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Chapter Two

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I woke up to loud banging on my door. Monday mornings were complete hell and chaos. I bolted up irritated.
"What. Do. You. WANT!?" My door flung open. Dan stood in the doorway.
"Wake the fuck up. We've been calling you for over fifteen minutes."
"Well Dan, its fucking 6 in the morning. Do you expect me to get up willingly?" I got out of my bed grabbing the clothes I set out the night before. I slowly walked to my connecting bathroom.
"You don't have to be a bitch."
"I have every right to be a bitch to you. Now please remove yourself from my room old man."
"I'm only 32, that's not much older than you."
"Fine then. Please remove yourself from my room, little boy."
"Don't talk to me like that Alaina. Respect your elders." He grinned triumphantly as if he had won the argument.
"I do respect my elders. You're only 32. Not much older than me, remember?" He glared and began walking down the hall but not before calling,
"I can't wait until you're out of this damn house!"
"Two more years baby! Two more fucking years!" I slammed and locked my door then showered.

"Alaina, when did you dye your hair?" I walked quickly to the fridge looking for something to eat while my mum read the newspaper.
"Mum, my hair has been this colour for 4 months."
"Oh well I guess I forgot."
"I assume because of all the alcohol." I mumbled the last part mostly to myself, grabbed a water and walked out of the house. I was only a block away from the school. I felt like walking that day hoping it would clear my mind. There was absolutely no one around and I was sure I was alone. But that all changed when I was plowed into the ground by something. That something sat on top of me as I screamed and gasped for air. Whatever it was it was pretty damn heavy. The lights of the house I was in front of turned on and an older woman walked out. I mustn't have noticed before but I was right in front of Mikey and Gerard's grandmum's house.
"Frank will you please get off the poor girl! She cant breathe!" I looked up to see frank with a big smile and his hand stretched out.
"Need some help?"
"No!" I pushed his hand aside and got myself up. "Hi Helen. Did we wake you?"
"Haha oh no my darling. I was making coffee and I heard a scream I knew to be very similar to yours."
"You know my scream?"
"I've known you since you were 5 sweetie. I think I should know it." We both laughed and Frank began jumping up and down impatiently.
"School school school!"
"Frank Anthony Iero, since when have you been eager to get to school?" Helen had a quizzical look on her face.
"Since now!" He ran to her kissed her on the cheek and grabbed my hand running.
"I'll see you at dinner on Sunday!"
"Like always, Alaina!" She waved and went back inside her house. Eventually the ADD child got tired and stopped. I put my hands on my head panting.
"Why did we just run all the way to school?"
"I don't really know."
"I hate you." I smacked him in the head and he pouted like a puppy. We reached the rest of the guys. Bob was riding on Ray's back while Ray attempted to catch Mikey who ran in circles around Gerard. Gee stood there with a I'm-going-kill-myself expression which caused me and Frank to laugh.
"Hello retards."
"Hi Alaina!" Bob jumped off and hugged me tightly. I winced and he automatically knew what happened. The rest of the boys looked at me sympathetically. I walked over to Gerard and whispered in his ear,
"I'm assuming you told them." He nodded and smiled nervously which I returned, only it was an everything is fine smile. The first bell sounded and we all scurried into the hallways to our lockers. I grabbed my books and made my way to calculus.
'God I hate this class. God I hate this teacher. Jesus Christ I hate this school.' I was snapped out of my thoughts by a loud crash. Everyone looked over to see a boy on the floor, books surrounding him.
"HA HA! What a freaking loser." One of the football players shouted.
"Shut up jockstrap. We don't need any more unintelligent buffoons in this school." Everyone 'o0o0o0oed' and he scoffed not making any further comments. I made my way to the boy and helped him pick up his books. When he rose to his feet his long hair was covering his face so he moved his head quickly and it flew the other way. It was similar to what Gerard, Frank and I did with our hair. When his hair was out of the way I noticed his very pale eyes. They were blue but seemed almost clear.
"No problem." I walked away and back to my seat hoping the boy could find a seat himself. He did and sat in the front row. Class started and I fell asleep almost every period. Well except fourth hour when Frank almost blew up the chemistry lab. These were the highlights of my days.
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