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Chapter Five

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god. i hate these summary things.

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"Where the hell are you going?" I dropped my bags on the porch.
"Dan, I told you last night and the night before and the night before that and fucking night before that. I'm going on tour for winter break. You have the house Alaina-free for two weeks! Happy or what?"
"Oh you don't even know!" he raised his hands to the ceiling as if he were praying, "Praise the Lord."
"You shouldn't attempt to praise him, you're going to hell anyway!" I walked out of the house slamming the door. I threw my bags in the back hopped in the car and drove to my destination.

"I still don't understand how we're all going to fit." Mikey looked quizzically at the small dinky car Gerard drove.
"Its okay guys I'll just sit this one out."
"No you have to come with us!" Bob latched on to my arm, Frank my leg and Ray my head. Yeah I don't know how that one worked either.
"I cant fit though."
"We'll make you fit!" Gerard suggested. I didn't really like the look he had. I didn't really feel like getting hurt. Gerard's plans always consisted of getting hurt, but you know they always got the job done? As we pondered ways to make all of us fit a white mini van with a small trailer attached to the back pulled into the drive way. Out hopped Helen.
"That'd be me! Everyone, I knew you would never be able to make it with such a small car so I'm giving this to you."
"Grandma you gotta be kidding!"
"No I'm not. You boys deserve this. Your music is something great. I support you all one hundred percent." All the boys took their turns hugging Helen. They then started packing up the van. I walked to Helen and hugged her tightly.
"I know this wasn't a gift to me but thank you. If you didn't give them this van I think I would be riding in the trunk of Gee's car." She laughed and hugged me back.
"Of course it's a gift to you sweetie. Now you DON'T have to ride in the trunk!" we both laughed and the boys were yelling at me to hurry and get in the car. I hugged Helen one last time and ran to the van.
"Love you Grandma!"
"Haha love you too Alaina." With that we pulled out from the driveway of the Way household and were on our journey.

"Wake up sunshine." Ray tickled my nose with a feather and I quickly sat upright.
"Where did you get that feather?
"Killed a bird."
"Oh." Being I've known Ray since first grade, his answer was normal in my mind. I emerged from the van and walked to the rest of the guys. They seemed to be interested in something that stood before them. I pushed Bob and Frank out of the way to find four other guys. One was blonde and tall, the other wore glasses and had short hair, then there was one with many tattoos and dark hair. The last one was short with long black hair. It was greasy like my own. His smiled seemed mischievous but over all he looked pretty friendly. When he looked at me his eyes widened and his smile grew bigger. He ran towards me and hugged me until all the air escaped my lungs.
"I'm Bert! And that's Quinn, Branden, and Jeph! They like it up the ass." They smiled and waved.
"What a coincidence. So do I!" my reply must have shocked the boys that stood in front of me but Gerard and the rest laughed and brushed it off. Bert hugged me tightly again.
"I'm so going to get along with this one." He pointed at me as he talked to Brian.
"Everyone will. Its pretty impossible to hate Alaina Beaton." Brian ruffled my hair and I kissed him on the cheek. We all talked for a little while until Bert grabbed my hand and forced me to get coffee with him. He insisted on "getting to know me" as Brian put it.
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