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Tad's vengeance

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Sequel to Destiny to Expected Lovers. Tad plans his revenge after being beated by Timmy and Trixie with the help of Norm the Genie

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by Dumas

Disclaimer: Fairly OddParents are created by Butch Hartman and owned by Nickelodeon.

Author's note: I let this time Norm doing the job.

Norm: Hi Everyone, this fanfic is a sequel of a sequel. In other words this fanfic is a sequel to «Destiny for expected lovers» which itself is a sequel of «Unexpected Lovers». Now if you can excuse me, I got to invade Canada and why I have to do this intro? (The author present to Norm a check)Now that's a good reason! (Norm vanished to re-appears again) I forgot to mention then Veronica have something to said (He vanish es again)

Veronica: Just saying then I don't attempt to get attention from Timmy again, since I beginned to date Remy. Why you may ask? The writer of this fic saw once a fanart on Deviantart of me with Remy at and he taught then pairing me and Remy might work. Now let's begins the fanfic.

It's a nice morning who begins in Dimmsdale. Timmy and Trixie walk on the sidewalk holding their hands each other going to the school but little know then someone observed them from a window. (The camera goes to Crocker's house but he wasn't there, the camera goes to the mental asalym where Crocker just get released and return to his teaching job)

Crocker: (to the audience) What do you expect? I'm not the one who observe the happyness of Timmy and Trixie! I only observe Timmy to have the proof then he have FAIRY GODPARENTS! (spamming and spazzing) Then Trixie now date Timmy and she's happy with Timmy, could that means she have FAIRY GODPARENTS (spazzing again) too? If you wants to see who observe them, here! (points to Tad's house) Now if you excuse me, I have my boring teaching job to do.

Tad being frustrated, humiliated, dishonored,....well you get the picture, watch from his window Timmy and Trixie.

Tad: I won't forgive you what you done to me pink-hat boy Timmy Turner and that's the same for you Trixie Tang, for standing with Timmy instead of me, one of the popular kids. My moment of vengeance will arrive soon I promise and...(got interrupted by the arrival of his mother in his room.

Tad's mother: Tad, hurry up, you'll be late for school!

Tad: I know mother, just let me prepare my vengeance against Trixie and that pink hat boy!

Tad's mother: Tad, you should forget them, if Trixie is more happy with Timmy Turner, let them together, they belonged together, it's their destiny!

Tad: (on a angrier tone) WHAT DID YOU SAY??

Tad's mom: (crying) Bou-hou-hou-hou! Oh Tad! You become more and more like that teacher, Denzel Crocker. (stop crying) Now go to school before you'll be late.

Tad: Groans, ok mom! (Her mother quit the room, Tad is now alone on his room) Soon or later, you'll both pay Timmy and Trixie! YOU'LL BOTH PAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Tad yelled so hard then some people walking in the street heard what he just saying.

Veronica: Tad become more weirder and weirder everyday.

Chester: Gee, he hadn't recovered from the beating then Timmy and Trixie gived to him, it's like if we had stoled his own fortune.

Tootie: Yeah and not only he have the same temper as Crocker but also my sister Vicky temper. I wonder why his parents didn't put him to the mental asalym?

Chester: Maybe because they have enough of one crazy guy like Crooker. Imagine Tad and Crocker in the same asalym in the same room. (Chester laughts as well as Veronica and Tootie)

(A bit further on the street, Timmy and Trixie heard all what Tad said)

Timmy: Trixie, I got to confess, Tad really afraid me with what he just said. I wonder what he plans to do?

Trixie: I taught of the same things Timmy but as long as Wanda, Blonda and Cosmo are with us, we'll be ok.

Wanda (appearing as a bird): Trixie is right sport. As long we'll be with you, you don't have to worry.

Blonda (also in bird form): Depends about how Cosmo could menage it.

(Comso in bird form too, didn't paid attention to where he watch and he smaked right on a tree)

Cosmo: Did they make trees in galvanized steel or reinforced concrete?

Wanda: You have a point there.

Timmy and Trixie arrive on the school yard, still holding their hands each other. Until Francis arrive on the scene.

Francis: Ready for the beating Turner? I'm a bit tired of beating Chad.

(Camera switch to Chad beaten and hurted a lot in a pile of manure, Mark Chang, the yugomotapian arrive in his earthling form)

Mark: Aww dude!!! You messed a good pile of manure!

Chad: ...Sorry...

Trixie: Why do you still want to bully Timmy? (Trixie winked to Blonda still in bird form who understands what that mean) I WISH you could said the reasons why you fight him?

Blonda raised her magic wand and POUF! At that moment Francis begins to confess all the reasons.

Francis: (very exhausted after a very long speech).....puff....puff...that's all the reasons of my hatred towards Timmy...Now if you can excuse me Trixie I have to....

