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Chapter 8

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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Erik stood practically dumbfounded starring at her in amazement, unclear as to whether he'd gotten into this situation by choice or his alcoholic induced euphoria that had fogged his mind and created this compromising situation. He continued to search her face and eyes for any sign that would give him some type of indication that this wasn't be chance.

Christine watched the play of emotions flash over his eyes and made a decision. She had left the proverbial ball in his court long enough with no response, 'It's now or never Christine,' she reassured herself. Without a second thought she reached up and gently pulled Erik to her; their lips joining sweetly.

It only took a moment for Erik to realize what had occurred and he returned her kiss with a matched vigor and desire. 'What are you doing?' his thoughts plagued his mind and troubled him enough to stop the kiss. Coming to his senses he grabbed both of her upper arms and pulled away from her, keeping her at arms length. "Just what do you think you were doing?"

Breathless from this kiss Christine took a moment to compose herself, "I'm..sorry, sorry to tell you...but that wasn't only me."

Erik glared at her, "You kissed me!" Erik's hard eyes barring down on her in an attempt to frighten her away; and finish this complex situation they had been placed in.

Christine stood her ground defiantly and starred back at him, "You kissed me back!"

Erik kept his eyes on her, he knew she was right. He had kissed her back and enjoyed it; but he felt it to be wrong, he didn't know why but it plagued him enough to end the kiss. He shook his head and slowly released his grip on he arms, "I apologize if I hurt you," he rubbed her upper arms softly then repelled at his intrusive behavior on a woman. Erik broke eye contact with her and ran an unsteady hand though his hair.

"You didn't," she smiled and placed a gentle hand on his forearm, "Are you ok?"

Erik nodded and turned away from her, "Yes, I'm fine." But he wasn't fine; after the accident he'd spent so much time trying to hide from the world he'd forgot what it felt like to be outside with others and live again, and now his mind tortured him telling him he shouldn't be here with Christine enjoying the twist of fate that seemed to continue to throw them together.

"Erik?" she whispered coaxing him with her voice and leading him with a gentle tug on his arm to turn and face her again. Christine smiled at him and extended a friendly hand, "Christine Daae, very nice to meet you."

Erik raised his eyebrow at the extended hand, after a long pause he took her hand and brought it to his lips placing a soft kiss on the back of her hand. "Erik Muhlheim, it is my pleasure."

Christine couldn't stifle her giggle as he held her hand, "I figured that a formal introduction was in order, considering this is the third time we've met."

Erik nodded and had to agree, this was the third encounter in the past two days he'd had with her and he didn't even know who she was, "You are very talented..." he stumbled over his words, "Uhh with the singing and your dancing."

Christine watched him and blushed, "You're not to bad yourself, so are you excited?" At Erik's confused look she quickly added, "About the tour I mean, excited to be on stage again?"

Erik's smile faded, "For the music, yes; but not the stage."

"I'm assuming it's because it's a very long tour and you'll be tired?" She replied quickly attempting to keep the conversation light.

He shook his head, "I wish that were the case."

As Christine started to respond her cell phone rang, she starred at it on the ground and brought her eyes back up to meet Erik's.

"You should probably answer that," Erik nodded to the blinking device on the floor.

Christine shook her head, "They'll call back, or leave a message," she replied matter of factly. As of right this moment, her cell phone was the least of her concerns.

"It's getting late anyways," Erik pointed out, "I should be going." He gave her a weak smile; he didn't know what else to say. "Good night Christine," with a slight nod he turned and started to make his retreat. Christine had been the first woman besides Annette who had seen him...really seen him and spent 'face time' with him since his accident. He felt strangely awkward and uncomfortable in front of her like he was a teenager again.

Christine cursed her phone for breaking whatever spell she seemed to have over him, she watched him start to walk away. Her mind started racing quickly and she blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "How about coffee?"

Erik stopped and turned to her, "I'm sorry, what?"

Quickly she moved up next to him again, "Have coffee with me...?" she offered.

Erik raised a questioning eyebrow to her, "Tonight?"

Christine giggled, "No, next Tuesday you free?" She replied jokingly, "Of course tonight."

Erik struggled for a moment at the thought of saying yes to her, "No I'm sorry, not tonight it's late and we have our first tour practice tomorrow."

Christine rolled her eyes, "It's barely nine o'clock, plus I'm a night owl I like staying up late, getting little sleep."

A small smile crept onto his face at her rambling, "Not tonight, but perhaps I'll take a rain check."

Unable to control herself Christine started to blush, "Then I'll see you tomorrow? Good night, Erik."

"And you Christine," with a slight nod he turned and started his retreat back to his room.

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