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Little Bottles Of Comfort

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Frank is in denial.

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Chapter 7.

I stormed out of the bunk area into a room full of men, who were by this time, staring at me curiously.
"What?" I snapped.
I plopped down beside Ray, who was playing some video game and I sat there watching him steal cars and shoot hookers on the screen.

The room was deadly silent, which I wish I could have said the same for my mind.
It was racing, and entirely against me, telling me to go back in there and tell him how I felt about him. But I couldn't; I didn't know HOW I felt; and at that point, I don't think I could have gotten anything else out but obseneties.

Mikey walked over to me and sat down beside me, turning to his side and staring at me.
"What Mikey?" I asked him, a little more harshly than it should have been.

Mikey played with a loose piece of thread on the pillow beside us, and sighed deeply.
"Lilana," He began it as if he were my mother about to give me 'the talk'. "Be careful with Gerard, ok? He's been through so much and I just don't want him to end up hurt, again. And, you're in the band, band romances don't ever work out."

I stared at Mikey, who had a blank expression on his face, which soon turned into a worried one; as if I were about to jump him and stab him in the jugular with the pen I was fiddling with.
I sighed and threw the pen across the room, to Frank, who picked it up and nodded, using it to doodle on his arm.

"I know Mikey. Nothing's going to happen between us, I don't have any feelings for him." I tried my best to sound believable; although I hardly think it was working.
Mikey shrugged, "Ok, whatever you say. I'm just a little concerned, due to what I heard going on back there in the bunk area."

I ran my hand across my face and tried to give him a look that said: "Better not go there buddy, unless you want to end up dead on the side of that road out there."
It must have worked, because he sighed again and got up to wonder around the kitchen, flipping open random cabinets, and closing them in defeat.

In desperate need to get away from everything and everyONE that was around me, I slid down deep into the couch and closed my eyes; hopeing and praying to God that he would make everyone disapear.


The bus came to a jolted stop, waking Lilana out of the tranquility she had created in her head.
Brian poked his head through the door, "Ok everyone, hotel time!!"

Gerard walked out from the bunk area, rubbing his eyes and carrying his bags.
Lilana averted her eyes, hopeing she wouldn't make eye contact with him, as he left the bus.

"You coming Lil?" Ray asked, standing in front of her, handing her two of her bags.
"Yeah, thanks Ray." She said, standing up and taking the bags from him, proceeding to follow him out the door of the bus.

The night air was fresh and warm against Lilana's skin. She fetl greatful for such beautiful weather, it seemed to make everything seem like it was going to be ok.

The band piled into the hotel room and grabbed their keys from Brian.
The five piled into an elevator and stood in complete, akward silence as the elevator climbed to the 5 floor.

The bell dinged and Gerard pushed past everyone, hurrying down the hall to his room.
Lilana groaned and began to walk down the hall, in desperate need to find her room.

"Hey Lil! Wait up!" Frank jogged up beside her, "Let me walk you to your room."

Lilana shrugged and walked beside Frank down the long, carpeted hall.
"I'm sorry for being rude Frank, I'm just tired, and have alot of things on my mind."
Frank smiled at her, which made her feel so much more better, even though she had no idea why. "It's ok, I understand, well looks like we're here."

They stopped at a white wooden door labeled #189.
Lilana slid her card in the lock slot and opened the door to her room.
"Thanks for walking with me Frank, you've made me feel better."

Frank shrugged and smiled warmly, "Your welcome, have a good night Lil."
She watched him walk down the hall, and disapear into his room.

Lilana chuckled and shut the door to her room.
It was a rather large room, with a queen sized bed, flatscreen t.v and a gigantic luxerious bathroom.
She squealed in delight when she saw the huge bathtub in her bathroom and thanked God for europians while she shed her clothing and slid into a warm bath.

Gerard laid on his bed, fully clothed, shoes and all, thinking of what had happend between him and Lilana.
He was sliently kicking himself for being suck a jackass; but wanting nothing more than to smack her face and tell her how he felt.

Gerard groaned and slowly sat up to rest his feet on the floor at the end of his bed.
A knock at his door sounded through the room and he lazilly dragged his feet across the room to open the door.
He turned the knob and raised an eyebrow once he saw Frank standing on front of him.

"What, Frank? It's late." Gerard said, rather irritated.

Frank shoved once of his hands in his pockets and used the other to push back a stray hair in his tan, Italian face.
"I just thought, well you know, we just

Gerard stood with his hands by his side, staring at Frank, who was extremely uncomfortable with the silence between them.
Gerard shrugged his shoulders and opened the door wider so Frank could timidly walk through it.