Chester: (arriving in the school yard with Tootie, followed by Veronica, looking to Francis with a menacing look) To do what Francis?

Francis: Errr....nothing Chester, I was just just polishing his pink-hat. (scrub Timmy pink hat) Now if you excuse me, I got to go. (He ran away)

Tad arrived in the yard and he wants to ask something to Veronica but...

Veronica: SECURITY!!!!

The bodyguard arrived.

Tad: Since when you have Trixie's bodyguard?

Veronica: From not too long ago, Trixie said she no need him anymore and I can take him and since I don't want to frequent guys like you anymore and besides Remy is more a gentleman then you and Chad...(she goes in the class)

Tad: But wait....

Tad doesn't have the time to finish what he said, the bodyguard grabs him and threw him in the pile of manure.

Mark: Ah man! Why those rich dudes mess with my manure? They lack manners!

Later in class, Crocker done as usual one of his pop-quizzes. Intrigued then Timmy got a couple of B+ and A- as well as some C+ since a couple of weeks, Crocker wondered if Fairie Godparents are behind this as usual. This time, his pop-quiz is in writen form and he puts Tad between Trixie and Timmy wondering if Trixie could pass some anwsers to Timmy.

Crocker: This time Timmy will get a F and he'll be humiliated and it will be back to the old routine HEHEHEHEH.

The others students watch him with suspicions.

Crocker: Now the quiz is finish, I want all your copies.

Crocker goes around the students desks grabbing their copies, check them and he got the surprise of his life.

Crocker: That....That's impossible!!! Timmy and Trixie got the same anwsers and I put Tad between them! Either they inherited psychics and telepathics powers or that's the work of...FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!!

Crocker spazzed and jumped off his chair to knock his head on the classroom lightning system, being electrocuted. He falls on the floor, cracked it....and fall in the basement! Principal Waxelplax arrived.

Pricipal Waxelplax: Mr. Crocker, the next time you'll hurt by going to the roof and thru the floor, your insurances won't covert it anymore!

Crocker: (off-stage with a voice in a painful tone) Can I still have some first-aid kit?

Meanwhile Tad became more and more frustrated and begin to ponder if Crocker was right about the existance of fairies...the bell rings, all the students left the class, except Tad pondering on his desk.

Tad:(to himself)Crocker is so nuts about his imaginairy fairies...but...but...what if he was right? What if Timmy had really...FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!!

Tad spazzed and spammed a lot to jump off his chair, to hit the roof and fall in the hole in the floor where Crocker falled earlier. Principal Waxelplax re-appears with the box of first-aid kit?

Principal Waxelplax: Mr. Crocker, I told you then the....(she saw Tad with Crocker)..Oh Tad! I'm sorry but I don't think the insurance company will cover you.

Tad: (off-stage also with a voice in a painful tone) Can I still have some first-aid kit too?

Later at the lunch time, we saw Timmy sit with Trixie at one table, Chester with Tootie on a table located beside their and Veronica with Remy. Tad approach Timmy and Trixie.

Tad: Timmy, Trixie, I want to said something to you!

Timmy: What do you want Tad? If you want a fight again, I'm ready for it.

Tad: It's not about a fight, pink-hat boy Timmy Turner! It's about your secret! Your secret then Denzel Crocker had tried to found in vain!

Timmy: (to himself, being suddenly afraid) Oh no! Tad might probably found the truth about Cosmo and Wanda! How I might get out of this one?

Trixie: (Seeing Timmy very nervous, to herself) Tad might suspect Timmy about his fairies, but he don't know then I have a fairy too, Blonda. (To Tad) Tad, I think you have some troubles, maybe we can help you.

Tad: I don't need your pity Trixie Tang, because you'll need some pity when....

Tad don't finished his sentence because he got his arm grabbed by Chester!

Chester: Leave them alone Tad.

Tad: And if I don't want to leave them alone?

Chester:(twisting Tad's arm) Is that could anwser your question or I'll throw you a punch then you'll never forget.(release Tad)

Tad: You? Hah! Just because you threw a punch on Francis, doesn't mean then you can beat me!

Remy: But BOTH Timmy and Trixie menaged to give you a good punch my dear Tad! (Veronica couldn't resist to laugh on these words then Remy just said)

Tad: Why do you defend suddenly that loser pink-hat boy Timmy Turner, Buxenplenty?

Remy: Cheer on Tad! It's not like you losted all your money! I think some psychiatrist might help you, I can paid him to get you out of these mental troubles.

Tad: Money?!?! I wonder Remy, how you menaged to be more richer then me and Chad? Do you have the same secret as Timmy? Do you have some «magical friends» you too as well? (grabs Remy) Tell me! Tell me the truth!

