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Circle Circle Dot Dot, now you've had your cooties shot!

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Chapter 6.

I woke up and felt softness all around me, which I was assuming was Jamia's $300 sheets. I couldn't open my eyes, due to the massive amounts of alchohol that I only remembered digesting because of the repeated thumping in my head; which pretty much felt like it would soon make it's way out and fall onto the sheets. My eyes felt like they had led in them; but I forced them open to stare at the stark white ceiling hovering above me. I looked around the room, which Jamia so prettily decorated in lavender and beaded curtains, as I tried to flip over onto my stomach, so I could bury my face in the white sheets underneath me.
Jamia's petite mouth let out a soft moan beside me and in desperate need to see the lips that the sound came from, I pulled all the strength I had in me, and turned over to look at her delicate face.
I dared not wake her up, I just knew I would have hell soon enough, might as well enjoy the silence while I could.
I rolled back over and pryed myself off the sheets, sitting up straight and immediatly regreting it, as the blood rushed to my head.

"Frank?" I cringed internally at the sound of Jamia's voice.
Smiling weakly I turned around to face her, suprised at the somewhat happy look on her face.
"Hey baby...what the hell happend last night?"

Jamia laughed and shook her head, "Nothing of importance baby. How about we go and get some breakfast?"
I just sat there, staring at her in pure disbelief of what she was saying. I saw the words coming out of her mouth and heard them echo in the extremely femanine room around us; but still wasn't sure if I was hearing her right, or if I was in fact, dreaming.

"You're not mad? About what happend last night?"

Jamia rolled her brown eyes and sighed, scooting down to the end of the bed and hopping off onto the hardwood floor.
"I really don't want to talk about it Frank. You're leaving tomorrow and I just want this day to be about us. Anything we have wrong, we can deal with when you get back. OK?'
I watched her change into a bra and a green skirt while searching through her dresser for a top.

"Ok, if that's what you want." I got out of bed and walked up behind her, puting my hands around her waist and resting my head in the crook of her neck.
I heard her laugh slightly and she continued to dig through her drawer.
"I'm gonna go start some breakfast."

She nodded her head and I walked out the door and towards our lemon themed kitchen.


Gerard rolled over in his bed and looked up at the ceiling, while stretching himself out like a cat down his full sized bed.
Yawning, he sleepily sat up and gazed around his room with blury, morning eyes.
The drab room seemed all too comfortable for him, and he knew he would miss it's ugly blue walls while on tour, not to mention his overly comfortable bed that ate you when you laid down in it.

Gerard flopped his feet over the side of his bed, bracing himself on the surface of his black sheets and hanging his head down, while trying to find the energy to stand up.
His head jolted up at the sound of a light tap on his door.

"Gerard? We have to leave in two hours, just wanted to make sure you were up."
Lilana stood outside of His door holding two cups of coffee, wearing dark washed jeans and and Iron Maiden t-shirt.
Gerard stood up and walked over to his door, slowly opening it and peeking his messy bed head out to Lilana, who was standing there smiling, while holding out a cup of coffee.
She started to giggle and a confused expression spread over Gerard's face.

She nodded towards his lower half and Gerard realized he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.
His cheeks blushed furiously, "Oh, wow, I'm sorry." He said, running back into his room and quickly throwing on a pair of jeans, before returning to the door and accepting the cup of coffee being held out to him.

"Well, are you all packed?" Lilana asked him, trying to stiffle a giggle.

Gerard ran his fingers through his hair and glanced back at his messy room, "Yeah, I'm gonna take a shower right quick, I'll be down with my bags then."

"Oki doki" Lilana flashed him a smile and turned to walk down the hallway.
Gerard watched her dissapear out of his sight and shut the door of his bedroom, preparing for a much needed shower.
Lilana sat at Gerard's yellow, retro style kitchen table, drinking her coffee and contemplating how she was going to survive living in a tour bus with four men for two months.
She laughed at the thought of living with energetic little Frank, and almost cringed at the thought of his loud voice in the morning.

Lilana looked up and saw a bright eyed and wet haired Gerard walking into the room, clutching an empty coffee cup and four duffel bags.
"Well, goodmorning sunshine!! Feel better?" She asked as she watched him drop his bags and place the cup into the sink.

Gerard straightend out his black button up shirt and nodded, "Much, well, if you're ready to go, we have to meet the guys at the airport in half an hour, so let's get our bags in the car."

Lilana hopped up from her seat and helped Gerard tote their bags into the back of his car.

