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Chapter Six

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"So you're from Jersey right?"
"Born and raised. You?"
"Nah I'm from Orem, Utah."
"That's so weird. My dad lives there! I go visit him every so often."
"I'm surprised I haven't seen you around there."
"Well I don't really leave the house when I go there. Too many nuns walking around. I'd get in trouble for wanting a beer." He laughed at the nun comment. It was more true than sarcastic. Orem was known for its Mormon community.
"You're absolutely right. I was the same until my parents kicked me out."
"So now where do you live?"
"Well Quinn's rents aren't Mormon. They except our partying ways and let me move in."
"That's the nicest thing I've ever heard. In a weird twisted way."
"Exactly!" he took a sip of his coffee.
"So Mr. McCracken, you got yourself a girlfriend?"
"Surprisingly I do. He name is Kate."
"She cute?"
"Can I meet her sometime?"
"If you come visit me in Orem!"
"Must do."
"So what about you and Jerry?"
"Isn't that his name? Jerald? Jerrico?"
"Yeah Gerald." I shook my head and rolled my eyes. The boy was stupid but sweet. "So yeah whats going on with you two?"
"I see the way he stairs at you. And touches your arm to tell you something, and whispers things in your ear. The way he says witty things to make you laugh.
"How is it possible you've noticed that in the fifteen minutes you were with us?"
"I'm good at this shit. So have you fucked him?"
"Hey! I said there was nothing going on between us." I punched his arm lightly for his dirty comment. He laughed.
"That will change soon." I raised my brow and continued to drink my coffee. We both walked back the venue everyone was playing at that night. As I made my way into the My Chem dressing room Bert and I finished our interesting conversation.
"Bunnies so pwn alligators."
"I know! Nobody ever agrees with me."
"My God, Alaina. You are seriously my Siamese twin detached and separated at birth. You're like a sister!" He hugged my tightly and I returned it.
"See you later Siamese twin."
"Yes!" He ran out of the room and jumped on Jeph's back forcing him to give Bert a piggy back ride. I decided to be nice and do the boy's make-up for the night. They all seemed pretty thrilled when I was done. I was finishing up on Mikey while the rest were in another room, dressing.
"So you gonna tell him?"
"I'm never telling him."
"Alaina! You love him. He has the right to know."
"Hey your hair looks really nice today."
"Thank you and don't changed the subject."
"Too late! You're done." I cleaned up the station and put my make-up back in the bag.
"Tell him you love him."
"I cant!" My eyes began to water.
"I'm sorry Alaina." Mikey pulled me into a soft hug. Mikey always could make feel better. Even though he was so skinny and I could wrap my arms around him twice, his hugs were one of the best. He grabbed my hand and led me to the side of the stage. I sat there the rest of the night watching everyone's set. I wasn't very much in the mood to be squished by moshers.
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