Veronica: (yelling) SECURITY!!!!

Trixie's ex-bodyguard who's now Veronica's bodyguard arrives.

Tad: Oh no! Not him again.

Veronica: Yes, him again! (to the bodyguard) You know what to do with him.

The bodyguard grabs Tad and put him in the dumpster, leaving him in a pile of trash.

Timmy: Thanks Chester, thanks Remy. I don't know what Trixie and I we could had done without guys.

Chester: That's no problem Timmy, you could had did the same thing for me. (He leave going with Tootie)

Trixie: Remy, why you helped us?

Remy: It's because in some exceptionnal moments, we have to show some solidarity between «godchilds», now if you can excuse me, I got to go. (Remy leaves joining Veronica)

Trixie: Does Remy have...?

Timmy: Exactly! Juandissimo to be precised!

Cosmo: (appearing and disguised as Timmy's watch) That Juandissimo, why he still have an eye on Wanda? She's my wife and I treat her like I want not like he wants.

Wanda: (appearing and disguised as Timmy's belt) Hmphm! (sarcastic tone) What a romantic guy!

Blonda: (appearing as Trixie's bracelet) Why Juandissimo got a crush on Wanda and not me? What's Wanda have then I doesn't have?

Wanda: Oh great!

After the school day, Tad returns to his home, taking a little detour. He walks along the mental asalym but he didn't watch where he walked and bumped a box who was fallen off by accident when a truck going out of the asalym left.

Tad: (yelling to the driver of the truck) Hey! A box dropped out of your truck! Hey! HEY! Oh, I guess that box doesn't have something important anyway. Let's see what it contains, they might have some objects with high-value.

Tad opens the box and was a bit disseapointed.

Tad: That's all! Just a pile of old lamps! I doubt there a genie who might reside inside of one of them. But I can rub one of them just for fun.

Tad chosed by luck or should I said, a fluke, the lamp where Norm the Genie is, he rub it and got the surprise of his life.

Tad: A genie! That...that's impossible!

Norm: Hey, I'm really a real genie, not some lame impostor who pretends to be a genie.

Tad: But how do you get...?

Norm: That's a very long story, I got recently a couple of masters: Timmy Turner, Denzel Crocker, the Mayor and Chester McDacbat.

Tad: (surprised) Did you said Timmy Turner?

Norm: Yes, why?

Tad: Because I want my revenge against him and Trixie Tang for the humiliation they got me.

Norm: So you too eh?

Tad: But after you got Chester as a master, what happened since then?

Norm: That's a long story to do, let's begin the flashback sequence (Norm snaps his fingers to begin a short flashback sequence)

After Chester menaged to with then everything was back to normal before he meets me, Jorgen who erased Timmy's memories about his fairies, got his memory erased as well, and grabbed my lamp to collect it.

(At Jorgen's house)

Jorgen: Ah, my lamp, I love you more then anyone else.

Tooth Fairy: Ahem! What that lamp have then I doesn't have?

Jorgen: Errr...Tooth Fairy, I...I can explain!

Tooth Fairy: (with a authoritarian look) No time to wait for it, it's me or that stupid lamp?

Jorgen: (scared) Ok, ok, I choose you. Binky, BINKY!!!!

Binky: Yes, Jorgen?

Jorgen: (give the lamp to Binky) Take that lamp and give it to Big Daddy, he knows what do to with him.

Binky: Ok, ok.

Binky goes to Big Daddy but dropped the lamp by accident by slipping on a banana peel dropped by someone. The lamp fall on Earth, just at the moment then Crocker's Uncle Albert goes out of the mental asalym.

Albert: Finally, I'm cured, no more GENIES, I can work on everything humanity needs and....(got his head knocked by the magic lamp) Oh no! GENIES!!!!! (runs to the asalym)

Norm: And that's the end of the flashback sequence.

Tad: That's interesting, so you can grant any kind of wishes?

Norm: Yes, any kind of wishes.

Tad: Excellent, do you pondering what I'm pondering.

Norm: Let's me guess, you got some plans and others ideas to get your revanche on Timmy Turner?

Tad: Yes, and come to think of it... I could get my revenge on others too: Chester, Tootie, Remy, Veronica, Francis, etc....

Norm: Come to think of it, why not taking over the world while you're on it?

Tad: No yet, maybe later but first, I want to take my revenge on Timmy and Trixie!! BEWARE OF TAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Norm: Yes, I liked this boy but I begin to ponder if he needs some psychiatric help?


Cosmo: Hey, wait. You forgot to said «Stay tuned for the next chapter, same Fairy-Time, same Fairy-channel! And OW! (Wanda grabbed Cosmo's ear)

Wanda: Come on Cosmo! Time to prepare for the next chapter.
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