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Theres No Sympathy For the Dead

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Patrick leaves just as everything seems to be looking up for Jazie. Will everything keep getting better, or go back to shit when Patrick isn't around to help her...

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"It sucks that you're leaving already..." She says, pausing. She grabs his hands, fiddle with them out of nervousness. She looks up at him slowly with sadness plastered all over her face.

It's braking his heart.

"I feel like I've known you forever. Is that weird?" He asks.

"No, I kinda know what you mean." She says, laughing to try and lift the mood.

"Well, we'll be back in about 4 months. But don't worry. I'll call you every day and check in on you." He says reassuringly.

She looks down at the ground.

I cant freakin cry. I barely know the guy, right?

He lets go of her hands and takes one to lift her chin.

"Jazie, the time will fly by. I promise." He says, smiling down at her. He puts his hands on her shoulders, and runs them down her arms, tracing them back down to her hands and grabing them again.

"But you're this huge rock star. Who's to say you wont find someone way cooler in a different town and forget about me?" She asked with sadness drenching every word, but covers it up with fake humor.

He sighs. "I don't think thats even possible Jazie." He laughs out.

She giggles.

Damn, I'm gonna miss that laugh. Why am I so sad about this? I barely know her. Right?...this isn't serious. I need to just keep reminding myself that. She doesnt really like me that way.

"Don't worry. We're friends. Friends don't just forget about friends. Right?"

She looks up, hurt slightly by what he just said. She hides it well though. She's good at hiding the hurt if she wants to.

Just that all we are? Maybe I was just over analyzing everything, as usual. You're so stupid sometimes Jazie. Dad was right. No guy's ever gonna want you. Who are you kidding?

"Yah, we're best friends. And if you don't call me, I'll just call you a zillion times and bug the shit out of you. And if you don't pick up, I'll just call everyone else's cell phones. I got em all." She says, smiling a huge, cheesy smile.

"Haha. It's so cute how much of a stalker you are." He says, playfully bumbing her side with his.

"I'm the best, baby. I've crafted the art of stalkerism." She smiles triumphantly.

They both laugh.

Patrick sighs.

"I got to go. I'm sorry. You should go say goodbye to the rest of the guys." He says, with sadness in his eyes.

She smiles up at him. "Alright.."

She slowly lets go of his hands. Their finger tips brushing against each other just like they did the first time they met. He winks at her as she turns and walks over to the guys standing by the bus.

"Hey babyyyy. Gonna miss me?" She asks suggestively toward Joe.

"Damn thtraight." He says with a massive lisp. She giggles as she pulls him into a friendly hug.

"You guys are awesome. Don't forget about the little people." She says, pointing at his face.

He smirks, than leans in and licks her finger.

"Iw!! Joe, you're so fucking gross." She yells as she rubs her hand on her pants.

He just laughs and pulls her into another hug.

"See yah toots. Stay in touch." Is the last thing he says before he returns to loading up the instruments into the bottom of the bus.

She sighs as she walks over to Andy.

"Hey vegan boy..." She says as she gives him a friendly side hug.

"Hey. Yah know, maybe when we come back, we can hang out more. yah know we never had much time to get to know you. Me and the rest of the guys I mean." He says, blushing slightly.

"Sure thing, cutie." She squeeks as she pulls him into another hug.

"You're hugs are still amazing." She says to him.

He blushes again. "yours are getting better." He teases her

She giggles.
"Hey! My hugs are fantastic."She pouts.

"They'll never be as good as yours, though." She says as she hugs him one last time.

"Wheres Pete? I havent seen him in a while. I wanna say goodbye..."

"Uh...I'm not sure. I thought he was helping Joe load up..."

"Oh, there he is!" Jazie spots him walking through the parking lot of the hotel.

She turns and waves to Andy, Joe and the sulking Patrick. Than she walks toward Pete slowly.

"Hey Pete..." She says nervously.

"Hey Jazie." He says as he watches his feet, not stopping.

"I really wish we could have talked a little more. Yah know? You were so quiet yesterday. Whats up?" Jazie asks curiously.

"What was up with you yesterday, Jazie? At Sarah's?" He asks, now looking up from the concrete with a serious face.

She was taken by surprise at this question. She stops walking.

"I really don't wanna talk about it right now Pete. It's....complicated." She looks down at the pavement. She looks back up at him, a little angry now.

"And don't change the subject! There's something bothering you. What is it?"

"I don't want to talk to you about it. It's complicated." He threw back at her mockingly. She just stood there,with her mouth hanging open, shocked by how rude he was being.

He has no fucking clue about my life. Why does he think he can just back me into a corner like that and expect me to spill my life story to him 10 minutes before he hops on a bus and heads to another part of the country? Fuck him. He hasn't earned it. If he'd open up a little, I might open up a little back. I guess it's to late for that now. I know I'll never see them again. They just need to be honest with themselves about it. This is the end.

He just shook his head and kept walking toward the van. She didn't go after him.

"Dude, what's up with you and Jaze? SHe looks really upset." Patrick said as he looked behind Pete at Jazie almost in tears in the middle of the hotel parking lot.

"It's nothing. She just got pissed at me. I don't know what her problem is." He said, trying to shrug it off. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help but feel horrible for her.

She's hurting so bad. I probobly just fucked everything up between us for good. Oh please. Don't kid yourself Pete. Like there was anything between you two. She was into Patrick. I know I havent known her long, but from what I did get out of her proves that she's amazing. She really needs someone. Maybe I could have been that someone. If she let me...Could have been. Past tense. I need to move on. I'm sure she already has...

1 week later.

"Holy fucking shit Jazie!!!!!!! We are SO fucking smart!!!" Sarah screams as she runs into her bedroom.

"What! Why are you screaming, hun? Shhhh." Jazie laughs on her bed.

"We put my address as your address." She pants as she falls next to the bed.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Jazie askes, highly confused.

"When we signed up for that contest a few weeks ago, we put my address down for your address." Sarah exclaims like she's speaking with a two year old.

"Sooooooo..." Jazie is just getting annoyed.

"SO if you put down your real woudn't be going to Cancun for spring break Jazie!" She screams in her face.

"Why not?......" Jazie is so fucking clueless.

"Jazie...we're goinggg on a tripppp for 2 toooo Can-fucking-cunnn." She says cooly repeating it so Jazie can soak it in.

I think Jazie is in shock or she is really brain dead.

It takes a few minutes for all of what she said to sink in.

Her eyes grow wider and wider by the second as everything she just said makes sense.


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