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Chapter Nine

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After an hour the house began to fill with Donald's co-workers, family members, friends. Eventually the whole Iero, Toro and Bryar family showed up. Then who I dreaded most showed up. Olivia. The guys and I went down to the basement, Olivia followed like a lost puppy. Gerard came down with a pack of beer. Donna and Donald didn't care if we drank. As long as we didn't drive we were allowed to. After a few beers everyone was pretty drunk.
"What should we do you guys?" Ray was getting bored obviously. He looked like he was about to fall over.
"Truth," Frank hiccupped, "Or dareeeee!" he took another swig of his drink. We all sat in a circle, including Olivia unfortunately.
"I dare you to lick Ray's face."
"Gladly!" Mikey jumped over to Ray and licked his cheek. Ray wiped it off in disgust and let out a bunch of "ewww"s.
"Yeah Mikey?"
"Truth of dare."
"Flowers." I had no idea what was going on.
"T OR D!?"
"Okay dare it is. Make out with Gee!"
"Mikey!" Gerard punched his brother in the arm and motioned towards Olivia. He was most sober out of all of us.
"Oh oh oh. Then Frank!" I shrugged and leaped into Frank's lap. I started kissing him even though I missed his mouth a few times. We just giggled and continued. I stopped and turned to Mikey.
"Wait for howlong?"
"2 minutes!" I turned back to Frank and kissed him harder than before. His hands moved from my waist up my back. Eventually his hands began moving up the front of my dress. They stopped at the hem of my bra and stood there for the rest of the time. The two minutes were up but we were so drunk and just kept going.
"Okay get off him." Gerard sounded irritated. I flicked my wrist to indicate "go away".
"Seriously." He sounded serious but the beer made my mind foggy so I took it as joke. He pulled me off Frank and sat me down in my spot.
"What the fuck Gerard? God." He looked mad and was about to say something when Olivia's parents began calling her name. she kissed Gerard goodbye for the longest time. Longer than I kissed Frank then stumbled up the stairs.
"Glad shes gone. Now lets really make this interesting!" Ray seemed excited.
"Wait can we move to a comfier spot? My butt is numb." I rubbed my bum and jumped over to the large bed. Frank joined and sat next to me, Gerard on the other side, Mikey and Ray on the couch in front of it and Bob on the cushion chair. We continued our game. After an hour Bob dared Frank to have a seven minutes in heaven session with Gerard but he refused. Bob thought it was funny to make me the second choice. I never had a say in any game of truth or dare. I willingly got up and pulled frank with me to the nearby closet. Before I shut the door I saw Gerard roll his eyes. He was being weird. The guys started talking which was a good thing. They wouldn't be able to hear us!

The beer was starting to wear off. I sat on the washing machine as Frank stood awkwardly between my knees. I suddenly realized how much I really want this to be Gerard right now. But that wouldn't happen because he loved Olivia. Well it doesn't hurt to make him jealous, does it?
"I know you feel weird about this and you probably wish I was Gee. So we don't have to do this if you don't want." He was slurring and hiccupping. I knew the beer hadn't worn off of him just yet.
"No offence I kind of do wish it was him. But its only a game." So I went for it. We kissed until we could barely breathe. I jumped down from my uncomfortable seat on the washing machine and he pushed me against the wall. Once again his hands went up my shirt but they didn't exactly stop at the hem of my bra if you catch my drift. We were almost at the point of undressing and going too far when Mikey called time. But we still didn't stop. There was no point in stopping. We had no feelings for each other and it was all in good fun so nobody would mind. After another minute passed the closet door opened.
"Did you not hear us?" Gerard again. Always irritated. Always killing the moment.
"Yeah we heard." Frank answered and continued kissing me. Gerard pulled him off me and pushed him out of the closet. I was mad this time.
"Bloody hell. You ruin everything!" I pushed him out of the way and lied on the bed. I was tired and pissed. I needed bed. Everyone agreed. Ray and Mikey took the futon. Frank slept on one couch and Bob on the other. Gerard was going to use the air mattress and I took the bed. After laying awake for a few minutes I heard someone stirring in their sleeping place. I didn't turn to look because it was probably one of them taking off their pants. I felt the other side of my bed sink and someone slip in. I didn't care who it was I just stood stiff. The person came close until our bodies were molded together. Then it poked me.
"Alaina?" It was Gerard. I knew the smell of his cologne.
"I was being a prick before."
"When are you not a prick?" I could hear the frown in his voice,
"I'm sorry."
"I forgive you." I turned around and nuzzled my head into his neck, taking in the scent of him. He wrapped his arms around me and we both fell asleep.
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