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The Woman of Fate

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The stars shone brightly amongst the sky. Khalil was among them, but he wasn't gone, speaking to her across the vast spaces. Always seeking her from heavens above. But what about all those stars? I...

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Authors Note: Oh my! Look it's Nuuoa Eclaire! Really? I thought she had forgotten about us? No! And look! She brought a peace offering! What does she bring with her? Awake in a Dream 2!

I'm sorry this took so long. Thanks to all of you for being so patient. I hope you enjoy this, and that it meets your expectations. You've all been so supportive! I promise to update this story as often as I can, along with the others I'm currently working on. If you have not yet read the original, I suggest you read it to understand, but you don't need to. I'll try to recap as much as I can. -Nuuoa Eclaire

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. But I do own all my original ideas, Khalil, and all other original characters.

"Did you know dearest friend? That I've seen all in the past year?"- Khalil

Awake in a Dream: From Heavens Above
Chapter 1: The Woman of Fate

The dark eclipse of night brought rest to the world once more, the many constellations greeted each other as they kissed the sky. It was the end of another day, but the beginning of an endless night, only showering the world for twelve hours, but remaining in waiting for the whole time the sun basked the people of nature's planet. But this wasn't just any planet, this was earth. The chosen home of the gods, the ones of Greek mythology, said not to exist.

And so the starry constellations, great stories, became watchers, making sure to keep an extra close eye on the small mound of rock before going on with there walk around the solar system. One, in particular, made sure to keep eyes on this planet... four eyes to be exact, though puny minded people would argue that stars didn't have eyes. This one did. The constellations yellows blended into three divided parts, nothing special, but one green tinted shade beat out all the others, shining like kryptonian light.

Yet the thing that caught the attention of most was the shape. This wasn't a gruesome battle scene, or a great warrior from ancient tales. No, it was much more simple, yet far more eccentric then that. This formation was a heart. A four pointed heart. This was Heart's Constellation.

It had been a phenomenon for the astrologists of the closely watched earth. Why would a heart appear in the sky? And did the points have any graphical meaning? Humans asked too many pointless questions, random banter like that. But after the strange trailing line of light that had happened a year ago to date, they had been extra skeptical, and with all those other stars appearing from no where!

The truth of the matter was simple, like most things right in front of their noses. It was because each point watched a certain being of the third planet from the sun.

Though no one would know, the top left golden tip was pointing to a mystery hidden from the beginning of time itself, the location of the gate to Hades. The resting place of the dead. The newest heart formation was watching two dead souls of past lovers. One soul in particular, that guarded it while it was in her lost realm. The world of dreams. She wore a strange black cloak.

The opposite top tip, on the right, was watching a barren school ground. The corridors emptied to the untrained eye. Yet, here rested the gods of legend, among the younglings of worshipped heroes. Jason, Odysseus, Hercules, Atalanta, Achilles, Narcissus, and Theseus- especially the descendant of Theseus.

The green blurred star was guiding her, speaking to her across the vast spaces. Always seeking her from heavens above. Her name was Theresa Gesine. Only a year ago, too what seemed to be a lifetime, this now immortal Heart's Constellation had traveled with this girl, and trampled the very grasp of death. The pair had been joined by a single man, and broken the thread of fate. Together they had defeated the blackest shadow, died, been reborn, and learned to love. But another had lost just as much as they had gained. This young woman had once called this previously mortal star: Fluffy.

Atlanta Milagra had lost and faded, like her fires light had been dimmed by the wind of passing. Winds that carried away her heart and soul throughout the winds of time. Though she remained clueless about where the purple faded into, Heart's Constellation didn't.

The last light threaded beam moved along the trail around the northern reaches of Canada, following the path of an unsuspecting wanderer. Following Atlanta's lost heart.

After the entire unknown about this Heart's Constellation, perhaps the greatest anonymous fact was its real name. One that it only bore for a short period, yet kept within its core. Its name, his name, was Khalil.


"Did you know dearest friend? That I've seen all in the past year?"

Taking a late evening stroll through the vast night around him, Khalil dwelled on the thought about whether it always was an evening stroll. It was an especially cold day for outer space, but it was probably because he was moving closer to the edge of his post. Taking a step over thin air, Khalil, now Heart's Constellation, barely noticed the change in environment. He was feeling particularly drawn away today. Perhaps it was because of the fact it was the exact date that he had submitted to Annabelle's wish to save Theresa, and taken Annabelle's immortality, becoming one with the sky.

Khalil had to admit to himself that, as much as he wanted too, he didn't miss earth that much. He of course missed his friends, but he had never belonged to his pack. And his clan lay dead in their graves, the shadow wolves wiped off the face of the globe.

