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Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

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Why does all this have to be so confusing?

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"I don't want to talk to you about it. It's complicated."

Jazie sat in Sarah's room by the window, letting everything that happened yesterday sink in.

What the hell was that about? I didnt really know him for more than 3 days and he was already trying to pry into my personal life. Well, i was kinda being a noodge too i guess...

She lets out a large sigh.

I dont need this right now.

"Hey babes, how are yah holdin up?" Sarah asked from the doorway with 2 cokes and a ton of dvds in her arms.

"You're acting like I just found out I have cancer. I'm fine." Jazie said, not so convincingly.

Jazie just turned back toward the window and sighed again.

Sarah sat next to her friend and put her head on jazies shoulder.

"We're gonna be ok, yah know." Sarah said to Jazie very quietly but with a hint of assertiveness.

Jazie sighs again.

"Yah, I know."

2 days earlier

"We're here guys. Thanks for droppin me off."

"Oh, no prob Jaze. Anything for a girl that likes my hugs." Andy winks at her. She laughs.

"Wait, could you guys pick me up tonight after work? That sounds really weird, I know. But I told my friends I'd introduce her to you....could ya?" Jazie asked nervously.

I sound like a total teeny bopper. There gonna say no.

"The hot one!" Joe perks up in the back.

Jazie sighs. "YES Joe, the hot one."

"Dude, we'll be there!" Joe said, not waiting for anyone to object.

She smiled and playfully punched his arm.

"Dude, settle down. She's only 16." Sha said laughing.

Joes face turned serious. "Wait, what?"

"What?.." Jazie asked confused.

"She's only 16?" He asked.

"Uh...yah." She said, kind of still confused at why they were freaking out.

"So that means...." Joe started.

"You're 16 too?" Patrick finished for him, a little surpise in his voice as well.

She blushed.

" that like a big problem for you guys?" She asked, looking around the car at all the guys shocked faces.

"Well, um....hun do you know how old we all are?" Andy asked pointing at all of them.

"Yah, I'm not stupid. I know you guys are all way older than me. Why is that such a big deal? Age is just a number, right?" She asked, chuckling as she elbowed Patricks side.

He laughed lightly, but than cought Pete looking at both of them gloomily. Pete's face showed shock, like the rest of the guys, but there also was a bit of sadness in his eyes. Patrick made eye contact with his friend for the first time in a few days. Pete's face changed than, back to what would be percieved as normal. He just shrugged.

"I guess it really isnt a big deal when you put it that way. We're all just friends, right?" He said laughing, to cover up his sadness adn jealousy.

She's only fucking 16! Ok, this sucks. I have absolutely NO chance now. Before I dont think I even had a chance with her. But NOW. It would be illegal! I guess I just assumed she was our age. She looks our age! Damn. What the hell am I getting myself into...

Pete gets lost in his thoughts and doesnt even hear the car stop, Jazie say goodbye to everyone and her leaving the car.

"Dude. DUDE!" Joes screaming in Petes face to get his attention.

"Wha...what." Pete says getting cut away from his thoughts.

"We're leavin. Buckle up dude." Patrick says pointing at his seat belt.

Pete looks around and sees Jazie left. Than he looks down at his seat belt un-done.

"Oh." He clicks it back on.

"So do I get to meet them!?!" Sarah asked almost screaming as Jazie walked around, putting cd's and books away.

Jazie sighs dramatically.

She stops and turns toward her friend. She puts her hands on her friends shoulders to get her to stop bouncing around.

"Yes darling. Don't worry about it. Their picking us up so we don't have to walk home." Jazie says as she walked into the backroom to check her cell phone for texts from 'him'.

Sarah followed close behind, leaving her place at the front desk.

"Are you serious? This is freakin crazy!" Sarah squeels.

"Sarah.....please don't act like this when you meet them. They're really normal guys. I swear. Accept for Pete. He's kinda moody. But thats to be expected, I guess. You'd be a little upset too if the only pants you can fit into are your 12 year old sisters." Jazie said as they walk out of the back room and back to the front desk.

Sarah giggled. "I think it's kinda cute how emotional he is."

"Yah, you think it's cute for about the first 5 minutes. But after that, its just draining."

"Oh...well, I think I could lighten the mood!" Sarah says happilly as she goes and turns on the radio. The sound of Gym Class Heroes fill the store.

"We have to take our clothes off! And we have to party all night!..." Sarah sings as she dances around the front of the store.

No one was there but them; it was pretty late. So Jazie just laughs and sings along from behind the counter, tapping her foot to the beat.

(What a coincidence...Patrick sings the chorus. Hmmm. Very wonderfully, I might add.)

