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Chapter Eleven

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"Bert I seriously haven't seen him for more than three hours since Christmas." I flopped on my bed with the phone clutched tightly to my ear.
"Are you fucking serious? Alaina, Christmas was three months ago!"
"Whenever I ask to do something he says "I'm busy". Maybe this necklace was a joke." I looked at the bat that dangled from my neck closely. It glistened in the light coming from my lamp.
"Stupid Olivia. I hated that bimbo."
"YOU hate her? Think about ME."
"Haha you're right. You got it bad!"
"Shut up!"
"So when you coming for a visit? Orem is screaming your name."
"I don't know. Soon I promise. I need a vacation right about now but I'm kind of busy."
"Busy with what?"
"There's this dance in a few weeks. It's a big thing. My art teacher made me pick the theme and now I have to make this whole thing incredible."
"Ew I hate tenth grade dances. I had one last week, but I'm not allowed to go to it 'cause I dropped out. Whats the theme?"
"At this point I'm ready to drop. My pills aren't strong enough anymore," I glanced at the pill bottle across the room, "The theme is under the sea, gag."
"That's so fucking cool!" He was being sarcastic.
"Not when you have to plan it!"
"So, just wondering. When are you going to tell Gee how you feel?"
"Never. He's too involved with Olivia."
"You should anyway. Just get it out on the table Alaina."
"You I might because I think I'm going to leave this place soon."
"What do you mean?"
"I don't even know Bert." I heard a pounding at my door and slurred curse words behind it.
"What the hell is that?"
"Shit I have to go." I hung up and hid in my closet. The locked door of my room burst open. Dan stumbled over to the closet and quickly found me.
"Hey there little bitch."
"Dan please leave me alone. Please."
"Shut the fuck up." He kicked me in the stomach repeatedly. I don't remember anything else after that because soon my eye sight was black.

I woke up in the middle of my room. My ribs hurt and so did my arms. I somehow picked myself up and walked to the bathroom. I rummaged through the cabinet and found what I was looking for. The bottle of sleeping pills and anti-depressants sat in front of me. I emptied them out on the counter and grabbed a hand full of whatever. Before I put them to my mouth I looked at my reflection. I was bloody and beaten. My hair was messed up and my make-up was all over my face. My eyes red from the tears that had just begun to fall.
'I have nothing to live for anymore.' I thought. I filled a glass with water and swallowed the pills. My vision was becoming a little blurry when I heard the door bell ring. Dan was gone and so was my mother. The person pounded on the door over and over. I heard it fly open and hit the wall just as I hit the floor. The last thing I heard was my door open.
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