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Cruel Fate

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Getting Her Back...

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Jin could not believe what his eyes were showing him. Fuus' wrists were tied to the headboard of a bed in the corner of the small dingy room. Her expression was blank as the ugly man lay still on top of her, his beady eyes fixed on the doorway. Blood ran from the many cuts and scratches on her body. Her empty eyes stared straight at the doorway, no sign of emotion coming from them.

He drew his sword and walked towards the bed.

"Your life ends here," he told the man shivering on the bed, still inside Fuus' little body. "There is no excuse for treating a female this way."

"Make him suffer Jin," he heard Mugen say, "Make him pay for what he took."

"Please...," the cowering man begged. "'re not really going t-to ki-ki-kill me over this whore."

"You don't know when to shut the hell up do ya?" Mugen sneered from behind Jin.

The man stood up grabbing his pants and trying to stuff his legs in.

"I'll leave her alone! You won't ever see me again! Just please, PLEASE, don't hurt me!" he said as he edged around the perimeter of the room, aiming for the door.

Striding forward purposefully, Jin beheaded the man in one solid blow, the satisfying thud echoing throughout the small room.

Wiping his blade he put it back in its' sheath and turned to Fuu, only to realize she had yet to move, as if frozen in place by the events that she had been through.

"Fuu...Fuu....we're here now. You're leaving with us now, we're going to take you out of here."

Fuus' head snapped to the side as she felt the hand against her face at the same moment the man forced himself into her. It was strange, she felt as if she was floating. She wasn't here, she was floating, somewhere above the clouds where nothing could touch her ever again. There would be no more men, no more pain, no more humiliation. She could be free from this life...if only in her mind. She knew what was going to happen to her physically, realized that it had been fated for her. She had tried to escape it only to fail. A person couldn't deny their fate, she had learned. Trying only made it harder to accept. Hope was something only idiots should keep. It did nothing but make the reality ten times worse when your hopes were all but washed away, leaving nothing but sadness and pain in their wake.

She felt the man still inside of her as the door burst open. She could see her companions in the doorway, looking fierce and protective. She wondered, yet again, why they bothered. Surely they understand the hand of fate. This was all she was meant for, to give men pleasure. She felt the ugly little man pull away from her and wanted to sigh in relief that for now, she was done, but she held it in. A good whore would never let her customers know how distasteful she found the act, and that was what she needed to be now...a good whore. She saw Jin walk toward the man and then saw the ugly head hit the floor. Deep inside, in the part of her that was still there, Fuu gave a silent cheer, knowing in the practical part of her mind that she shouldn't be celebrating her customers' death.

She saw Jin walk toward her, his lips were moving, he was saying something...she couldn't quite make herself leave the clouds though, so she had no clue what he was saying. Everything around her was soft and muted, almost like a dream, as if she had dreamed this entire chapter of her life. If only the men, the brothels...the scars...weren't real. The now headless man had enjoyed blood, he'd enjoyed her pain, it would be a miracle if there weren't scars after the scratches had healed.

She felt Mugen wrap a blanket around her and lift her into his arms. She wondered if the warmth she had felt in his presence would still exist...or if he would prove to be a man like any other man now that he saw how used she was...

Mugen wrapped a blanket around Fuus' battered body. It was eerie, almost like her life had been sucked away but her physical body refused to follow. The only sign that she was alive were the movements of her chest as she breathed. He lifted her into his arms and cradled her close.

"Let's leave here Fuu."

He watched as she stared blankly into the front of her shirt, giving no sign that she realized what was happening.

"Let's go Mugen," he heard Jin say from near the doorway.

Walking out, they saw that the brothel was now all but empty. Few had remained for fear of the samurais' wrath when they found the girl.

They walked straight for the front door. When the madam came forward to protest their leaving with Fuu, Mugen freed one hand and smacked the evil woman to the floor. They walked out without looking back.

It took longer to return to their campsite than it had when they had left. They had taken turns carrying Fuu, who had yet to respond to them. What had happened to her in that place?

Walking over to their bedding, Jin laid Fuu down gently and covered her with the blanket.

"We need to tend her wounds."

"I'll get some water from the hot spring," Mugen said as he walked away from camp.

"I'll tear some cloths to wrap her with."

Taking the towel that Fuu had carried with her since the beginning of our journey, Jin tore it into precise strips. Walking over to kneel beside her he bowed his head and waited for Mugen to return.

Shortly thereafter, Mugen arrived with the water and Jin set to work on Fuus' wounds. He tried to detach his mind from his work but found that to be almost impossible.

How could they do something like this to her?

He wondered if her almost childlike innocence would survive this blow....

He watched as Mugen wandered over to a nearby tree. He pulled out his sword and poured all his anger and frustration into hacking it to pieces.

Fuu felt Jins' hands as they carefully cleaned and bandaged her torn skin. She wondered if he would still respect her as a friend after seeing her as a prostitute. How could either of them still see her as a suitable companion now? She was used...dirty... She wondered if they would see their friend or a woman to be used for their needs. Should she come back now...should she try and continue on as if this had not happened? Too afraid to find out any of the answers, Fuu remained where she was. Tomorrow, tomorrow she told herself. She would try to be brave then...
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