Frank sat in one of the chairs beside the window in Gerard's mini dining room, waiting for Gerard to sit down; but he didn't, he only stared at Frank, waiting for him to say something so he could go to sleep.
"Well," Frank began. "I really just want to say, I'm sorry..I guess."

Gerard rolled his eyes and sat down on the edge of his bed.
"Whatever Frank. It dosn't matter to me."
Frank looked up at him and nervously fiddled with his hands.

"I just, I don't know what's going on with me. The minute I saw her again, things inside me have just been going crazy."

More deadly silence filled the room, once again making Frank uncomfortable.

Gerard inhaled sharply and stood up, "She's nothing, she's just our new drummer." He shrugged his shoulders, "Just a replacement."
Frank nodded slightly, not sure if that was what he should be doing. Gerard's face was emotionless, which scared Frank shitless. He hated not knowing what Gerard was thinking, the outcome could be deadly.

"Yeah, well ok. So, I guess we just go about things like normal then?" Frank asked, standing up awkwardly and heading for the door."

Gerard nodded, "Yeah, let's just start over I guess. I just don't want any shit to get started Frank. Bob dying, is just, I dunno, the worst thing that could have happend; but let's see if we can survive, shall we?"

Frank nodded and walked out the door, closing it behind him and leaving Gerard alone once again.
Frank groaned groggily as the morning light hit his eyes through the blinds in his hotel room. A hard, forceful knock sounded on his door. He flung the covers off his body and trudged to the door.
He opened it and peered out, squinting his eyes against the bright lights in the hallway.

Brian stood in front of him with coffee, "Hey, we have a show in five hours. Take this and prepare, make sure your at the bus ok?"
Franktook the coffee handed to him and nodded his head, still squinting from the lights.

Brian walked away without another word, leaving Frank to wonder what the hell he had done to him.

"Jackass." He mumbled, shutting the door and collapsing on a chair next to a mini fridge.
He opened the fridge and staired at the little bottles filled with comfort.
Frank sat up straight and pondered: wasn't drinking Gerard's thing? He didn't drink, he just didn't.
Or did he?

Brian stood beside Gerard, looking at his watch impatiantly. Frank was late, 15 minutes late to be exact.
"Where the fuck is he??" Ray said, jumping up from his chair and pushing his massive hair out of his face.

Lilana looked up from the magazine she was reading, "I'll go to his room and see what's holding him up." She offered.
Brian nodded and Lilana jumped in an elevator next to the lobby.

She pressed floor 5 and anxiously waited for the ding of the door, telling her she could leave.
The musak in the elevator was playing some song she knew, she just couldn't put her finger on it.
In the middle of her frantic search for the song in the area of her brain that contained music, the elevator bell dinged, and the doors opened.

Lilana walked down the long hotel hallway, untill she came to Frank's door.
She knocked lightly, but no reply; she knocked hardly, still no reply.
"Frank!! Open the door!!!"

Lilana pushed the handle of Frank's door, it gave and the door flung open, hitting the way behind it and creating a loud banging noise.
She stepped into the room and scanned it with her eyes, in search of Frank.
Stepping over strewn out clothes and empty starbucks coffee cups, Lilana walked around the bed, taken back by the sight of Frank, lying on his back, surrounded by empty glass bottles.

Frank stared blankly at the ceiling, only blinking once in the whole 3 minutes she was standing there, gawking at him.
"Frank?" She nudged him with her foot, getting him to turn his eyes towards her. They were blood shot from drinking and completely glazed over.

Lilana sighed and kicked him with her foot, "Get the fuck up Iero."
Frank propped himself up on his elbows and looked around the room, as he were searching for another drink.
"Did I drink it all Lil?" He asked sarcastically.

Lilana could feel her cheeks growing red with rage, "Just get up and get dressed, everyone's waiting downstairs.
She turned to walk out the door, but Frank grabbed her by the wrist; how he got up off the floor so quickly was beyond her.
Frank closed his eyes to let the sudden rush of blood to his head pass.

"Let me go Frank and drink some goddamn coffee." Frank tightend his grip on Lilana's arm, while she struggled to free herself from his grasp.
"Frank, fuck you! Let me go!! You're fucking drunk!"

Lilana tore her arm away from him and rubbed her now very bruised arm.
Frank watched as she ran out the door of his room; but stopped in the doorway to look back at him.
"Don't turn into Gerard, Frank."

Frank watched her disapear down the hall, and he staggered towards his bed, cradeling this throbbing head in his hands.
Sorry if this chapter sucks, I'm just trying to get the the juicy stuff, and I'm sorry about all the fillers and such.
THe next chapter will be much better.
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