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Chapter Seven

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Day fourteen of the tour from hell. This was one of the most chaotic two weeks of my life but the best and they would soon come to an end tonight. The only thing I was glad about was leaving behind Gerard's little groupie, Olivia. We met her in New York and soon learned she actually lived in Jersey. Close to us too! I thought we would be leaving her behind but then I soon remembered she lived in our state. In the next town over! Joy, joy, fucking joy.
"Alaina sweetie will you get me a water bottle?"
"The cooler is right next to you Olivia." I was doing Frank's makeup. Mikey was changing next to us. Gerard Ray and Bob went to get coffee and cigarettes. As I always say, an alcoholics best friend.
"I know its next to me but I just got my nails done. I don't want to ruin them."
"By putting them in a cooler filled with water and ice?"
"Yeah! They could chip and then they'll be all wet and soggy."
"Nails don't get soggy Olivia." Frank tried so hard not to crack up. Bert walked into the room and sat next to us.
"Hello my lovers."
"Bert." Mikey nodded at him almost falling while struggling to put on his skin tight jeans.
"Berty! Will you get me a drink?"
"First off, never call me that again. Second, get it yourself. I ain't yo slave hoe." She huffed and I almost stabbed Frank in the eye with the eyeliner because we were laughing so hard. Mikey fell over in still trying to get his pants up which caused us all to start crying.

The show started. Aiden played their set. The Used played theirs. Then it was time for My Chemical Romance. The crowd went crazy. I looked from the side of the stage and took it all in. I was jealous of Gerard. I wish I could have what he had. I wish I could be the one singing on that stage. But things would never work that way. I smiled when I realized how I happy I was for all my best friends. Ray, Mikey, Bob, Frank, Gerard and even Bert Branden Quinn and Jeph. They were all living the dream, my dream and theirs. And I was so fucking proud. The night was soon coming to an end. They always ended their shows with "Demolition Lovers" and every time they ever played it Gee dedicated it to me.
"I want to dedicate this song to someone very special to me. Its her favourite song. Her name is.-" I smiled and waited for him to say my name but he never did, "Olivia, my girlfriend." My smiled faded and my sparkling blue eyes turned to a dull cold colour. I looked at Frank who glanced at me from the stage. He was in a state of shock, as was everyone else. I walked away slowly grabbing my purse and heading out the back door. I pulled out my cigarette box and lit one. No one followed me and I wanted it that way. After about twenty minutes of getting ready we drove back to the hotel we had all slept at the night before. I didn't talk. I didn't answer anyone. I just stormed to my room and packed my shit as fast as I could. I flung it in the van and waited to say goodbye.
"Aw I'm gonna miss you my little porcelain doll!" Quinn hugged me tightly and rocked me back and forth as I let a few tears slip onto his shirt.
"I'm going to miss you too Mr. Lizardface." We had made odd nicknames for each other on day one. At some point he called me Super Cunt and claimed I was a superhero. I moved on to Jeph who fake wept on me. But then an actual tear escaped his eyes.
"I love you little sister!"
"I love you too big brother." Jeph really was a brother to me. He looked out for me. Especially on my drunken nights. Branden and I did our famous handshake and hugged for a while.
"I've never shared such a handshake with anyone."
"Me either!" and then there was one left. Robert Edward McCracken. My lover, my Siamese twin, my brother, my best friend.
"Heres my number. I have yours. You call me everyday and visit soon! I love you babydoll."
"I love you too!" I sobbed into his shirt. The sobs turned into laughs as he made funny faces to cheer me up. I wiped away my tears and ran into the van. I hoped in the back and rested my head in Bob's lap and that's where I fell asleep.
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