Jazie doesnt join in on the dancing so Sarah pouts and points a finger at Jazie, than points to where she was standing, telling her to get her ass over there and dance with her.

Jazie giggles but shakes her head 'no'. Sarah comes over to the counter and grabs her wrist and pulls her around the counter. Sarah bounces and twirls, spinning Jazie along with her.

Jazie finally loosens up and dances along with Sarah, singing every word.

They continue to dance around the store, singing and laughing until Jazie rams into something hard and falls flat on her ass.

"Ouch!" She rubs her butt and looks over at Sarah, like "what the fuck!?"

Than her attention is drawn toward what she rammed into.

She looks up to see Patrick standing there, trying to hold in laughter. "Wow, I've never had the same girl fall for me twice." He says, than couldnt hold it in anymore. He just starts laughin like crazy.

She stands up and brushes off her pants.

"Ha-fucking-larious, Stump. Why are you always in my way?" She asks jokingly, but with a serious tone.

Patrick thinks about it. "I'm not sure. You got a good point..." He says pretending to ponder this. She giggles and punches his shoulder playfully.

"You can really sing, Jaze. Nice moves too." He says as he folows her behind the front desk.

She blushes. "Yah, whatever." She never even thought about the possibility of her being good at something. Her dad made it clear she was worthless.

He laughs.

Sarah just stands there in aw.

Jazie sighs at her friends facial expression and walks over to her with Patrick.

"Sarah, this is Patrick Stumph. Patrick, this is Sarah, my best friend," She pauses to think of what else to say.

"Thats all you really need to know about her I guess..." Jazie stated.

Sarah slapped her arm. Jazie just chuckled.

"Ok, so where are the rest of my favorite man-friends?"

"Oh, they should be comin in any second." Patrick said, looking around, slightly confused that they werent in the store.

"Okydoky than. Well, it looks like we're off in 2 minutes, Sarah." Jazie says, looking down at her watch, than her friend to confirm this.

Sarah does one of those high school musical jumps. "Yay!"

Jazie and Patrick just look at each other like, "You know what I'm thinking?..." Than they start laughing hysterically.

She just stands there, feeling offended.

A few seconds later though, she starts to giggle a little bit too, not really knowing why she's even laughing.

"I think its time you met Joe, Sarah." Jazie said after she caught her breath, patting her friends shoulder. She told Patrick she'd be right out and her and Sarah walked to the back room to get their stuff.

Patrick walked out of Borders and back to the car to the rest of the waiting band mates.

Jazie and Sarah got their stuff and locked up. They walked outside and made their way to the parking lot.

Jazie and Sarah saw 4 shadowy figures leaning against a Honda Civic sitting in the parking lot.

"Oh, you guys don't look creepy at all standin in the shadows like that. Really." She stated sarcastically before Joe ran up and hugged her.

"I've missed you!" He yelled as he picked her up and spun her around.

"You saw me this morning, Joe." She laughed as he sat her back on the ground. He shrugged.

"It felt like forever."

"I know what you mean." She said to Joe, but ment it toward Patrick. She can tell Patrick knew too, because when she looked over at him, he was smiling at her and winked.

"Ok guys! This," She almost yelled to get their attention, "is Sarah, my best friend and part time lover," she said pointing at her.

She giggled when Joes eyes widened and he tilted his head to the side to examine her and Sarah.

"Thats hot." Andy laughed from his place by the car.

Sarah just stood there shyly, smiling nervously at all the guys standing in front of her.

Andy was the first to introduce himself.(what a gentleman)

"Hey, I'm Sarah." She said as she put her hand out to shake his.

He pulled her into a hug.

When he let go, she stood there, slightly surprised by the hug.

"Sorry, I just like hugs better." He said, his cheeks going a light shade of pink.

She giggled. "It's ok. You give good hugs."

Jazie laughed from her place next to Patrick. "HAH! I told you!" She yelled, pointing at him.

He chuckled.

SO pete has been rackin his brain since the girls walked out of the store and when he came up with the perfect plan, an evil smirk slid onto his face. It was time to put the plan into action.

Pete walked over next, taking her hand and kissing it. He looked up at her with those beautiful puppy dog eyes and smiles that signature pete wentz smile.

"Hey, I'm Pete." He says coolly.

Sarahs heart melts right there in the parking lot in front of Borders.

"I know. And I'm Sarah." She says back just as coolly (to her own surprise).

"I know."

She giggles.

I dont know what the hell Jazies talking about. Hes cute and funny and completely sexy. I dont see any overly emotional bass player here...hmm.

