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Daring to Dream

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AU, D/S, One Shot, Sam is a rebel on the streets with her best friend Madison and had never known pity until she meets a certain spectre...

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Sam and Madison stalked the dark streets, prowling their feared territory. Both were achingly thin from lack of food; more so since both were ultra-recyclo-vegetarians. Madison flicked her stunning red hair over her shoulders and punched Sam playfully on her shoulder "I'm starved, if we don't find some cash soon I'm gonna have to try prostitution." She shuddered "heaven forbid." Sam laughed and the two paused outside a closing store.

"Feel like some fabric?" Madison smirked and they stalked through the door.

The two had a routine that they used every now and again when they were in desperate need of cash; stalk into a store. Look intimidating; make the customers and staff think they had a gun and grab as much cash as possible. The store they had chosen specialised in oriental fabrics. A rich Hispanic girl was fingering a soft organza in one hand and loosely holding her bulging purse in the other. Madison swiped it on her way past making sure she pushed the girl against the wall. What few people there were around moved out of the way; no one was even manning the counter, and there was rather large loose change waiting for them. Too easy.

On their way there was a blast of cold air. The quavering store owner faced them holding a cell phone "I'll call the police!"

"I am the BOX GHOST!" Thundered from the back of the store and the remaining customer fled; most of them screaming. Sam rolled her eyes.


A young man, well, ghost, flew up to them. "What do you think you're doing?" Madison raised her eyebrows.

"Oh look, it's Inviso-Bill." 'Inviso-Bill' wore a pained expression, the Box Ghost forgotten.

"Please don't call me that."

"You mean you'd prefer ghostboy?" Sam smirked "Out of our way." The ghost curiously stepped out of the way, not realising he'd just obeyed a rather rude order. Not to mention let a couple of shoplifters walk free; he was too entranced with Sam's violet eyes.

Something seemed to occur to him and he pursued the two, the Box Ghost forgotten. "Wait!" Madison rolled her eyes again and Sam frowned.

"Now what does he want?"

"Can I talk to you; just for a bit, please." He was talking to Sam; only Sam. Madison huffed and gently touched her friends shoulder.

"I'll meet you back at the... 'house'."

Sam crossed her arms "What do you want Ghostboy."

"What's your name?"

"You tell me I'll tell you."

"I'm Danny."


"Liar," Sam bristled.

"Fine, Sam." The two faced each other silently; trying to find a crack in the armour each other had established.

"You still haven't told me what you want," Sam reminded him.

"Where do you live?" He asked.

"Wherever it takes my fancy, " she snapped.

"So you're homeless?" Sam glowered at him sulkily. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Are you pitying me?"


"Now you're the liar."

"Ok so I am pitying you, does that bother you?"

"Yes it bothers me," she snapped "I don't need your pity!"

"Are you sure?" Sam glared at him briefly and turned away. "Wait," she didn't stop. "Sam!" Sam paused for a moment but shook her head and broke into a jog. Danny sighed and flew after her.


"Leave me alone!" she snapped "Go and have a horrible afterlife!"

Danny grabbed her shoulders and she stopped, glaring at him "Let go of me." Then he did something she never thought he'd dare to do. Danny Phantom leaned forward and kissed her. Sam gaped at him in shock as he flew away.

My first Danny Phantom fic, yay! I'm planning on this being a sort of prequel to a series inspired by the Black Pheonix stories called Dark Angel

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