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Abandoned start to a Harry and Tonks fic. Anyone who wants to take on from here is welcome to it.

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A/N And heres where I discovered writing Lemons really isn't my thing eg I bloody don't know how to make them interesting
A/N And heres where I discovered writing Lemons really isn't my thing eg I bloody don't know how to make them interesting. This was a start at a Harry/Tonks flick where I made the obvious decision on the easiest way to get two people together is get them piss drunk and wake up with the other after a night of drunken sex. Ah fond and not so fond times at University Dorm parties.

Tonks shook her head as she watched Harry sit staring at his bedroom wall for what was the fourth hour in a row. Before that Harry had spent several hours laying down on his bed and staring at the ceiling. Dumbledore's orders to leave Harry alone and not communicate with him were warring with her Auror training that demanded Tonks take action. If only for Sirius's sake, getting to know her cousin this past year had been smashing, he had fretted over Harry nonstop and had been deeply worried for the boy.

Ever since she had recovered from the battle in the Ministry Tonks had been guarding Harry on top of her Auror duties for the Order. She had not liked what she had seen, the scorn of the Durselys and their shabby treatment of Harry. Yet by the way he brushed them off Harry was used to worse. The past week however things had taken what could be seen as a turn for the worse. The Durselys were shunning Harry, and he them. In fact Tonks would bet Galleons to Knuts that he had absolutely no human contact within the last week.

So when Moody showed up for the night shift Tonks had made up her mind, she was dragging Harry away for a few days and talking with the boy. She'd get him drunk if she had to, there was no point in letting Harry waste away from depression as he was now, hell she'd even snog him a little if thats what it took to cheer him up. Turning to the retired Auror Tonks stated with no room for arguement "Moody I'm taking Harry down the rabbit hole and getting the boy to talk. He's going to go mad with grief and isolation no matter what Dumbledore says."

Moody eyed Tonk carefully for a few moments, his magical eye spinning madly, then with a careful nod barked out "Good. Bets my plan of getting the boy sodden drunk on firewhisky tonight. Harry's been acting like "Beemer" Bimms did before he turned his wand himself. Bad case of spell shock if I ever saw it."

"Remember Constant Vigilance!" Moody declared before giving her a wink and adding "Always did help to have a pretty young witch' shoulder to cry on, peps a man right up. Use your best hole however."

Taking Moody's consent with a grin Tonks flew her broom up to Harry's window, slow enough to make sure her invisibilty cloak wasn't disturbed. Knocking on the window Tonks dropped the hood of her cloak and waited for Harry to respond. Blinking she watched Harry roll off his bed and bring up his wand on instinct. Then with a friendly smile Tonks watched Harry recognize her and stiffly walk over and open his window. A smile briefly passed over his face but his eyes were declaring just how dead Harry felt.

"Wotcher Harry!" Tonks said cheerfully "I'm stealing you for the weekend."

Harry stood frozen, shock spreading across his face, had he heard Tonks clearly. For that matter why was Tonks talking to him anyway. He was to blame for Sirius's death after all Tonks had lost her cousin because of him and his rash actions.

Frowning Tonks pulled herself through the window without too much trouble, only tripping once lightly. Dusting herself off Tonks handed Harry her broom, which he took automatically, and with a quick wave of her wand gathered up a small amount of Harry's clothing into a bag. Nodding Tonks grabbed out a knut from her pocket and concentrated hard for a moment then tapped the knut.

"Right Harry. We've have to get to the end of the street before we can get to where we're going." Tonks said grinning "However to get past my wards I need a little of your blood, just a drop."

Tonks with a wave of her wand transfigured air into two needles on top of Harry's desk. Placing the knut down she pricked her thumb and let a drop of her blood fall onto it. Glowing red the knut seemed to melt slowly, which brought Tonks to eyeing Harry and gesturing him to hurry up.

Frowning Harry pricked his own finger and watched as his blood fell onto the knut and turned into a bronze key. Tonks placed it into his hands and started dragging out of his room, down the stairs and outside. The Durselys pointedly ignored him and Tonks, going so far to simply increase the TVs volume when Tonks called out she was borrowing Harry for the weekend.

So when they reached the end of Privet Drive Harry had stopped resisting Tonks. At this point he didn't care if Deatheaters were there, the chance to hex and curse madly was better than thinking. After all if he fell in battle he'd join Sirius and his parents beyond the veil. So he was little shocked when Tonks, before appriating both of them declared cheerfully "Harry I'm getting you stinking drunk, Sirius wouldn't have me do less."


Tonks first thought upon waking was that she was snuggled up against something very warm and comfortable. Not even the pounding headache from too much fire whisky distracted just how good the rest of her was feeling. As awareness slowly crept its way through her pounding head Tonks became concious of the fact that it was someone else she was snuggled against. The extra arm and leg wrapped possesvilly around her, the slow breaths against her neck, and the wonderful body heat all pointed that way.

Her senses straining Tonks relaxed as she recognized the dense, complex wards surrounding her. One of her rabbit holes, as she liked to call her safe houses, this was her most secure proctectd by her mums best wards and a half mile below ground in an abandoned mine shaft. Obviously whoever was with her had been dragged in here by her before the fire whiskey occured. Turning her thoughts to yesterday the most prominient of which was that Harry needed help.

"Wotcher Tonks, how far did things go last night?" Tonks murmerred to herself. A quick sniff left her no doubt, as the memories came flooding back along with the smell of sex. She had gotten a bit of food into Harry then several stiff drinks of fire whiskey. Got Harry talking and then sobbing into her shoulder, nothing seriously wrong there. Gave Harry a fairly innocient kiss on the forehead then slightly less so on the lips. Harry started kissing back and the snogging session started there and both of them kept escelating things from there.

