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With or without whipped cream?

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Muhaha, I wrote this one during church. BAHAHAHHAHA, yes, I took my laptop to church. Anyhoo, enjoy, I like it better than the last chapter.

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Chapter 8

Bob looked out the window of the tour bus, as Mr. Bean played on the t.v, making him smile.
Frank plopped down beside him, handing him a diet coke, and watching the white lines pass as they drove through another state.

A camera sneaked up on their little moment, documenting for the kids that loved them the most.
"Get that fucking peice shit out of my fucking face!" Bob yelled, kicking the camera with his foot.

Frank rolled over onto his back with laughter, his face turning beat red.
Bob glared at the small man laughing at him, "Go ahead and fucking laugh Iero, but wait untill that fucking thing starts filming your showers, or when you're taking a shit; it won't be so funny then, will it?"

Frank wiped a laughter tear from under his eye and sat up, "Nah, it's ok Bob, I have no shame; I'll always love the camera. You should just accept it man!"
Bob rolled his eyes and stood up, "Shut up, you're interrupting Mr. Bean!"
Brian leaned over Frank, splashing him with random droplets of water on his face.
"Look at him! He's so fucking wasted!" Mikey said, kicking Frank's side with his shoe.

Gerard smacked his brother on the back of his head, "Not helping Mikey!"
Mikey shrugged and shoved his hands back into his pockets.

Brian ignored the Way brother's spat and continued to try and revive Frank, "Frank, c'mon man! Get up!"

Frank stirred and wiped the water from his face, slowly opening his sea green eyes, that were now bloodshot and weak.

"Bob?" Frank whispered, trying his best to look up at Brian, whom he obviously was very confused about who he was looking at.
"No man, it's Brian, are you ok?" Brian said, kneeling down to Frank and handing him a towel for his face.

Frank accepted the towel and ran it across his tear stained face, "Yeah, I'm ok. Brian, did I miss the show?"

"Yeah, you did, we all did." Ray said, in an irritated tone.

"Ray! Shut up!" Brian said, turning to Ray and shooting him a glare, "Frank, can you stand up man?"
Brian offered his hand, which Frank accepted and struggled to his feet.

The room spun as he stood the rest of the way up; but with the help of Gerard's arm, he was able to steady himself enough to stay upward.
He staggered for a minuted, but then brushed Gerard's hand off of his shoulder, "I'm ok now, thanks."

He looked around the room and spotted Lilana standing beside Ray, resting her head on his shoulder.
She was unaware he was looking at her, due to her closed eyes.

"Is she pissed off at me?" Frank whispered into Gerard's ear.

Gerard ran a hand over his hair, "Let's go outside and talk about it, ok? Brian, will you guys clean this place up, we'll be back."
Brian nodded and started barking orders at everyone, while situating himself in an armchair and propping his feet up.
Gerard and Frank walked silently to the hotel coffee shop; something Frank desperatly needed: coffee.

"Hi, Mr. Way and Mr. Iero." A petite girl at the counter said to them, using her cheekiest smile, "What can I get you?"
"I'll just have a carmel latte with no foam please." Gerard said, digging through his pocket for his wallet.

The girl ordered up Gerard's latte and turned to Frank, "And for you?"
Frank propped his hands on the counter and scanned the hand-written menu above the girl.
Mocha latte, foam or no foam? Strawberry Frapp, with whipped cream or none? Or was he in the mood for something a little more coffee tasting. Lots and lots of caffiene, that's pretty much all he knew.
Gerard handed money to the girl and looked over at Frank, who not only looked like someone had just hit him in the head with a baseball bat; but like he was about to make the decision that would alter the rest of the world.

"Frank, it's just coffee man, do you want me to order for you?"
Frank shook his head and ran two fingers over his lips, "No, um, I'll have a..mocha chip frap with lots of whipped cream and a double shot of expresso."
The girl began to ring his order up but Frank suddenly had a change of heart, "No wait!! Make that a tripple shot."

The girl laughed nervously and rung up Frank's order. "They'll be right up." She turned around to mix up the drinks, leaving Gerard and Frank to stand in awkward silence.

A few minutes of this silence passed by, before Gerard couldn't take it anymore. Just as he was opening his mouth, the girl shoved their drinks to them.
"Enjoy boys."
They both nodded and took their coffees the table, making their way outside the hotel for a much needed smoke on both their behaves.
Frank sat on the pavement, crossing his legs and sucking some whipped cream off the top of his frappacino.
Gerard joined him, mimicking his cross-legged posisition; and whipping out a cigarette and offering one to Frank.