Though his family had never cared for him, he still felt badly for his kinds fate. Khalil had been the nameless runt of the clan of shadow wolves, a race of two-headed black wolves. Deadly silver claw, oozing yellowed gobs of saliva, and with four yellow eyes, each one having a different significance.

Each of the four yellow eyes symbolized something in his clan: strength, knowledge, power and importance, that was all that mattered to any shadow wolf. His importance eye was the green shade; green meant useless and yellow empowering.
How stupid all of that seemed to Khalil now, but he still clung to the memories of the nameless shadow wolf. It's what made him strong, because without all memories you don't have a sense of self.

Of course there were the happy memories as well. A gentle red head, with a brilliant smile, and a fiery tempered girl, with just as lively a spirit.

Two names he owned: Khalil, and Fluffy.

His adventures through the land of lost dream, the land of Scio Havarti. Khalil shivered with distaste, his boar-bristles sticking up on his arched back. That name still brought him nightmares, even if Theresa had destroyed it with the blood streaked tears.

Blood streaked tears. They too seemed to be nothing but a passing thought now. The power that two people in love received every thousand years, a wish each to finally destroy the darkness that was sealed and released, the Scio Havarti.

Theresa and her love Jay has received them this tenth century, and they had used their power to the full extent. That pair had not been the only two in love from the descendents though, chosen to save the world from the god of time, Cronus. Though he had disappeared, along with the Scio Havarti, Khalil still wondered if he was really gone.

Evil never really seemed to disappear entirely, like seeds of a rooted weed, it always seemed to stretch somewhere farther and sprout back up again.

Atlanta had loved a strangely sickly pale boy, with a purple hairstyle that appeared to have been molded out of play-doh. The youngling was nice enough, despite his manly persona, but he had left Atlanta torn. Her fiery spirits expired.

Pulled out of his thoughts by the cold chill that wrapped itself around his body, Khalil was shocked to see the edge of his borderline as a constellation right under right his large furry paws.

Out of fear, Khalil automatically drew his dark bushy tail between his legs. Though he hated to think about it, he was still unused to his new home, and walking over transparent material still scared him stiff.

Observing the surroundings his musings had brought him too; Khalil glanced at the vast number of stories that littered his space in the universe.

When the Scio Havarti cast people into an endless slumber, they had been submitted into the realm of dreams. Annabelle had been one of those unlucky few, but had lived on because of her dead fiancée's wish for her. She had allowed each member who came to the world of dreams to tell her their story in a star, so that they may forever live on in memory.

When Theresa had used her wish to rid the world of the evil Cronus let escape, she had also freed the millions of human stars into the sky, and now they rested in a blissful slumber. The night was their inky blanket, and the diamonds in the sky were their nightlights.

But Khalil was not looking at any star in particular. No, he was gazing through the veil of twilight. His four eyes now watched a beautiful woman, weaving strand of luminous light with her out-stretched palm.

Her eyes were as dark as night, and her skin seemed to be as smooth as the Milky Way. The woman's long chocolate black hair seemed to be made of scoops of a black hole, and her pupils seemed to be just that. A long silky cream robe fit loosely around her slender waist. She was the most gorgeous immortal being he had ever seen with four eyes. And that was saying something.

Like she hadn't even moved at all, she met his four-eyed stare with her own serene gaze. Khalil shivered again, he couldn't help but believe she had been waiting for him.
"You have come," her voice chimed like wind caressing bells on a silver morning. He took a gulp and moved back behind his protective barrier.
"I didn't know I had a neighbor," Khalil sounded weary of his new beautiful companion, like he suspected something greater from her. As if he had felt her presence before.
"I go and move about as I please. Whatever lands the threads I need for my tapestry lead me too." The way this woman spoke of thread made him pull a brief sweat. Khalil didn't like this.

"Who are you?" Fear morphed into rage as her calm face smirked slightly.
"Someone who has lead you to this very spot, guided because of a particular woman. But," she dismissed this thought with a stroke of a barely moving, yet commanding, hand, "I no longer need her. Her friend has caught my attention though."

"My friend?" Khalil immediately thought of the sincere face of Theresa, so plain in the presence of this celestial being. But then he thought again, and found nothing but anger fuming underneath his skin.

Khalil growled with confused vehement, his shackles rising in anger. He knew. This thing was the reason for all the pain of this say one year ago. This was the woman. The very woman who manipulated fate. And who had woven her long threads tightly around Theresa... She was the woman of fate. And she was moving unto Atlanta!


Author's Note: Looky! Only the first chapter, and I'm already bringing in a new character and introducing some plot! Next chapter will be less exiting, more focusing on the lives of the six, minus Archie, now. Yes. I'm sad to say he has not yet returned from the great unknown. At least I told you that Khalil was keeping a close eye on him. He is moving up somewhere in Northern Canada. Why? Keep reading my faithful reviewers! Keep sticking with me! I won't let you down! -Nuuoa Eclaire
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