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Chapter Twenty-One.

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Riding in cars with boys...:)

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Chapter Twenty-One

Of course I ended up outside the police station. I knew I would. I knew from the moment I pushed past Frank and ran down the hallway that I'd end up here, and of course I was right. So why was I just sitting on a wall outside in my underwear staring at the entrance?

"She doesn't deserve to be in there." -the voice startled me from my confused reverie and I looked around, shivering, to find the woman I had seen disappear, around the corner at the hotel earlier when Ray had found me, standing by my side. My instinct took over and I stood from my place on the wall, ready to run away from her.

"Mikey," She said calmly as she grabbed hold of my wrist, she had a strong hold and she wouldn't let me go despite the fact I was pulling frantically away from her. "You're so cold, come back to my car with me." She began leading me away from the station while I dragged my ankles and writhed about in a desperate attempt to free myself from her.

"Stop being pathetic, I'm trying to help you; you'll freeze to death if you don't come with me!" she hissed, getting angry.

"Fuck you!" I shouted angrily at her and opened my mouth to repeat my curse once again but was stopped when I felt the sharp stinging pain creep through my face as she retracted her hand from my face; she had slapped me.

In my moment of shock, she grasped the opportunity to seize control of the situation pulling my stunned self further away from whatever safety or answers the official building could have supplied. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the passengers seat of her car, her in the driver's seat and the doors locked.

"What's going on?" I asked my voice quavering with fear. Was she going to kidnap me?

"She doesn't deserve to be in there." The woman said once again, ignoring my question, and motioning her head toward the police station.

"What?" I asked, still shivering and becoming silently thankful for the little warmth that the car gave.

She sighed, "Sara doesn't deserve to get the blame for the fire."

"How do you know Sara?" I snapped, rubbing my palms together.

"She's an old colleague, but that doesn't matter." She shook her head, taking a cigarette packet out of her purse and offering me one, which I accepted gladly. "What does matter is that we clear some stuff up." She finished, lighting her cigarette and then mine.

"I've been trying to do that for a long time now." I exhaled the smoke. "So you're gonna tell me what's going on?"

She laughed, not coldly just amused, "No no Mikey, it's me that needs the answers!"

I turned to her confused as she carried on, "Did Marley find out?" she asked, and my confused blank expression didn't change any. "Did Marley find out?" she asked more forcefully this time, "Fucking tell me Mikey!"

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!" I answered honestly, "Who the hell is Marley?"

"Bullshit! Sally thinks she's so fucking clever..." she laughed, bitterly this time, and took a long drag from her smoke. "...she knew I wouldn't be able to leave you alone."

"Fucking tell me what you're talking about!" I demanded, absolutely terrified now and shaking from both cold and dread. Only slightly tingling with hope at getting answers...finally!

"God you're clueless Mikey!" she threw her head back in her seat and clasped her hand to her face, running it over the skin in a soothing way. Sighing, she removed her hand and turned back to face me, smiling a little, "but so fucking beautiful!" her hand reached out and stroked my cheek making me shudder although I couldn't pull back. "Too fucking beautiful!" her smile vanished and she slapped me hard making me fall back against the door.

The pain was unbelievable, I couldn't understand how it hurt so much, but where my ear hit the window, was throbbing and causing me to cry silently in agony while she watched on.

"Shit Mikey, honey, I'm so sorry." She reached out a hand and again stroked my face, "why do I feel so much for you? God! You're just too fucking beautiful!"

"Stop saying that!" I shouted, wincing as the skin on my jaw stretched up to my sore ear.

"But it's true, it's why I had to talk to you." She said softly, sounding herself as if she could cry, and I looked up as she added, "you're a liar Mikey, I know that you know who Marley is, but please," her voice was pleading and desperate, "please don't tell him that I drugged you. Don't tell him that we made love."

I stared at her, the pain in my ear numbed slightly by her words, I was shocked. But then I got angry, "First off, you're fucking insane!" I started, mentally adding 'like so many other people in my life'. "Secondly, I don't know who the fuck this Marley is!" I hissed, my voice rising. "And thirdly, if you drugged me then we didn't fucking make love; you raped me!" How could she use the term 'make love' when I wasn't even fucking conscious?

"Hm, you're sexy when you're angry Mikey!" She said moving over from her seat and nearer to mine. It took my mind quite some time to process what she said; it was not the reaction I was expecting. The next thing I knew, her lips had crashed against mine, her hands trailing over my body warming the skin under her touch.

"Get off..." I tried to fight her off but she was strong and she continued to push against me; her weight trapping me against the locked door.

"Baby, just don't tell Marley." She whispered as she bent my struggling wrist back, clicking it painfully and kissing my neck sending disgusted shivers down my spine.

"I don't know who the fuck..." I gasped as her hand slid inside my boxers and I cursed my lack of control over my body.

She kissed me hard again and muttered against my lips, "It'll be interesting to see what you're really like..." and I moaned involuntarily, the noise making me want to vomit.

She pulled back from my face watching my reaction, which I had no control over, as she continued to over power me. I moaned but this time in an attempt to fight her verbally, trying to form words. Obviously she didn't hear me clearly because she leant in to my ear and whispered, "call me Candy baby."

"Candy?" I asked, stifling a moan; because that was what she wanted.

"Yeah, candy." She nibbled my earlobe and her free hand played with my hair.

"That sounds like..." I gasped, "...a stripper's name." I finished, wanting to insult her.

Both her hands stopped what they were doing and I felt another sharp pain flit across my face as she slapped me yet again. She pulled back from me, unlocking the doors, "Get the fuck out my car!" she shouted angrily and I just stared at her.

"Get the fuck out my car!" she repeated and leant over me, wrenching the door open causing me to fall out onto the sidewalk with a hard thud. I moved my feet out of the way quickly as the vehicle screeched into motion and I watched as she sped away....

Seriously, who is this girl? :)
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