Iron Maiden played softly as Gerard and Lilana sped down the highway towards the airport.
Gerard looked over at her and forced himself to look away, making a mentle not at how pretty she looked in her low pigtails.
Lilana could tell he was beginning to get uncomfortable so she turned the music up louder and began to sing along.

"Are you afraid of the daarrrKK!!!!"
She and Gerard sung out as loud as they could manage all the way to the airport, getting looks from Brian, Ray, Frank, Mikey, Alicia and Jamia, who were all standing outside, saying their goodbyes, as they stepped out of the car, still singing.

Lilana and Gerard unloaded their bags and gave them to Brian to put in the bag check.

Lilana brushed pass Jamia, who was hanging on Frank and kissing him passionatly.
She could feel Jamia boring holes in her back as she kissed Frank even more intensly.

"I'll miss you baby!!" Jamia sayed, as she took deep breath and kissed the tip of his nose.
Frank pulled her closer, "I'll call you everyday, I promise."

Lilana was watching them out of the corner of her eye and marveling at how bitter Jamia was towards her. She just didn't understand how Jamia could act like nothing had happend that night, and go about things like they were just peachy keen.

She turned her attention to Alicia and Mikey, who were sitting beside each other on the ugly, hard green chairs in the airport.
Mikey stroked Alicia's cheek and kissed her lips softly, "Wait for me?" He said, in an overly-dramatic tone.
Alicia wrapped her arms around his neck, Damsel in Destress style and whispered in an over-the-top husky voice, "I'll wait forever for you baby!" Making sure to sound exactly like Scarlett O' Hara, before she kissed his lips once more.

Lilana giggled and smiled towards Gerard, who was also smiling at the couple.
He walked up to Lilana and playfully nudged her with his hip, "They're sickeningly adorable aren't they?"
Lilana sighed and chuckled, "I love it!"
"Yeah, me too. I am just happy Mikey has found someone who deserves him." He gave her a warm smile and squeezed her arm.
She returned his friendly gesture with a weak smile and two very flushed cheeks.
Why was she blushing? She didn't like him or anything....right?
Lilana looked up at the sky and breathed in the last Jersey air she would be inhaling for a while.
Scared, nervous, anxious and self concious, she stepped onto the plane and took her seat beside Mikey, who was already engrossed in his iPod, paired with a hellraiser comic book.
She looked out the window and watched the ground descend below her; the thoughts of disbelief of what she was doing, filling her head with each vilosity of the airplane surrounding her.

Gerard looked down at Lilana, who had her head on Mikey's shoulder, creating a little pile of drool on his black hoodie.
He laughed and shook her gently, "Hey you two, we're here, c'mon, let's go."

Lilana and Mikey wiped their eyes sleepily, looked at each other, and fell into a fit of giggles.
"Sorry Mikey, I didn't mean to drool all over your shirt." She said, fingering the wet spot on Mikey's shoulder.

Mikey looked over at the place she was touching and wrinkled his nose, "Ewww, cooties!!!"

Lilana smiled and took his hand into hers, making little circle and dot drawings with her fingers, "Circle circle dot dot, now you've had your cooties shot!!!"
A huge grin spread across Mikey's face, "Wam Bam thank you ma'am!"

She giggled and playfully hit him on the arm.
Frank brushed by them and groggily sighed, "C'mon you two love birds, I'm fucking tired, London and the warm, soft hotel bed awaits!"

"Ahhhhh London!!" Mikey said, standing up and shoving his comic book and now dead iPod into his messenger back and rudly pushing past Lilana.

She eyed him as he made his way down the isle of the plane, "Gee thanks Mikey."
Standing up and stretching her very cramped legs, Lilana grabbed her laptop and bag and made her way out of the plane, followed by Ray, who, apparently had just woken up as well.

Gerard stood outside the airport with a cigarette hanging from his lips. Lilana walked towards him with her bag over her shoulder, trying not to notice the extremly attractive position he was standing in. She silently scolded herself for thinking a man with a cigarette was sexy.

Gerard looked her way and smiled, while taking another long, sexy drag off of his cancer stick.
"Need some help?" He asked her, motioning towards her rather large carry on bag, hanging heavily on her right shoulder.

Lilana shook her head and re-positioned the bag on her shoulder, "No thank you, I can do it myself."
She stuck her nose up in the air and walked past him and into the brightly lit airport.

Gerard smiled to himself and crushed his cigarette in the outdoor ashtray beside the building.
Picking up his pace, he caught up with Lilana, who was headed rather quickly to the airport Starbucks.

