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Chapter 7

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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A/N: I do apologize for such a long delay between posts; I have been very busy with a few different stories and creating some new videos. And of course that horrible real life that buts its head in every now and then. I am going to try to keep it up to a weekly posting. Probably on Mondays!

And without further delay....

--That Night-

After her audition she'd returned back to her room and spent the entire day with Meg, celebrating and carry on an in-depth conversation about the previous nights both girls had experienced. Now Christine was lying on the bed watching Meg move around the room getting dressed for the evening's plans with Raoul, "So what are your plans?"

Meg looked over her shoulder and smiled, "Dinner and movies. What about you?"

Christine smiled, "I'm gonna do a little vocal work, then explore the grounds; or do them both at the same time. You're aunt said this place is very beautiful."

Meg raised a questioning eyebrow at her, "Yes I'm sure that you wandering around have nothing to do with your curiosity about finding Mr. Muhlheim...?"

Christine just blushed, "Shut it!"

Meg shook her head and just started laughing, "You are so crushing! Wait, No! Not crushing, Kevin was a crush, you are lustin' over him." Meg threw a pillow off her bed at Christine.

Christine dodged the pillow and glared at Meg, "I liked Kevin!"

"You liked Kevin, but you didn't love him..." Meg retorted quickly.

"He was nice...and very sweet." Christine attempted to defend her ex against Meg.

Meg just rolled her eyes, "Yes, yes you've said it all before. All I hear when you say that is 'blah blah boring, dull, with no sense of adventure and no passion for anything. Yep, that's Kevin!" Meg couldn't help but giggle as she started the finishing touches on her make-up.

Christine glared at her for a moment, "Well, ok too true, but I'm just trying to speak kindly of him."

Meg just sighed sarcastically, "Whatever! Ok so how do I look?" She questioned twirling around.

"Beautiful as always," Christine complimented her and got up; she moved to Meg and hugged her tightly. "Have fun, be safe and as always..."

Meg pulled back a bit and smacked her arm, "I know I know, be good and be careful...if you can't be careful name it after you, I've got it! I've got to go, he'll be here soon."

Christine started laughing, "Ok ok go have fun. I'm going to go relax and practice, got my cd and my little music box."

Meg just smiled and waved as she exited the room.

Erik just sat in his room after the audition; Christine had not only impressed him but taken his breath away. Her voice, everything about her was beautiful, "She didn't even flinch or look away when she saw me; saw my face." He thought but shook his head, why did he always do this to himself. He knew damn well the reality of his situation and how it wouldn't get any better no matter how hard he wished and dreamed.

Erik just sighed and hung his head, his emotions were so raw that it just overtook him and a single tear slipped down his cheek. He moved to the bar and downed two glasses of his salvation quickly, he poured himself a third glass and elected to change into something a little more comfortable, his white tank top and sweats. After changing he grabbed his glass and moved to the balcony; he sat back in his chair and put his feet up. Erik just tried to relax staring out at the gardens behind his room. He laid his head back, alcohol was second to his music now a days but he could only play for so long, alcohol thankfully never ran out.

Christine made her way out to the back courtyard; it was early evening and just becoming dusk. The weather was beautiful and rather warm. Christine with cd player in hand headed for the middle of the open courtyard, she smiled as she set down her player and took in the beautiful area around her. To her right a large pool area beautifully landscaped and to her left the rose garden. Christine couldn't help but giggle; never in her whole life did she think anything like this could ever happen to her. It seemed liked just yesterday she'd made her demo cd that was sitting in her cd player right now. She knelt down and pressed play on her first track; as her music started she sang to the melody.
~Cry me a river by Julie London~

The soft melody and sweet lyrics floated through the night like a warm wind, the melody drifted up to the resting form of Erik sitting on his balcony. As the notes graced his ears, his resting eyes fluttered open. After listening for a few minutes just enjoying the sound, Erik stood up trying to locate the music. It didn't take him long to locate its source, and he was dumbstruck; their stood Christine in the last rays of the setting sun. She stood there user her music like a beacon calling to him, Erik stood up and started his descent down the stairs heading in her direction. His eyes had been locked on her the entire way.

Christine continued singing and smiled, this was the best she'd felt in years and her voice was in top shape. Movement out of the corner of her eye brought her attention to a familiar male form making its way down the pathway again towards the rose garden. She tried not to take notice of it and continued to sing. Hard as she tried she couldn't control her fluttering pulse practically pounding in her ears at the prospect of the stranger being Erik.

Erik continued down the path towards Christine, it was though she sang only for him; his own personal serenade. He took a few more steps and leaned himself again a near by tree just content with observing his new soprano.

Christine's eyes locked forward, she could feel his eyes on her, his presence surrounded her. She smiled she wanted to sing to him and use her voice to bring him closer to her. She couldn't help but admit she was completely smitten with him; after seeing him and singing with him she was completely hooked. The song she had been singing came to an end and the melody of the next song began. Christine's eyes went wide this was her favorite song she'd recorded.

-Come over-

She started singing with the music as her body moved in time with the seductive rhythm still never acknowledging the fact that Erik was there.

Erik felt as though he was in a trance, she truly was beautiful. The song filled his mind and danced with the alcohol fogging his brain, his entire being felt compelled to move to her, to feel her. Her seductive dance enticed him to touch her to move with her.

Christine could feel a presence nearing her and she smiled, this had been what she'd wanted to accomplish with her movements. She just giggled to herself, 'what great fortune that this song came on.' Christine tried to remain calm as she felt him close the remaining gap between them with a gentle hand on her waist.

Her voice was like that of Homer's fabled sirens, sweet and seductive yet dangerous. No matter how strong he believed himself to be he couldn't stop his movement or desire to be near her and feel her. When his hand finally made contact with her hip it was like electricity sparked, his right hand moved to hers and his body unconsciously moved close to hers and moved in time with the music.

Christine gasped at the feel of him touching her, only to be overwhelmed by the proximity of the rest of him while their bodies moved in sync with one another. The more they moved together the bolder she became, she continued to sing as she turned a little towards him to sing her chorus. Christine spun a little in Erik's arms to lock eyes with him, "Don't keep me waiting, anticipating Love I am saving for you." Christine's eyes moved from Erik's down his body and back up," Hear what I'm saying You I am craving Love is here waiting for you All day you're staying Please no delaying Patiently waiting for you Don't keep me waiting, no time for playing Sitting here waiting for you..." Christine locked eyes with Erik once more, "Come over..." she practically whispered in a hushed breath being only inches from him.
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