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Unavoidable Fate

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Fuus' back in a brothel...will fate win?

Category: Samurai Champloo - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Characters: Fuu, Jin, Mugen - Warnings: [R] - Published: 2005-09-27 - Updated: 2005-09-27 - 1623 words

Fuu cried silently in the corner, mentally praying that Jin and Mugen would find her before the evening came. Hearing a soft knock at the door, Fuu turned towards the now open doorway.

"Hello. My name is Kiara. I'm here to help you get ready for tonight," said the pretty girl in the purple kimono.

Kiara looked friendly enough. Her face shone with a comforting smile.

"I know it's hard when you first get here, but it does get better. Let me help you get ready before the mistress comes back. She's the only one here you really have to worry about. She's got a nasty temper, but after your first few nights she pretty much leaves you alone."

"Llkjlsjd Kjslfsdlf..."

"I'm sorry. Look at me standing here talking and you're still tied up and gagged. Let me help you."

She watched Kiara walk over and felt her until the back of her gag.

"Ahhh. Thank you very much."

Fuu felt her tugging on the bonds holding her hands and felt them come free.

"There you go, right as rain."

It seemed like Kiara was a very sunny person.

"Where am I? Why am I here? Who were those men?"

Fuu felt the questions pour forth.

"You're in a brothel in a small town called Reychek. You're here because those to idiots found you alone and decided to make some money. That's how about half of the girls here are found. The rest of us are here to work off debts."

"Oh No! NO!"

Fuu curled up in the floor as what was happening really sank in. This was the third time fate had pushed her toward this avenue. She had tried...she really had. Maybe a person couldn't alter their fate. Maybe it was set in stone only to be followed. Please no...this couldn't be happening. Things had been going better. She had found Jin and Mugen again. They were all together again. Things were going to be good now. She was going to be fine. She just had to keep telling herself that things were going to work out. The guys would come for her and she would be just fine.
That Evening:

Fuu felt numb as she walked out of her room in the short kimono Kiara had given to her. Her hair had been done elaborately while she sat. She had made a deal with herself, if the guys didn't save her before she was bought for the first time, she would know that this was her destiny. You could only fight with fate for so long before it won.

Fuu walked down the stairs and joined the other girls in the common room. The men would start coming in soon...

"Where the hell is she?!?! She's got to be in this town!" Mugen cursed loudly as he realized how late it was growing. They really needed to find her soon. If she was in a brothel then the busy time was about to begin.

"Let's head for the red light district. You take the right side of the road I'll take the left," Jin said with a little worry threaded into his usual monotone.

"Let's go."

Mugen ran swiftly toward the street full of brothels and gambling houses. How odd that he felt somewhat at home in places like these, only now to be so worried about them. All the other women that he'd had in brothels over the years...he wondered how many had been forced there against their will like Fuu.


This is no fucking time to be worrying about thing I cannot fucking do a damned thing about anyway! Mugen silently shouted at himself. He walked into the first brothel on his side of the road and looked around. Not seeing Fuu he left and walked to the next one.

"Man, have you seen a new girl named Fuu in any of these brothels?" Mugen asked the next man he saw on the street.

"I don't know names, but I know that building down their on the end had an auction a little while ago for their new girls. They'd been advertising all day. If that's what you were wanting then you're out of luck man, they finished the auction half an hour ago."

The little man turned and walked away. Mugen felt like shoving his fist through the mans' face. He could NOT be too late!

"Jin! End of the road...this side...auctioned new girls earlier tonight!" he yelled over to Jin as he saw him walk out the door on the opposite side of the road.

Both men took off racing towards the end of the road.

Mugen walked in first and found the nearest free woman.

"I heard there was an auction here earlier tonight. Anything good left?" He winked at her hoping she would share something useful.

"Haha sugar. There isn't much left now. All the girls were bought real quick and took upstairs. Men pay really good for the virgins ya know. There were three here tonight," the black haired woman said, leaning over to blow in Mugens' ear.

"How new were they?"

"Two of them sat upstairs and observed, they got here a few days ago. One, a real pretty girl, came in earlier today. She was the first one to go. A real looker."

"Dammit! "

"The girls' eyes widened.

"Mugen. Let's sit down and have a drink. We'll have to wait our turn," Jin said from behind him.

He followed Jins' gaze and saw that the brothel was heavily guarded tonight. Must have been for the auction, Mugen thought to himself. Dammit!

We could probably take all of those men, but it wouldn't be worth the risk of Fuu getting hurt. If she wondered out during the middle of the chaos, who knows what would happen. It was already too late to stop Fuus' first customer, but they could stop the rest. The man upstairs would probably be down pretty quickly to request his money back. From Fuus' unconscious murmurings, he seriously doubted she was the virgin they had claimed her to be.

"Mistress! MISTRESS!" yelled the sweaty, fat man from the top of the stairs. "I've been ripped off. This one ain't no virgin!"

The man looked irate as he reached back and pulled a naked Fuu forward. Backhanding her hard, he yelled for the mistress again.

Jins' hand tightened on his sword as he saw the blood running down Fuus' lip. As Jin stood up to go get her, the man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down the stairs.

Jin felt Mugen stand up beside him.

"This here's a whore fellas. Ya'll make sure a get my moneys' worth!" yelled the fat man as he pushed a naked Fuu to the floor in the center of the room.

Jin watched in horror as man after man went forward and began groping her while she looked on vacantly.

What had they done to her?

Making his way to the center of the crowd, he pulled out his sword when he reached her.

"You will leave her be. You may leave here with your lives, if you leave her be."

He heard Mugen pull out his sword and stand back to back with him.

"Why the hell should we listen to you. She's already paid for, it ain't none of your business what we do with her now!"

"I will not warn you again," Jin stated calmly as he stabbed the man reaching his hand down to Fuus' breast.

Mugen slashed the hand off of the man pinching her ass.

"Any more questions idiots?' Mugen asked with his usual evil smirk. "Bring it on," he said when he saw the small group to the left pull out their weapons.

Fuu wondered why they bothered with her. She had held herself to her deal, and gone willingly with the man who had bought her. Couldn't they see her for what she was. What she was meant to be. Fate hadn't left her too many other options. She watched as Jin and Mugen made short work of the group to the right. She didn't even flinch as she felt the man picking her up. She knew her place now...

She heard the door slam as he carried her into a side room, saw him lock it with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Let's just see what's so special about you, ya little slut!" the slender man growled. He was tall with short, dark brown hair, and a face that looked like it had been used for target practice. Sneering a little more, he threw her down on the bed in the corner.

"I wanna hear you scream," he said twisting her nipple in his hand.

She felt his other hand ghosting past her stomach.

"Where's Fuu?!" Mugen heard Jin ask as he turned around and she was nowhere to be found.

Mugen stuck his sword to the throat of the nearest man he saw. "WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!"

"S-She's...o-o-over th-there," the man said as he pointed toward a door at the end of the long room.

Mugen shoved his face into the other mans, close enough he could feel the rapid puffs of breath coming from the other mans' mouth.

"If she's're mine!"

He turned and raced toward the door, hot on Jins' heels. The other men moved out of the way as he glared at them.

Reaching the door, they realized that it had been locked from the inside. Raising his foot, Mugen kicked the door and watched it fall. He crossed the threshold and felt Jin right behind him. His vision turned red at what he saw...
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