Smiling widely Tonks realized just why her body was feeling so chipper, he definately had stamina and was pretty flexiable. Orgasming four times was frankly her best night ever, and even if Harry had started off slightly awkard he was very good in the end. Blushing slightly Tonks realized that she was likely Harry's first, a touch surprising as the Quidich players on House teams tended to be among the first shagged at Hogwarts. What done was done, but Harry was definately feeling relaxed something he wasn't yesterday.

Hand fumbling slightly Tonks grabbed a headache potion from those waiting on a rack off to the side. Taking a few sips and wincing at the chalky taste Tonks felt her hangover lift and her few aches and pains leave her. Putting it back Tonks then shifted herself slightly to snuggle even closer to Harry. With a mischevious grin Tonks grabbed his hand, placed it on her breast and secured his hand with hers. After all he deserved a morning present for his preformance last night. With Harry's body tight against hers Tonks went back to sleep with a smile on his face.


Harry, for the first time since Sirius died and even before then more likely the day of the third task, had just had his first nights good sleep. For some reason a dam had been burst in him and it felt at least some of his tension had left him. So as conciousness returned Harry was feeling better than he had in months, and he turned his attention to what his senses were telling him. Somebody warm was snuggled up against him, bare flesh against bare flesh, and his eyes noticed the shoulder length cheastnut brown hair. If he wasn't mistaken his right hand was cupping something smooth, and was being held in place.

Thinking past the blinding headache Harry started going through the previous days events one at a time. After a day going over the events at the Ministry Tonks had showed up and dragged him out to a secure flat. All good so far, Tonks had fed him something then started drinking fire whiskey and talking about Sirius. Tears had started flowing from his eyes at the loss he felt for Sirius, sharing it had helped, the pressure was no longer building up in him. His head was no longer pounding with stress, currently it just felt like he had been hit by a bludger a sure sign of a hangover.

After that Tonks started kissing him after a crying spell they quickly moved to a snogging session that brought a small blush to his cheeks. Then Harry felt as if the Whoomping Willow was pounding on him as he caught up on the events of the previous night. He and Tonks had moved on from snogging to shagging. As panic spread thoughout his body Harry blushed heavily as he realized that yes he had sex for the first time.

Given the circumstances and the way Tonks was spooning with him, and the way she was holding his hand to her breast it had been enjoyable for her. Swallowing Harry felt Tonks slowly move to remain tight against him, and kept his leg and arm held on in a tight grip. Guilt mixed with a fair bit of lust surged through him, he was feeling awful for taking advantage of Tonks but he was definately intersted in having sex again. That was when he felt his penis start stiffen and become erect as Tonks wiggelled slightly.

Her sleep filled murmer of "Later Harry, we'll shag in a bit 'kay." was enough to send Harry over the edge. Fainting Harry was happy to lose conciousness.


Waking up once more Harry was greeted by a cheerful Tonks in a rather tiny robe called out "Wotcher Harry, theres a glass of pumpkin juice and a headache potion for you."

Taking the glass and potion Harry felt better as his headache vanished and his dry mouth felt loads better. Putting on his glasses Harry blushed lightly and scanned the room for the first time. A two room loft it lacked windows but had an enchanted ceiling that showed a blue sky filled with white clouds. A kitchenette with a fridge and stove lined one wall, a table was in the centre, and the very comfy bed was oppositte the kitchen. The only door Harry could spot was open and was obviously a bathroom.

Tonks Harry realized was definately a very good looking witch as she slipped into the bed beside him. Flipping the covers back over her Tonks brushed her hair back and licked her lips as she gave Harry a quick once over.

"Feeling a bit better Harry?" Tonks asked with a tone of serious concern and care in her voice.

Tensing up Harry blushed and said in a guilt laden voice "Tonks I'm sorry about last night. I took advantage of you."

Eyes half slit Tons said in a fierce tone "Harry you did not take advantage of me. By Merlins Beard Harry you were a bloody terrific shag last night. No bloody guilt needed on your end get me. Now not tempting me to track you down and shag both of us senseless is the problem you'll have in the future."

"I. I." Harry stuttered awakwardly as he took in Tonks words "Really I was that good?"

Grinning Tonks started running hands over Harry's body in a light sensual manner and stated in a warm tone "Best I've ever had. Not a bad kisser either. Aunt Cissi is right a young stud is something every woman deserves to have."

Enjoying the feel of Tonks fingers running over his body Harry blushed but felt his body relax under her touch. At her prompting Harry rolled over and groaned in both pleasure and pain as Tonks started working her hands over his back and massaging the knots out of his back. Her hands were warm and strong as she slowly removed the tension from his back and neck. What worsened Harry's blush and excitement was the little kisses and nibbles Tonks gave him.

So when she finally flipped him over Tonks saw the evidence of her teasing in the form of Harry's growing eretic penis. Smiling Tonks started running her fingers down the shaft, cupped his testicles briefly and ran them back up his shaft. "Now Harry you up for another round?" Tonks asked mischievously as she straddeled Harry and slipped off her robe.

"Yes." Harry said a strained tone, as he took in Tonks lean body, pert pink breasts and red lips as physical need surged through him.

That was all Tonks needed as she mounted Harry and slowly started rocking her hips, eliciting moans from both of them. Then leaning forward Tonks guided Harrys hands over her body and ran hers over his. The pair moved slowly enjoying the physical pleasure of making love to the other, a flurry of hands, kisses and sweaty bodies.

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