I'm gonna ask them to pick me up, so I'll introduce you than."
"Shhhh Sarah. Sheesh."

Sarah laughs. "Sorry."
"Well, tonight is their last night hear. Their goin to New York. It sucks."
"Aw babes. It's ok. He has your number and it seems like he's a good guy, so I think he'll keep in touch. Just make sure you get his number to, just in case."
"All right, doll. You're the best."
"I've heard."
"Hah. See you later bitch."
"Sure thing whore."

"Hey guys, I have to head back to my apartment. Do you think I could get a ride? I couldnt walk there, get ready, and walk to work all in 30 minutes. I'll be late." Jazie asks, scooting bakc into the booth.

"Sure thing babes." Pete smiles at her and winks, speaking up for the first time since they got there.

"Great! You guys are all my new best friends. I think this calls for some hugs!" Jazie exclaims.

She yelps as Pete jumps on her, followed by Joe, Andy than Patrick.

"You guys....I....cant....breath." She laughs as they get off one by one, Patrick staying on top of her just barely.

She looks up at him and smiles. She adjusts his hat and he leaves it where she placed it. He gets his face closer to hers and bumps the bill of his hat against her nose playfully. She giggles.

They lay like that for what seems like forever but was only about 5 seconds.

Pete watches this and goes beat red. "Dude, you ok?" Joe asks tapping his shoulder.

Pete looks away from the couple. "Uh, yah. Yah. Whatever. lets just go."

He gets up and they pay for all their meals and leave. They start heading back to the hotel.

Patrick grabs Jazies hand. They walk hand in hand all the way until they get to the parking lot and find the rental car.

They find it, pile in, and head toward Sarahs house.

As they get into the neighborhood, they near Jazies house.

As they pass it, Jazie slinks down and tries to cover herself with patricks arm.

"Whats goin on jazie?" He asks as he looks at the house she's staring at in horror.

"Nothing. Just a place I used to hang out at alot." She says, sitting up as they pass it.

"Than why are you so scared of it?" Patrick asks, sincerely concerned.

Jazie looks at him with sad eyes, just begging him to stop asking questions.

"Nevermind." He mumbles.

I wont forget about this. I'll get her to tell me. I know I can.

They get to the house and Jazie sneaks upstairs and gets her gear and heads back outside.

She looks down the street toward her house. She sighs and a tear slides down her cheek.

A thumb slides across her face, wiping the tear away. She doesnt even realize anyone saw her crying.

She looks up weakly at the person standing in front of her.

"Pete. Please don't tell anyone." She says, sniffling.

"Don't worry, I wont tell anyone." He whispers in her ear as she hugs him.

Why is she crying? There's something she's not telling us. Hmmm. I'll figure it out. I'll get her to tell me.

She smiles into his shoulders.

He smells so good. Wait, shut up Jazie. You like Patrick.

Patrick watches them out of the car window.

What the hell, I asked Pete to go check on her, not grope her! Damn him. Well, I dont even know if jazie likes me. So I guess he's not really doing anything wrong. But he knows how much i like her...
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