The two men lit up and sat in silence as they watched the smoke rise and disapear into the air.
Gerard sighed and inhaled sharply, "Maybe it was a mistake bringing her here."
Frank watched him exchange his cigarette for a sip of his latte', wondering what it tasted like.

"No, it's just me Gerard, I'm a fuck up. I can't control my own emotions; and the result is leaving hundreds of kids standing in an empty arena tonight." Frank sucked his frappacino up through the red straw, sticking out of the round lid, while waiting for Gerard to tell him what to do. He always felt stupid for asking people to tell him what to do; but lying in a british hotel room completely wasted and crying so hard you can't think straight, deffinitily wasn't the answer. Who else to look to than Gerard? He had always been smarter anways.

Gerard shook his head and looked at Frank with just as much hopelesness as he himself was feeling.
"I don't Frank, it all just seems so hopeless since Bob died. But we have to beat this you know. We can't let old feelings or anything else get in the way of what we were born to do."

Frank nodded his head in agreement; but still not knowing how in the hell he was going to get over this whole 'I suddenly love Lilana more than Jamia trip'.
Did he just admit it to himself? Did he fall out of love with Jamia? Or was he even in love with her to begin with?

"Frank?" Gerard asked, looking at the thoughtful, worried look on Frank's face.
Frank snapped out of dream world and shook his head, "Nothing, it's nothing Gee, I just need to get over it, that's all. Tomorrow is Lil's first show, let's make it good for her." He stood up and threw his empty coffee cup into a garbage can beside where he was sitting.
"You sure?" Gerard asked, doing the same and crushing his cigarette into the wall of the building.

Frank nodded, "Yeah, listen, Gerard, just don't tell Jam about any of this shit, ok? I've already pissed her off enough. She's being passive agressive on the overload, and I don't need to hear her shit right now."
Gerard nodded in understandment and followed Frank back in the hotel room, where everyone was waiting in the lobby.

Lilana stood from her seat and took Frank into her arms.
"Don't you ever scare me like that again! Do you understand me?"
She pushed him away and grabbed his shoulders, "Promise me!"

"I promise." Was all he managed to get out. He started to say something else; but the annoying little device in his pocket beckond him.
"Oh shit, it's probobly Jamia, I gotta take this."

Lilana and the guys watched him walk down the hall, sighing and pressing the phone to his ear.

Gerard wrapped his arms around Lilana and allowed her to press her face into his chest, "Don't worry about him Lil, he's a fighter, he can get through anything."
She sniffled into his shirt, "I just feel so bad, I had no idea how he felt, I thought he left all those feelings for me back in highschool."
He smoothed her hair down and moved his hand to her face, lifting her chin and making her look him in the eye, "Frank dosn't let go of things Lil, have you forgotten that? He just needs time to heal. As soon as we really get back going, things will be fine."

Lilana pulled away from Gerard and wiped her eyes, "I hope your right Gee."
"Frank! Answer me damnit!" Frank was sitting in the floor of the hotel hallway, listening to Jamia's paranoia come into play. Asking him what he had been doing, how long he had been alone, had he been drinking, on and on and on and on!
But all Frank heard was: "Blah Blah Blah FRANK!!"
Frank snapped out of whatever he was in and answered her in the calmest voice he could manage, "I'm fine Jam, really, I don't need you to come here! I'm fine!"
He heard her snort on the other end, "Like hell Frank, I can HEAR the booz in your voice, I'm coming to tour with you!"
Frank banged his head into the wall in front of him and repeatedly called himself stupid in his head.

"Ok, fine whatever, if that's what you want Jam."
"It is, I'll be there tomorrow."
He heard a click and the sound of the line go dead.
What was he doing? She was paranoid, jeleous, insane, over-protective. Goddamnit!

Frank sat in a heep on the floor, with his cell phone still open, head hanging heavy and propped up against the wall.
He shut his phone, and recalled the dream, well more of flashback, he had earlier about Bob. It made his heart ache for his best friend. Frank was a good catholic boy, and always knew God did things for a reason; but since Bob's death, he had given up. He thought: what kind of God, could take away someone so needed by everyone? Someone who never did anything to anyone.
Frank felt tears running down his face again; but allowed them to fall this time.

"Time, Frank. Just give it time." He whispered to himself, as his eyes closed gently and the world was once again not important to him.
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