He looked quickly over at jazie to see if she had a reaction to how flirtatious Pete was being toward her friend. She didn't really notice because she was giggling away at something Patrick whispered in her ear. She slapped him playfully and got this look on her face he couldnt really place.

Pete just sighs and walks back and leans agains the car. He's not giving up just yet.

Joe comes over next. She smiles up at him.

"Hey. And you must be Joe." She says.

"The one and only." He says proudly.

He pulls her into a friendly hug.

"I think I love you guys already. Can I expect free hugs like this every time i see you?!" She asks after Joe releases her.

"Pretty much."Joe shrugged. He smiled down on her, than looked over at Jazie and she gave him a thumbs up. He just chuckled. Sarah didnt see any of this though. She was destracted by the looks Pete was giving her. She smirked, trying not to look totally goofy.

"People only like us for our hugs. I feel so.....used." Patrick says, dramatically looking away to wipe an imaginary tear from his cheek.

The guys all nod in agreement and Jazie and Sarah laugh at them.

"Whatever, Patrick." Jazie nudged him playfully.

"Yah, you're right. I'm lying. No one wants my hugs." He pouts.

"Aw! Patrick!" She says sadly as she takes him into a huge hug.

He smiles wildly as she pulls him tighter.

She lets go and looks down at her pocket.

"Aw Shit!"

"What!?" Sarah asked, afraid someone was dying or something.

"I left my cell phone inside. I need it. I'll be right back." She says as she starts walking toward the store.

"Don't go alone! You could be attacked! It's dark!" Sarah exclaims. Her friend stops walking and turns around.

Pete stands straighter, thinking this is his chance to make a move. He starts to walk over to her when she starts saying something.

" Patrick, come on."She waves him toward her. He smiles and walks with her toward the store.

Pete just stands there and trys to cover up his emeressment and rejection by walking over to Sarah. She giggles as he stands close to her, whispering little things to her he knew she'd want to hear; things that would probobly get back to jaze.

They go around the corner toward the side door.

This is perfect, Patrick. Grow some fucking balls and do something!

When they get to the side door and were out of view of the parking lot, Patrick grabs Jazies wrist gently and gets her to stop.

She turns around to see Patrick stnading very close to her.

She smiles at him nervously.

"Whats up, Stumph?"

His closeness reminds her of her father that night that she left and many nights like that one.

He's nothing like dad. Stop thinking that Jazie! He'd never hurt you...would he?

He let go of her wrist when her eyes met his.

"Um, well...I just wanted to...well,you tell you.." He's looking down at the ground, fiddling with the bottom of his shirt.

Before he finishes his sentence, he's pushed up against the brick wall. Jazie looks up at him with passionate eyes.

He smirks at her and without warning, places his soft eager lips against hers. He cups her cheek with one hand, than runs it through her hair. His other hand is placed steadily on her waist.

Jazie's hands go up on his shoulders as their kiss intensifies. Patrick opens his mouth when Jazies tounge begs for entry by running it across his lips.

He starts to make little butterfly kisses down her neck and than along her collar bone. She leans her head back in pure ecstasy.

I hope he doesnt notice the bruises. They arent as bad as before, but still. Sarah saw them and they had make up on. Oh my gosh Jazie. Just shut up and enjoy this.

She's pushing up against him, and him up against the wall. The calloused fingers on her waist make their way under her shirt, caressing her bare skin. She rubs one of her legs in between his as their hips come into contact and rub up agaisnt each other. He moans as she starts to grind her hips against his.

He connects his lips with hers again and she combs her fingers through his hair under his hat.

She moans quietly into the kiss as he pulls her body closer to his, if that was even possible at this point. Than she lets what their doing sink in. She stops and pulls back slowly.

He pauses and steps back, surprised by her stopping so ubruptly. She can read his confusion all over his face.

"Whats wrong Jaze?"

"We can't do this Patrick. I only met you like..3 days ago. And our friends are in the parking lot just around the corner, and what if they saw us like this? And I'm only sixteen, and your 23. And.." Patrick stops her by puting a finger to her lips.

"I get it, Jaze. I rushed it. I'm sorry. But i distinctly remember you being the one that said age is just a number." He said, laughing lightly.

She places her hands on his chest.

"Yah, I know I did. But, I don't know. Doesnt this feel just a little bit weird to you?" She asked, lookig up into his eyes, awaiting his answer.

"A little. But I think it's just cause we're thinking to much about the whole age thing. We'll have time to work it out. Lets not worry about it right now. I like you. So we shouldnt get to serious, to quickly. I don't wanna fuck it up."

He smirks as she smiles sweetly up at him.

"Your right. We'll justs see where this goes."

He pulled her into a side hug as they went through the side entrance of Borders.
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