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Intimidation Knows No Size

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Mikey and Frank get a visit. haha

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Chapter 9

I sat in my hotel room, on the edge of my bed, waiting for something in my iPod to spark my interest. I felt so bad for Frank, he was being completely opposite of himself; and I just couldn't understand any of it.
Allowing myself to fall back on the bed behind me, I stared up at the ceiling, as if it had the secrets answers to every problem going through My Chemical Romance.
I turned my head to look at the clock: 6:12am. I helped Gerard carry a sleeping Frank back to his room. He looked so troubled in his sleep, I am supposing this was a result of the phone call I got from Jamia just five minutes earlier, telling me she was coming on tour with us. Great, just what Frank, and the rest of us for that matter, needed. Some bitchy, control freak breathing down his neck and hating Lilana for being alive.

A knock at my door forced me to come out of my thoughts and back into reality.
I pryed myself off of my soft bed, and padded my sock covered feet to the door.
Sighing and yawning at the same time as I opened it, to find Jamia standing with her hands on her hips, staring at me like she was expecting for me to say something.
I suppose I liked Jamia, she never did anything bad to me or anything; it's just she was always so paranoid and smothering when it came to Frank. She had to lowest self asteem of anyone I think I have ever met.

She wasn't intimidating to look at, what with her short, chubby stature and innocent brown eyes, a soft face splattered with freckles framed by light brown hair cut to her chin.
Nah, she wasn't mean looking at all, untill she opened her damn mouth. That was the scariest shit anyone could ever experience. My heart went out to Frank, God be with him.

"Jamia? Frank's room is down the hall, wha.." She cut me off rather quickly. Damnit, it was too early for her shit.
"I want to talk to you, Mikey." She said it with so much command and confidence, I had no choice but to open the door a little wider, so she could sachet her way into my messy hotel room.

Making herself completely at home, she began to raid my fridge, and took out one of my bottled waters, chugging it like she just got back from the sahara desert.
I eyed her carefully, making sure I didn't take my eyes off the little bitch, untill she was safely sitting down in the chair behind her, taking one last chug from "her" water and screwing the white, plastic lid back on.

"So, what do you want to talk to me about?" I asked her, sitting on the edge of my bed and wrapping the headphone cord back around my iPod.
She sighed deeply and inspected her hands, no doubt trying to come up with some smart ass bitch comment about Lilana and Frank.

The air in that room was so thick, I swear you could hace cut it with a knife.
I shifted nervously on the bed, waiting for her annoying little voice to break the silence.

"I'm losing him Mikey." She dramatically covered her small mouth with her hand and turned her face away from me.

Goddamnit, she was so annoying; but, I felt compelled and obligated to play along, for Frank's sake.
"What do you mean Jamia? He loves you." I tried to sound convincing, but I don't really think she bought it.

Jamia stood up rather abruptly and paced the room, hand still glued over her mouth.
"Losing him! Fucking losing him! To that buddha, stretching wierd..woman!!"

She was about to blow a fuse, and I feared for the carpets in the hotel when she did. I ran my hand over my face and made sure to roll my eyes when she wasn't looking.
"Jamia, maybe you should be talking to Frank about this, I really don't know anything about their relationship."

Jamia stopped pacing and walked towards me, puting her face dangerously close to mine.
"No, you spend the most time with them, you can tell me Mikey, I promise, I won't tell Frank you spilled."

Oh my God! This bitch is insane!
"Umm, Jamia..have you been drinking?" Although I could smell no trace of alchohol on her sweet mint breathe, it never hurt to ask.

She glared at me and stood up, hovering over me like a hawk getting ready to swoop down on it's prey.
"No, Michael! I haven't! You're lying to me! What has been going on between them?" She began to pace again, and I was starting to feel sick to my stomach.

"Look Jamia, they barely even talk to each other. I mean my God! It's only been two days since we left Jersey! Not even two days! Don't you trust Frank?"
She stopped pacing and started at the wall in front of her.
"No, I don't." she looked back at me with a pitiful expression written on her face, "He loves her Mikey, I know he does."

I shrugged my shoulders heavily, "Well, I think you should be talking to Frank about this, not me."

Jamia glared at me and walked out the door, slamming it behind her.
I sat motionless on the edge of the bed, asking myself over and over in my head, what the hell just happend.
Nothing came, it was a surreal moment in my life, probobly the most I have ever experienced; and once again, my heart ached for poor Frank.

Frank's POV
I slowly opened the door, knowing in my gut who stood on the other side; and much to my dissapointment, I was right.
She stood there, in all her fuming glory, covered in jealousy and paranoia, eyes wild and glassy.
Without even speaking to me, she pushed her way into my room, and paced the area at the end of my bed.
I slowly and quietly closed the door, savoring every silent, peaceful moment that I could.

I turned around and watched Jamia paced for a few seconds; untill I just couldn't stand it anymore.
"Jam, come sit down." I said, trying to gently pull her by the arm, towards the bed.
She resisted and looked at me with bloodshot, tear streaked eyes.
"Mia, c'mon babe, don't get so worked up; you're blowing things way out of preportion!"

Her small, but strong hand collided with my face, sending a pulsing, stinging sensation that traveled not only through my entire face; but my neck and shoulders as well. In fact, I felt it everywhere; and as a result, my weak body fell back onto the bed, leaving me to stare up at her.
I was at her mercy, the rage of Jamia is not to be taken lightly, and I sure as hell wasn't at that point.

"How..could you!" Was all she managed to say, before falling onto the carpet, exasperated.

I'm sure she's not such a bitch in real life, I sure hope not for Frankie's sake. Poor Poor man.
Oh and Thanks to SafeFromRobotsDAMN for her wonderful story *I'd do anything for love, it's really a huge inspiration for me!
Go read it!
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