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Chapter Eight

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"What the fuck do you want?" I was close to throwing the phone at the wall.
"I'm assuming I woke you."
"Who is this?" I was irritated. I was tired and worn out and flustered. Someone always happened to wake me too early in the morning.
"Shouldn't you know my voice by now?"
"What do you want?"
"Well if you're going to be a grumpy face about it I wont bother."
"Tell me or I will eat you."
"Oh sounds dirty."
"You have a girlfriend, you shouldn't say stuff like that." I rolled my eyes at the thought of Olivia.
"Well, spend Christmas with me."
"You heard me! My parents want you here for Christmas. Pwease?" I could fell his puppy dog eyes and pouting lips.
"Great! Be here in an hour. Dress to impress it's a Christmas party." He hung up and I began rummaging through my closet. I attempted to find a nice outfit. I settled on a black dress with grey tights underneath and my flats. I showered, dressed, did my make-up and ran down my steps. No one was home so I left a note saying I was at the Way's. I threw it on the table and grabbed my car key eager to spend Christmas with the family I loved.

"Oh Alaina you look beautiful!" Mrs. Way hugged me and I returned it.
"You look gorgeous yourself Donna!" Mr. Way walked up to us and ruffled my hair.
"You look very pretty tonight Alaina."
"Thanks Donald. You look handsome yourself." He grinned and told me where to find the boys. The basement. I walked down the steps quietly and heard Gerard trying to play guitar. He wasn't good enough to play anything live but he could come up with really awesome riffs. But no matter what I owned him at every instrument. I walked up behind him and snatched the guitar off him. I played part of a song I had made up myself and grinned triumphantly.
"I'll always own you at guitar, Way." He stuck out his tongue and I set the guitar back on its stand. When I turned to face him and Mikey their eyes were wide.
"You l-look...I-" Mikey was stuttering which caused me to laugh.
"You look stunning." Gerard smiled weirdly. I never saw him smile like that and I creeped me out a bit.
"Uh thank you. I'm gonna go eat something." I pointed to the doorway and bolted up the stairs feeling awkward from that moment all three of us just shared. I walked in the kitchen to find Helen and Donna cooking something that smelled insanely good.
"Ah! Real food!" I looked at the basket full of bread. We only got home from tour yesterday and the whole time we ate shit from gas stations and fast food. I needed something edable.
"How was touring with a bunch of stinky boys?"
"Well considering I forced them all to shower, it wasn't as bad as I thought. But it was weird being the only girl."
"The only girl? I though Gerard took that Olivia girl."
"Well I don't really consider her female." I smiled fakely. Donna and Helen began cracking up. Helen gave me this home made muffin thing which I began to devour.
"So why don't you like this girl?"
"Pardon my language but she's a whore." They laughed again. Donna cut into the conversation.
"Detail?" The Way women were like teenagers at heart. Always loved the latest gossip and to have girly talks. That's why we got along so well.
"She dated my friend Ronny and cheated on him five times. She's dumb as a rail and rude. But she puts on the good girl act for parents so don't be fooled when you meet her. And she hates me more than anyone."
"How could anyone hate our Alaina?" Donna put her arm around my shoulder.
"Because Gerard is my best friend."
"Huh?" Helen looked at me quizzically.
"I knew her up to 3rd grade. She was always jealous of me and what I had. Even though I barely had anything. When I started talking to her again in ninth grade she practically fell in love with Gerard. She hated me for being his friend. She's chemically imbalanced!"
"Oh Jesus. Well I'll be sure to keep an eye on her when I meet her. Sometimes I really hate the girls that boy brings home." Donna went back to stirring whatever she was cooking.
"You know Alaina, you're the only girl I ever liked for Gerard." Helen whispered to me.
"Huh?" I was shocked at what she said.
"I always thought you two would be adorable together. You've always got along so well. I don't know maybe I'm crazy but I have this feeling you two will be together one day." I laughed nervously. She smiled and walked to Donna to help her cook. I walked into the living stunned and confused.
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