Lilana shoved her bag in the booth that Frank was sitting in, not even thinking about how he got there before she did.
He silently sipped his latte and watched her stroll to the counter for her caffeine fix. All the while, reminding himself that he had a very wonderful, very beautiful girl friend that he loved very much; or so he tried so desperatly to tell himself.

Gerard slid in the booth next to Frank and slapped him on the back. "Cheer up Frankie boy!! We're in London! You love London!!" Gerard said, trying his best to cheer up his friend.
Frank rolled his eyes and took a large gulp of his latte, "Yeah, I know. I'm just tired, I can't wait to get to the goddamned hotel."
Frank slid out of the booth and grabbed his bag while tossing his empty latte containter into the trash.

Gerard groaned slightly and walked over to Lilana, who was now holding a coffee cup and looking very releived to have it.
"Better?" Gerard said smiling, pointing towards the cup in her hand.

Lilana took a big sip and nodded her head, "Much. So, are hotel bound?"
Gerard nodded his head, "Yeah, all the other guys are out in the tourbus already."
"Wow, the bus is here already?"

Gerard chuckled and lifted his bag out of a chair beside them, "Yep, let's go shall we?"
He and Lilana made their way through the crowd and out into the night air of England.

Lilana stared up at the ginormous black and silver bus sitting in front of them.
Gerard opened the door to the us and held out his hand, "Welcome home!!"
She stepped into the buss and looked around the suprisingly spacious area in front of her. A big screen t.v was in the corner of the room, which was surrounded by wall-to-wall black, leather, built in couches.
A curtain seperated the small compact kitchen and the small bunk area. A small door beside the kitchen indicated a very cramped bathroom.

The bus began to move and Lilana made her back to the bunk area to find where she was to sleep for the next two months.
Gerard was already back there and patted an empty top bunk with his hand.
"This was Bob's old bunk, it's yours now I guess."

Lilana looked at the bunk and lovingly stroked the sheets with her fingers. "You miss him don't you?"

Gerard bit his lip and looked at his shoe, trying his best not to get emotional.
Lilana set her bag on the bunk and walked over to him, placing her hand on his back and stroking it sympatheticly.
"Gerard, it's ok, he's in a better place. He was such an amazing person, I can't imagine him anywhere else."

Gerard sniffled and looked at her with tears in his hazel eyes, "I know, it's just, I miss him so much you know? He was my brother, my best friend. He was just so...."
He let a tear slide down his cheek and rested his head on Lilana's soft shoulder, crying sofly.
She stroked his short black hair and held him in her arms, taking in every sent, every curve of his body and every muscle that was touching her.

She couldn't help but feel symathetic for him; but at the same time, she was glad he broke down on her. She felt most horrid for thinking this, and wanting this man to be in her arms so bad she could hardly stand it.
Gerard pulled away from her and looked into her eyes.
She put her thump underneath his eyes and wiped away a stray tear.

"Things are going to be ok, Gerard, trust me."

In the next two seconds, time stood still, as if a dream was caught in a butterfly net, and was dancing above their heads. Neither one of them knew how their lips ended up pressed together; but it didn't matter.
A few more seconds, mintues...hours?; passed by, before Lilana realized what she was doing; and pulled away from the warmth of his lips.

Gerard stared at her with a confused expression on his face.
Lilana touched her lips with the tips of her fingers, as if to feel the warmth his lips left on her.
"Gerard, listen to me." She moved closer to him and grabbed his hands, "Nothing can happend between us, do you understand?"

He looked at her with the most intensity she had ever seen in anyone in a very long time.
"Why?" It was more of a statement, than a question.

She sighed and dropped his hands from hers, proceeding to rest them on her hips and pace the small bunk area.
"Because, I am not Yoko Ono, never have been and I never intend on being her!!"

Gerard rolled his eyes and violently ran his hand across his face.
"Don't give me this bullshit Lilana!! You can't just kiss me like that and tell me nothing can happen, I mean what the fuck are you doing?"

Lilana glared at him with all the fire her blue eyes could produce. "You kissed ME Gerard, don't try and pin this on me!!"

She turned her heels and left him standing alone, next to the bunks they would have to share for two months.
Gerard hit his fist on the wall and quickly cradled it in his other hand, immediatly regreting his sudden outburst.

"Oh FUCK!" He said, collapsing on the bunk below him and blankly staring at the ceiling, wondering how in the hell he was going to servive Lilana being his bandmate.
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