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Frank spends some time with himself.

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Chapter 10

I sat on the edge of my bed watching Jamia sleep. She passed out an hour before, and I couldn't revive her for the life of me, so I was forced to carry her to my bed untill she woke up.
She was freaking out, and made herself pass out; she even threw up in her unconciousness a couple times.
I knew this would happen, I knew I would make a complete mess of everything, as usual, I fucked it up.

Completely disgusted with myself, I layed down beside Jamia, but far enough apart where we weren't touching, and stretched my tired legs down the bed.
I needed sleep, my eyelids felt like led and my head was pounding. The room reaked of vomit and alchohol; a smell I hadn't smelt since Gerard's early revenge days.
But this time, I was the alchohol, and my insane, paranoid physco path girlfriend, was the vomit.

Time eaked by and my thoughts were eating my skull inside out, to the point of where I had a massive headache.
Rolling over to my side and slowly pushing myself up with the help of my arm, I stretched my feet over the side of the bed and listend to the soft thud they made as the soles hit the carpet.
I opened my eyes and gazed around the trashed hotel room. Empty starbucks containers, little brown bottles with tiny drops of liquor still inside, and random little puddles of Jamia Nestor Vomit. I groaned and silently said a prayer for the hotel maid, as I stood to my feet, steadying my dizzy frame on the bedpost. Or was it my head that was dizzy? At this point, I couldn't even distinguish my hands from my elbows, much less where the sickness in my whole body came from.

I slipped on a pair of shoes and pulled a Skeleton Crew hoodie on, quietly slipping out the door and closing it behind me.
Walking down the hallway, I passed Gerard's room and heard comotion on the inside. Lilana's voice was distinct and random names would pass through the door and into my ears. My name, and Jamia's.

I shoved my hands in the pockets of my hoodie and continued to walk down the hall.
I was making a mess out of things for everyone; and I knew Lilana was feeling just as guilty.

The hotel door made a cloud clang as it closed behind me, attracting the eyes of everyone in the building and directly outside of it.
My feet carried me along the damp streets of London; my shoes making squishy noises on the newly wet pavement. The rain began to pour down again, sprinkling at first; but getting heavier by each step I took.
My mind was inside itself, not allowing me to think, not letting me in on whatever was inside. Jamia's face danced in my mind, that's about it; her vomiting all over my hotel room and nearly having a panick attack. She would have had one, if she hadn't passed out first.
I loved her, I really did; no one understood her like me, no one loved her like I did. Why was I acting like such a jackass towards the one person that was always there to love me, when no one else would?

My mind let me in, and screamed JACKASS, making my brain thump against the side of my skull, causing me to wince slightly.
Have you ever had one of those moments, when you felt like you were in that Evanescense song Haunted? This was one of those moments, I felt like slipping into a white dress and dragging my hand across the water in an old fountain.
I am aware of how odd this sounds; but I assure these were my thoughts at the time, no matter how Amy Lee it was.

I raised my eyes towards the dark, cloudy sky, and tried to stare against the rain batting on my face.
Looking at the sky when it's raining has never been as easy as it looks in movies. I always end up getting too much water in my eyes, so that they're red and puffy all day.
I shivered and realized how cold I actually was, it was getting dark and the rain kept pouring down in sheets.
I wasn't lost, beleive it or not, I knew London like the back of my hand, we had gone there so many times. I proposed to Jamia there, the thought of that day ran across my mind, turning up the corners of my mouth.

A smile.

I smiled, something I hadn't done, well, not sincerly anway, since we had gotten to England; and it felt kinda nice. I suddenly realized, it was Jamia that had made me smile, like so many times before.
But did that mean anything in particular? I didn't deny loving her, not even at that point; but the question was: was my love strong enough, to stay with her?
Why would I leaver her? For Lilana? Get real Frank, Lilana obviously likes Gerard, not you.

The fact that I was now talking to myself, made a realization in my head and I diagnosed myself insane, right there.
I continued to watch my shoes press against the pavement, when I heard my name being called somewhere behind me.

I turned to look and saw Mikey jogging towards me, clothes soaking wet and hair plastered to his face.

"Frank!" He caught up to me and rested his hands on his knees, bending deeply and taking a deep breath. "What the fuck are you doing out here man? It's fucking cold and raining!"

I shrugged and looked at my shoes again, studying the lines on the side that were now blurred with the top color, thanks to the rain.
"I dunno, I just needed some time to clear my head I guess."
He looked at me like I was a giant green beetle, "You're fucking insane! Look, Jamia's awake and in the coffee shop in the lobby with everyone else, let's go in."

We walked in silence against the rain, back to the hotel.
I was ready to face my life again, face Jamia and Lilana. I had no idea what I was going to say to any of those people in that coffee shop, but I was ready to find out.

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